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I just wanted to let you know that I gave my fiance his ring on Christmas. He is thrilled with it. It is very beautiful and I wanted you to know that our shopping experience with you was great and we are very happy with the ring.
Best wishes,
Thank You Charlie - Your service is terrific. I'll be sure to pass it along.
Thank you sooooooooo much...
Hi Charlie just received my wheat link chain and I love it.My Tiger Shark tooth I got from you at christmas looks great on it.I am taking my other chain back.Thank You:Lisa Elias
PS: Can I use the cleaning cloth on both pieces
Hi Charlie,
I finally popped the question to my lady. She absolutely loved the Celtic Love Knot ring you made. Everyone else has loved it, as well. I think we did good.
Thanks much, Terry
This is the stupidest thing I have every heard of! I have bought hundreds
of thousand of dollars worth or stuff and never had an issue!!!!
I will overnight you a check tomorrow which you will get on Monday. Please
give me an exact amount that I need to send and a physical address to send
it too. I assume I make the money order payable to Seawear. please figure
in overnight return cost so that I can get it Tuesday or Wednesday at the
latest next week.
when you put in an address that does not match the card, I cannot get an approval as the bank has no idea who is using your card. They often cancel the card. cb
Hi Charlie
Received the bracelet this afternoon, and I am really pleased with it, The pictures that you E-Mailed me originally of the bracelet did not do it justice to it as the finished article looks even better ( THANKS ).
Hi Charlie,
The package arrived at my work address today. Thanx lots. I'm sure she'll love the new charm for her bracelet!
Thank you again and I look forward to getting the other half of the ring this afternoon. i will recommend you to anyone who is looking for creative jewelry. :)
I ordered a very beautiful ring yesterday morning and I am amazed that I received it within 24 hours, I can't beleive how fast you guys are, I really don"t know what to say only that I am very impressed with you guys. thank you, Reuben
HI, just got the charm in today - arrived perfectly and looks great - thanks
Thank you for all of your patience with me. Never have I dealt with a company that so quickly responded (and in a polite manner) to my questions. I will be ordering from you very soon and will certainly tell all of my friends of your company and website. Again, thank you. Nancy
My ring came today and I know you hear this all the time but it is absolutely 100 percent more beautiful than I had hoped or expected. I really love it and am so pleased with not only my ring but the entire process. My husband and I will be lifelong customers (I will never be replacing this ring but other items).Thank you very much, please feel free to put this on your page and please please, please, pass on my satisfaction with the creator of my ring, it truly is a beautiful ring to look at, perfectly made for comfort we really appreciate his custom work it is so well made and detailed wow it could not of been more perfect for renewing our vows. I LOVE-LOVE- LOVE it. Sincerly, Roni
Charlie -
Thanks for the prompt reply! I have read your reviews, and look forward to seeing the product. I spend my life out here on the ocean diving. I'm sure I'll be asked by my co-workers, where these items came from, and I'll send them your way. All goes well and I'll also be a return customer!!
Thank you!!
thanks for your quick response. I appreciate the care you obviously take in
your work and company..rare these days. I will remember your business in
the future and recommend it to others. Thanks
She said yes and here is a picture of the finished ring. I turned out perfect!
I rec'd the it...
You have great service, and great products...
I've learned a lot in the last few years with e-commerce...over the course of 9 years, we changed shopping cart systems and website designs several times...
If I can make a suggestion... Do yourself a favor, and check out the shopping cart system: it is absolutely incredible
It's rated #1 shopping cart 2 years running.
Thanks again,
Thank you so much for keeping me up to date!!! Can't wait to see it, I just know that it is going to be beautiful.
Thanks again,
Great service!. Thanks for your attention to detail.
Charlie, I wanted to contact you back to let you know that we got the rings
that we ordered and they are beautiful. We had ordered his band and my
engagement ring and wedding band. They came in very quickly and once we got
them we decided that my ring would look better with another wedding band so
there would be one on either side so we ordered another one. I have never
been married before and I'm 43. When I found out I was getting married, I
started looking all over the place for the ring I wanted. I figured if I had
waited this long I should have the ring that I truly wanted. I found your
website by surfing one day and fell in love with the engagement ring. I
couldn't have picked a more beautiful ring. We took it to a jeweler in Tulsa
to have it sized and even they said the ring was unusual and very pretty.
Thank you very much. Your service was great, the prices were good and you
were awesome. I would recommend your company to anyone. The ring is going to
make my wedding day perfect.
Thank you very much!!!
Thank you very much. The ring is beautiful. We have already had it altered to a band and it looks great. I will be ordering another one this week.
Thanks again,
I like the bit on the bracelet that you have put in now SOLD IN ENGLAND, my friend arrived yesterday and bought the bracelet with him, I am impressed and I know that when I get home on the 01-APRIL-2009 my wife is going to be over the moon with it as it is beautiful, best regards and thanks for everything ( am still thinking about getting the one with the diamonds) maybe later in the year. Will send you a quick E-Mail to let you know what she says when she opens it.
Hi Charlie,
We got the ring! Thank you very much. It's beautiful. :)
Thank you Charlie. I LOVE this chain. I bought a cross from another web site and the chain and cross go together so well I almost felt like it is to good to be true it looks AMAZING. Thanks again and if you send me a link I will put great comments on your site.

Hello Charlie:
Letting you know that I received the Sailfish Pendent today.
I must tell is absolutely beautiful!
Now my ensamble is complete!
Thanks again.

Hi Charlie,
Thank you so very much. We really appreciate all that you have done for us and how you kept us updated. I am looking forwarded to seeing the rings and of course, wearing them :D. My husband will be home on R&R August and we'll have that little ceremony in Italy.
Thank you again!! I will e-mail you when I receive the rings to confirm that they arrived safe and sound.
Have a wonderful weekend :D
Our rings arrived Saturday & they are BEAUTIFUL! We really appreciate the quick delivery!
Your previous e-mail stated that the pkg would arrive, w signature confirmation required. I believe that you had to pay extra for the confirmation. Just so you know, the pkg was just dropped off in our mail box. We were not home at the time & didn't know the rings had arrived. I checked the pkg status at 10pm that evening & saw that they had been delivered. Thank goodness they were still in the mail box!
Anyhow, we are really pleased w the rings & are looking forward to seeing them in final, finished form.
Dear Charlie,
Thank you so much! I wanted to let you know that I love my engagement ring that Michael picked out for me from your site. It is exactly what I would have picked out if I had had the opportunity. I will put the ring in the mail tomorrow to exchange the color.
Thank you!
Good Morning,
I wanted to thank you so much for sending the rings overnight. I was able to pick them up last night after work. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! I will definitely recommend your company to everyone!
I just received an email that indicated that you did not receive the last email that I sent to you. I just emailed to let you know that I received the ring and that it was of course as beautiful as the last one. I also wanted to thank you for all your help. Now I just hope that I am able to find a radiant diamond that does the ring justice :)
Thanks again,
Thanks Charlie for the up and up answer, I really appreciate it. I wish I could afford to buy more jewelery, I'd buy from you guys. Thanks again. MB
I got the pendant today and it is beautiful! thanks so much. Was it made here in the states? My daughter is going to love it.
Charlie, this whole thing has been so informative and so utterly comfortable. As I wear my own bracelet (as I am doing now), I’ll think of your enterprise and your accessibility. It now has another dimension….Wish I could leave feedback as on eBay! Thanks ever so much. Catherine
It got here fine this morning. It's beautiful and she'll really appreciate it.
Thanks for all your help
I received my order yesterday and I have to say it is perfect, as was the service.
Thank you,
Oh happy day!
My daughter has just called me in a state of great excitement - the package had arrived and could she open it?
Well, what could a Mother say only Yes! of course.
It's perfect apparently and she's thrilled! One happy daughter and one relieved Mother!
Isn't internet shopping a wonderful thing when it all works out?
Thank you so much Charlie. Can't wait to get home from work myself now and see it later!
Hi Charlie,
I Received the ring today and I can't thank you enough, this looks so much
more elegant than the Celtic bull-nose ring. Thank you for the great
service and excellent quality.
Best regards,
I just wanted to let you know that I received this item but will be returning it in favor of the more expensive white gold trinity knot charm purchased on order # 2070-8018-1922 (and also received).
Both items are nicer than expected. Thank you for the speedy turn around. I will most definitely order again from you in the future.
Hello Charlie
So finally I got the ring
Thank you very much. It is perfect
I hope my girlfriend will be happy and say YES
I do not write, because the ring cleared by the customs and I received it only today.
Thank you once again a great
You good luck and good sales
Hi Charlie,
Jess got the diamond band on the 11th I told her to open it and check it was fine, she absolutely loves it thank you.
Thank you for not including the invoice.
All the best Mark
I received the ring today, almost a week earlier than I thought I might get it. It is beautiful and fits well. Thank you!
The turtle arrived today, it's beautiful, she will love it. Thank you so much for the speedy service.
^ . . ^
= =
PS. When I placed the order I was running off to teach a class in another building.
If it is of any interest, the reason we chose your Lighthouse ring is that I own a home in Telluride CO and we gave each other friendships rings designed by a local artist that are of the mountains that surround the town when we became a couple. But I am a sailor and Coast Guard Auxiliaries who works as a Watchstander at CG Station Channel Islands Harbor sofora wedding ring we liked the idea of me wearing both the "mountains" and the "sea"..our two loves Thank you for this ring.
I received my pendant today. That was quick!
As you know, I had reservations about getting the pendant.
I’m glad that I took a chance. The pendant is what I’d hoped for! The picture doesn’t do it justice! Once again you have exceeded our expectations!

Received, looks great, thank you for the very nice box and the great service!
I doubt you ever need any references, but I would be one if needed.
Hi, Charlie,
Well, we got to know each other thru this. I’m glad you rec’d the package—Mary is wearing hers right now. She got a pair in Bermuda the year we sold our first company and wore them constantly—until she lost one. That problem’s now solved.
I’ll look thru your website and see if I can find an appropriate anniversary present (for this month).
Thanks for your support and prompt response,
Hi Charlie, just wanted to let you know I got the ring on Friday and my g/f loves it and is very pleased.
Thanks again, really appreciate your work.
She is very pleased with the sizing, apparently those irish rings have to be worn on all sorts of different fingers to indicate different marital commitments, she can wear it on all the special fingers she is supposed to.
Hi Charlie,
I just wanted to let you know that I've received my necklace. It is absolutely gorgeous! I can't thank you enough! You've been wonderful!
Sent from my iPhone
Hi Charlie,
I received the anchor pendant on Wednesday (June 3). I like it very much!
I love the fact that it is 3D and is of solid 14kt gold.
Thanks also for the cleaning cloth and the business cards.
Dear Charlie,
We are in Kuala Lumpur at the moment. A friend of mine brought the Seawear package from the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club last night at our wedding. Man, the ring is just beautiful. My wife Eyfa opened the box before I could get my hands on it and I saw her jaw drop. It was immediately followed by a Wow! I was equally stunned. Furthermore, it is a perfect fit. I really wasn't sure about buying such an item on the web, especially from across the world, but now I'm really happy with the outcome.
Thanks for the personal service you gave me. It was good doing business with you. When I get compliments on the ring, I'll make sure to mention Seawear and your good service.
Best regards,
Oh, it's too late for me, I used your ring to propose to her on that Sunday on my favorite mountain top. She said yes of course. Thanks for the help!
Dear Charlie,
Just a note to say I got my celtic cross and it's as beautiful as I'd hoped it would be! With the exchange and the mail, I had a little hesitation at first, but your system is excellent - I loved the tracking system - and guess what? Canada Customs didn't charge me any duty on the cross, just applicable tax - you never know your luck!! It also only took a full week - far shorter than I expected.
I won't hesitate to recommend Seawear to anyone -
Hi Charlie,
I wanted to let you know that I was able to drive downtown to our Fed-Ex and sign for the package. The bracelet is wonderful and it is exactly what I was hoping it would be. Now, I will be able to present to my husband for our anniversary and I am sure he will be just as pleased with this wonderful bracelet.
Thank you for all your help and for a really terrific product.
Have a wonderful day!
Thank you so much Charlie. It was truely a pleasure. I will be happy to bring my buisness to you again as soon as possible.
thank you
your order 205 188 117 80 for claddagh kiss set was delivered Thursday at 11am great service my wife was delighted thanks again for the excellent service,john and anne murphy will recommend your company.
Thanks for such a quick reply...wasn't expecting that on the weekend.
Thank you so much for getting back to me so soon! I really didn't expect a response until the next business day, due to your quick response and the secure feeling I had with your business site I have ordered the ring and am looking forward to seeing it on my finger! (it will be our 30th anniversary on Tuesday) The ring is beautiful and I am very excited!
Thanks again,
Thanks for sharing that. We actually met while he was sailing the east coast and we fell in love so he moved here (Washington, NC). We now sail together as much as we can get away from work. He calls me his "home port" or "lighthouse" so the ring is just perfect. Will be in touch. Thanks.
I received the pendant yesterday as promised. Looks beautiful and I know Laura will love it
Thanks again. I will be back again!
Thanks. I've purchased from you guys before and the costomer service is amazing. I will keep recomending you folks to my friends and family.
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Morning Charlie,
Its Lionel from NC. Just placed my order (2076-5678-3185). Wanted to personally thank you for the information you have provided and your patience. Let me know when you have a tracking number. Thanks again for everything.

You're great... and your prices are fabulous too.
I tried working with a local jeweler for this EXACT pendant and the best price he offered was $340.
Thanks!!! Have a nice weekend!!!
I will check with the mother and law. Once I placed my order with the
comments about the alternate address, your system note said it could
only go to the billing address, so I assumed you could not send to the
"Helen" address. I appreciate you sending it there. Thanks for your
response and the great customer service.
I received the ring today and I have to tell you that I am thoroughly pleased!! The pictures do not serve it justice at all. It is beautiful and quite a unique piece. I am extremely excited to see what the final product will look like once I have the jeweler fabricate a setting and stone placement. This will definately be a "one of a kind" piece when I am done. Thank you again for your patience and a very satisfying transaction.
Kind Regards,
Thanks a lot Charlie. It is a surprise. I'm trying to find a nice box to put it in but haven't found the right one just yet. Wegmans is always a good place to meet! The amazing woman who this is for is from the Lehigh Valley and they have Wegmans there too.
Thanks so much for your help. Your service is outstanding!!
Do you do this work yourself or do you purchase things from other sources? Your products look very nice.
Thanks again.
Hi Charlie,
Great news to hear that my mate got home OK and like you say, wouldn’t it be sad if the first bar you dived into served you a pitcher of warm beer…… poor sod…. Ha..ha…. right now a can of warm beer with a rusty ring pull, doesn’t sound too bad to me. Long trip on this tug….
I will let the good lady back home know that mails in the post and to let us know once it arrives.
I’m out of here in a couple of weeks for a short leave myself, so I’ll look forward to cracking a few beers and toasting your health, thanks for everything Charlie, it’s quite unusual nowadays to be offered so much help from a guy you have never met, usually you are just redirected to some call center in India or Pakistan !! But as I am sure you know, it’s very much appreciate when you’re stuck in the middle of the Ocean.
I will be in touch just to let you know the mail arrived OK, but until then, I will leave you with a little ‘Saturday Giggle’ and wish you good health and stay lucky.
Cheers for now Charlie
Yay!! Thank you so much. I just have to say that you are amazing. I sincerely appreciate your efforts to get these rings for us. We deal with a lot of awful business and communication skills from people in our line of work and you have just been incredible. Honest, quick to respond, every step of the way. I look forward to hearing from you again when you do receive our rings. Thank you, again.
Seychelle and Emyl
Thank you for your quick and positive response. I will definitely return for other business and recommend your site to others!
Thank you!
Your website is awesome. I just re-ordered (and received Friday) a triquertra pendant. I had ordered one from you a couple of years ago, but then had to pawn it to put gas in my car to go to work after our business went toes up. (***Horrible sob story***) So I've been saving to get another one just like it :)
thank you,
Hi Charlie,
I have just arrived back in the UK and the package arrived safe and sound just before I did.
A big thank you for everything, the crucifix is stunning and my wife loves it, in fact she wearing it right now to keep it safe!
I am sure I will be in touch again soon and I've already put your cards in my kit bag to take back onboard with me in a couple of weeks.
Cheers again Charlie, you've mad this 'olde Sea dog' a happy Sailor.
It's my turn now to Crack a cold Beer (or Two) good health you.
cheers & God Bless
Sorry I did get back to you sooner. We got the ring a few days ago and it is perfect!
Thank you, I can't wait to see them on Barbaras hand. MIKE
Hi Charlie,
The ring came in and it even fits without having to be re-sized. My wife's happy I'm married again. Thanks.
Just received the package!! Thanks a lot for your service. It is just what I expected. That was the hard part. The easy part is just ahead. Thanks for helping me pull this together. The box is great by the way. Actually I like them both so I'll give her the choice.
We're headed to the Maine coast Wednesday night so I'll be making quick use of it!!
Thanks again
Thank you Charlie,
You guys have been so great!
Please let me know if the stock ring is a 6-
That would be incredible!!
Again, thank you so much.
We are so sorry that we did this at the last
I'm not sure what happened to the time we had=
Your help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you and just wanted you to know that he loved the sailors cross.
It was very pretty.
Hi Charlie,
Just writing to let you know that I received this item on Monday. No duties, just ~$35 in sales tax.
I have a meeting with my jeweller on Tuesday.
Thanks, Charlie,
I just had the stone appraised by a private appraiser (she also does
custom jewelry: that I was referred to. For $20 she
verified weight, cut, clarity, and said the value was probably a good
$200 more than what I paid. She also said she'd help have the stone set
through a goldsmith that she works with. So all of that was great
news. I'm off to the bank to explain why my savings account is about to
take another hit :)
If you're curious, she did mention a friend of hers that also does
custom Celtic jewelry:
Thanks again,
Hi Charlie,
We received the ring and enhancer and the .51 t. diamond has been
set. It is lovely. We cannot wait to have our
ceremony, and for me to begin to wear it.
Thank you so much for your help for we two elderly "in loves".'
Thanks Charlie
You are so efficient and friendly. I am so far very impressed!
Bonza Mate!
Received the ring and like it so much that I may order it in white gold also.
Charlie - I received the ring and it is perfect. Thanks again for your help.
- Patrick
I received the shark and chain!!! I absolutely just love it!!! I put it on immediately and it's PERFECT. Thank you so much for matching the chain with the shark so well!
Hi Charlie,
PayPal just went through. If you can get them delivered Sat that would be great. If that works for you, would you please confirm that they've been shipped so we can watch for them. Thanks. This is going to be fun as I never told my wife that you were working on another source for the rings, so she has no idea they're coming. I love surprising her -- even after 50 years.
Hi There Charlie
Just wanted to let you know that the Anchor arrived in mail today and it is
fantastic! Your service is the best. Thankyou.
Northwest Territory, Australia
Hi Charlie,
Just wanted you to know that I was able to get a 1.5mm wired omega chain, and it works perfectly. Thanks so much for your advice. Can't wait to give it to my wife on our anniversary (Sept 28).
Great product, and great help!
They're here! They're here. Thank you!!
I have received the engagement ring. I must say, I opened the box and was dazzled. The ring is visually stunning just as described, if not better. I happened across your web page looking for non-jewelry related beach and marine items and fell in love with this ring. I had been looking for engagement rings for months, even designing a few myself. I was either not satisfied with the rings or became disgusted with the merchant or jeweler. Now I am extremely satisfied with what I have and could not have asked for a better shopping experience. Thank you, Charlie!
P.S. I've noticed that there are not very many reviews at various traffic and review sites, so I'll post one here and there.
This message
Thank you for the nice picture,I am envious of your life in the nature.
Recently in Japan catch and release became the usual manners for the fly-fishermen
but not for the coarse fisher.
I have the band ring for my pinkie it has a size US 7.0 (14 in Japan) and
5mm width.
I think the size of US 8.5 is little larger but the width is tapered from
8mm to 5mm
so it is good for me.
Now the trout will be alive on my finger everyday every year.
I also attached a photo of one of my fishing fields.
with a view like that, I wouldn't care if they were biting! cb
You have been a great help. My soon to be wife and I really like that
ring for a wedding band, and I really appreciate your help in putting it
all together so they will work for us.
Have A Happy Labor Day, :-)
Just wanted to follow up to let you know the ring arrived Monday August 10, and was even nicer than I expected. It was very well received and fits fairly well (size smaller would be too tight, but as it is, it's a bit loose, so it will be adjusted). It turns out there was no need for me to agonize about the return process! The one thing I thought about is that since the ring looks even better in real than in the picture, you might consider adding a picture of the ring on someones hand, in addition to the close up detail. That would really give it context.
Thanks so much for your help.
WE received it today and it is beautiful. Love the box too!
Thank you so much for trying! You accomplished more in one day than I did in 10 years!
tried to find a replacement for a ring lost from twenty years ago ~ cb
Charlie, The pendant arrived and it’s perfect! Thanks for having such detailed descriptions on your website. Interesting about the export thing. Most of the pieces we saw were the same manufacturer and located in the gift shops of popular national attractions and in some of the gifts shops in downtown Dublin. Most of what we saw was silver – gold was very limited and VERY expensive!
I’m a nautical jewelry fan jewelry from way-back and hope to shop with you again soon! If you ever have a gold charm or pendant of the shell named “lettered olive”, be sure to let me know. I had seen one a few years ago and purchased something else that day and have not been able to find one again. It had been made into a link bracelet and is one of my jewelry “regrets”.
Thank you Charlie;
I must enjoy the game with my favorite fishes in the ring and creak.
I always take photo when I won the game and release them for the next game.
Hi Charlie!
As you requested a FedEx delivery update for my shipment the other day,
I just want to confirm to you that the item is now in my hands - safe and sound!
It's such a lovely piece - wow :)
Thanks again.
- Erik
I finally got it and it's perfect. Thanks Charlie for the great service. You should be very proud of the turnaround time and the quality of the ring. Not sure you regularly exchange more than a million e-mails with other customers but your quick responses and attention to detail were much appreciated.
Had a few issues with FedEx though. First the clearance at the airport was delayed because they need some sort of power of attorney form completed with my signature. They then proceeded to send me a 5 page POA document that was meant for a company that regularly imports not for an individual with a fax number to fax it back to that was incorrect. After making another call I was sent the correct one page form and correct fax number and all the information they needed was in their hands yesterday.
I also requested that they keep the ring at the FedEx clearing depot at the airport so I could pick it up personally. They documented this in the instructions then proceeded to try delivering it to my home while I was at the depot at lunch today looking for the package. Once they tracked down the driver I had to head home so they could try the delivery again.
Confusing is more than an understatement so not only do I now not have any more money to buy a house I'm way to tired to try.
I know my girlfriend is going to love it though which more than makes up for any of these hassles.
Thanks again, Steve
shipping to a different address than Customs can verify really slows things... cb
Charlie, I just had to email you and let you know I got my rings and there beautiful !! I'm already wearing mine and the other one is a xmas gift for my best friend, so she has no idea. She is going to be as happy as I am. Thankyou for the order and I know i will be ordering again!
I just wanted to thank you for your help. The wedding went on without a glitch. Thank you again....
You'll be hearing from me when I gather up enough money for the red gold ring.
Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any deals on a size 9.5 red gold ring!
Do you buy gold? Do you make your own jewelry?
Charles. Recived mermaid dolphin ring. thank you always a pleasure to do buissness with seawear. Paul
I got the package they are beautiful thanks allot
I received the ring today and I must say that it is beautiful! My best to the jeweler/designer! Does she have a website or any background information on her? If so, please send.
Again, thanks Charlie not only for a beautiful product but for the great service in getting her to me early.
My girlfriend will undoubtedly be excited!
Received my order yesterday,and I'm very pleased with it. Thanks for your help. Lang may yer lum reek.
Thank you so much Charlie, I received the pendant today and my daughter is over the moon with it!!!!
Again thanks heaps for your fast shipping and beautiful article-I know where to shop when I need something special now!!! ;)
kindest regards
this was worth waitng for I just left a message with my patient customer that the band is here and it is great...............
thank you for providing a quality product..............
xxxx Jewelry Store
Thanks so much, Charlie. It was a pleasure doing business with you. BTW, I get tons of compliments on my Celtic cross. It is obviously different from others that I've seen, not the run of the mill. It cost more, but was well worth it. I love it. Thanks again.
Its beautiful!!! I love it and it fits like a glove. Better than a glove...Amazingly beautiful.
Thank you for all your support and guidance. I literally could not have done this without you.
You know I started at your web site and ended up looking at hundreds of similar rings online. I was only more confused when I came back to you with all my questions...
You saved the day and now I have a very special keepsake wedding band I will cherish forever.
Thank you,
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
Thank you very much for your prompt, professional response to my inquiry.
I want to point out that your response has broken at least two (2) laws of today's Internet culture. In the first place your response was prompt. You didn't tell me that you had sent my inquiry to the obscure "We'll answer that Someday" commitee.
Secondly (and truth-be-told the biggest "sins") your message contains the deadly combination of truth and fact. OMG what were you thinking?
If you continue with this reckless conduct, you will be respected by your customers, AND they will appreciate your excellent service together with the quality of your merchandise. This will eventually lead you, your family, your co-workers along with your suppliers will be described by those infamous, vulgar and profane words; good value. As a fellow "son of the old sod" it is my duty to try and re-direct you to the Dark-Side of the Force. If you don't correct this situation immediately, you run the real risk of becoming an honest, respected success.
Seriously, I now have to roll up my sleeves and decide which 14k gold cross to purchase. Accordingly, I would appreciate some guidance concerning the 14k chain. I will also order a chain for my cross from your firm. From some measurements that I have made, I believe that The correct length for me would be between eighteen (18) and twenty-four (24) inches. What are your thoughts concerning the best weave and diameter. From my reading, I believe that a 3 mm diameter bridges the gap between strength and appearence. I have no thoughts as to the best braid or weave.
I have talked to Darth and he will grant you one last dispensation to tell the truth to answer my questions. Thereafter, you must immediately put on your Silver Tounge Devil outfit for any and all public appearences.
Seriously, your service is very much appreciated. I know that I am dealing with the right firm.
Thanks Charlie…. I think your company has the best quality “sea wear” jewelry and more variety of any others I’ve seen….I’ve been very happy with the anchor charm I ordered from you – great piece.
You’ve been a big help with all my questions and it is much appreciated. I’ll try to get my order placed for the #NAC637 - $285.00 - 7.5gms
piece within the next few days.
Hello Charlie,
Package received safely.
Thanks a lot ! Glad to have deal with you and wish you success in your business !
With best regards,
I received the ring yesterday. It looks great. I appreciate you insisting on the best.
Thanks again,
Dear Charles
It arrived this morning! Brilliant - and the pendant is lovely. Now I have to wait till Christmas to see if she likes it........
Many thanks for your efficient and speedy service. Much appreciated!
Thks for your professionalism and your feedback thince the beginning.
Package arrived on schedule in perfect condition.
The craftsmanship and attention to detail in both the cross and the chain is amazing. Clearly, your jewelry is wearable art in the truest sense. Thus , I can state without any reservation whatsoever, that your jewelry is a good value and over the years, it will become a cherished family treasure.
Thank you again for accommodating my delay in completing my purchase.
Feel free to use me as a reference for your business as well as a source for bail money.
Good Morning!
I just received my order (210094113281) for the earring and just wanted you to know how happy I am! Its even better than the one I lost the other day. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone who asked. The earring is wonderful and I also couldn't believe how quick I received it after placing my order. Once again thanks so much, I am definitely a happy customer and would not hesitate to use your company again!
I purchased a bracelet for myself from ya'll two weeks ago and I am completely satisfied with BOTH your product and your service! I would like to know if you can get me a 27" chain (item #259038) in solid yellow gold/5X7mm--**total length of 27" to include the clasp. Let me know what the total cost and the estimated delivery time will be.
I will be praying that the ring from Ireland arrives soon!!
I know they are having terrible weather there!!!! Perhaps that
is the reason for the vanishing ring!!!!
With much gratitude,
My ring came in today, I am so excited. Thank you so much. It is awesome.
Thank you
thanks charlie got today mon its bitchen shell lov it M/C b/p
Picked it up at the Post Office today……………….It is beautiful!
Thank you,
Happy Holidays!
Received jewelry on Monday and just wanted to thank you for the fast shipping. Was so pleased with the merchandise. Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday and best wishes for the new year.
You are the BEST!!!!
I really can't begin to thank you enough!!!
I will recommend you to EVERYONE!!!!
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy
and very Healthy New Year!!
Best Wishes,
Hello Charlie
I just received a bracelet I ordered at the end of last week (my friend
Robert xxxx did the ordering for me so my wife wouldn't know!). I
greatly appreciate your efforts in getting it here (MN) in time for
Christmas, and your support via email in getting this done. I think the
bracelet (gold club racer sail boats) is extremely nice. You've helped
make this Christmas!
Thank you and merry Christmas
Hi Charlie,
I drove to Portsmouth and got it last night!!!!
Kevin absolutely LOVES it!!!!! Beyond happy!!!!
We did our Christmas last night as we are leaving for his
sister's in Springfield, MA today!!!
Where was the ring made? Is it here in the US?
Thanks again for everything!!! But don't pay FEDEX for the 2nd
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
Hi, Charlie
I received the package today. I hope my husband loves it. Thanks for your help.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year. Hope it's not too cold!
Alexandria xxxxx
A satisfied customer
Hey Charlie,the gift got here today,thanks so much.It was well worth waiting for,as is all your jewelry.Have a safe and Happy New Years,
I want to tahnk you for your prompt response and excellent customer service. I wanted to let you know the cross arrived yesterday and I hope to give the gift tomorrow. Again thank you for the response, it was a pleasure dealing with you. I look forward to future transactions.
Thank you so much! I will get it in the mail, insured, and I appreciate your excellent customer service! Have a wonderful and happy new year and try to keep warm!
P.S. Maybe I will try the hat!
(he wasn't crazy about jewelry so I recommended a shearling hat! I love mine. cb)
You are correct..........I still couldn't see the white gold on it but my husband liked it and said he wanted it. Thanks so very much for your help and for your patience. I hope you will have a wonderful New Year............:).
I'd like to write a nice review of business. Any sites where you would
like it submitted?


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