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Hi Seawear people,
Just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of my order and
commend your company on the excellent quality of your work. I
purchased a gold prop charm with a diamond for my parents 60th wedding
anniversary, which we celebrated on a cruise on the Queen Mary II.
They were thrilled with it, as was I. Often items of this nature fail
to live up to expectations in materials and workmanship, but the prop
was all I could hope for and more.
Thanks again!
Hi, Charlie
Thank you so very much for getting the new one to me so quickly. That is wonderful customer service.
I will order from you again.
Happy New Year
charlie recieved our rings yesterday they are so beautiful thank you so much!!!!! i will def pass your name on and tell everyone we are so pleased thank you again!!!!
Charlie: thank you fro the turtle. It was great and she loved it. It
was a pleasure to do business with you. I'll order more stuff in the
future. Happy New year and thanks for great service. Ya'll done good
my wife could not wait till christmas to give me the anchor that ive wanted for a long time now i need a chain to put it on i was wondering what size chain and chain links would fit the anchor well in reference to size of anchor. im interested in the marine link style in yellow gold. gold to match color of anchor i want 20 or 22 inches i also dont know what the correct weight the chain should be to match weight of anchor. please let me know, i would like to wear my new anchor as soon as possible. Or do you have anything on sale or something you could make me a good deal on.
thanks, nick
Thank you so much! You have a wonderful Christmas too!
Thanks Charlie! You rock! She is gonna love it !!!!! :D
i received the two flip flop necklace charms a few days ago and just want you to know that they are beautiful. i am very pleased with the quality of them and the pleasant and easy transaction from you website. thank you again and i will do business with you again. thanks so much, denise
The ring arived today, will be taking it to the jeweler to mount the stone tomorrow.
Thanks for everything, we love it!

Thanks. It arrived and looks great. Now I have to find a chain for it
Charlie -
Just to let you know - I received the ring and really like it. I had it sized and am wearing it now. Thanks for the speedy delivery.
Hope you have a great holiday!
Hey Charlie, the necklace I ordered arrived and it is beautiful. I am sure that is exactly what my wife wants. I think I read somewhere during the search that there are matching earrings that go with this necklace. If so could you provide the number and if I ordered today, would it get here before Christmas (Blue Ridge,Va 24064)?
Thanks for all your help.
WOW! I am amazed!
I really appreciate the fact that you gave me an option that may mean I do not buy a ring from you. In today's age this is very honourable. Being an new elementary school teacher with the expense of a wedding, this is more then appreciated. I will weight up my options and will decide. I will keep you in mind for the future!
Thanks & Merry Christmas!

Thanks for prompt response and info.........looking forward to Stone Crab pendant getting here for my Granddaughter's B-day.....she's a big stone crab fanatic.....glad I found y'all as I will be shopping more for other Marine Jewelry.....
Again, thanks, Otto
Got it today. Perfect. Thanks very much!
Thanks very much for the quick response
I received the ring today, very beautiful,
thank you.
ring looks great, fits perfectly. thanks so much :)
Hi Charlie,
The ring is beautiful! It arrived today. Just wanted to say thank you. It is a perfect match to my engagement/wedding ring which was custom made with double trinity knots. My husband to be will have a wonderful surprise this Christmas! He was going to wait till after the new year to order the ring himself. Please tell your ring maker that his work is beautiful and we will treasure this very special ring forever.
Many thanks!
This is for Christmas and you can mail anytime sooner the better.
Your attention to quality service is to be commended! Thanks
I got my ring today, much faster than the four weeks I was expecting. It is a quality piece of jewelry and I am very happy with the purchase. I just wanted to say thank you, it has been a pleasure doing business with you and I wish you great future success.
I went and met Louise at lunch today and you were 100% correct, she is a very nice lady. She drilled the hole for me right then and there and told me to bring it back when I get the ashes in and she will solder it closed. We are going to mount sapphires in his eyes after the new year and also hook the two turtles together with a jumpring. Ill email you a picture of the finished product when its all complete.
Thanks so much for your help, she spoke very highly of you as well!
Again, you have been wonderful and I will spread referrals to you as I get more compliments on my pieces.
I love a New England accent, some people around here are just too Southern for their own good.
I have never replyed to a order before, But your sailboat sloop pendent I ordered last week has arrived today.The sloop is
finder than I would have found in a store on Rodayo Dr. California.
Thanks for your Artistry LEE
Got my pendant last night and he is PERFECT!! Louise's shop is actually right around the corner the from my work. I work on Second st in Williamsburg. I am going to ride by there today at lunch and talk to her and see what she can do with it.
I really appreciate all of your help and your speedy delivery of the items.
I received it on Monday. Not only did it get here very fast I loved it. I am sure the recipient of the gift is going to love it too. It certainly was a pleasure doing business with you. I am working on four other charm bracelets and I am sure I will be shopping with you in the future.
Thanks again,
Thank you. You were the only reply from several different website inquiries. I think some of them are out of business but their sites are still active. I ordered thru your site.
No reply necessary,
Dear Charlie:
Your message has uplifted me. You are so kind.
I think at this time I will give my son the silver cross and explain to him how to keep it clean.
May this coming new year bring all of us happier times and a better economical environment.
May God Bless you and your loved ones and may you all enjoy a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.
God's Blessings,
Just wanted to let you know that we managed to retreice the ring from the USPS and everything is fine. The ring looks great, the workmanship is very nice and I am sure I will enjoy it for many years. I ordered the size a bit larger because I have poor circulation in my fingers and can't wear anything that constricts the blood flow, so the ring pulls off without much effort, but that is better than for me than having it be too tight. I did read on the website that you had someone who was a surfer and always ordered the rings larger, which is a funny coincidence because I am a surfer also and also wear a larger size. I do take the ring off when I go in the water though, as I know it would get lost in a second because of the size. I also play guitar and remove the ring to avoid scratching the guitar neck when I play. In general, I find that taking the ring off while being active saves a lot of wear and tear.
I also wanted to ask if you had Lover's Knot designs available, as my mother had earrings in that design and had lost one, so she is now looking to replace the pair. If so, I might be able to refer another customer to you...
Again thanks for all your help and thanks for making such a fine product.
Hello my package arrived today..!!!Very nice! Sorry if I was too anxious it is my first time ordering on line and I am a bit skeptical. Thanks again. Have a good day Maria
Hi Charlie,
I just received my cherub angel claddagh ring. It is everything I pictured from your web site, no, it is better than the picture. When I opened the box and saw the ring, it took my breath away, it is still doing that. Thank you, for having this Steven Douglas design. I will now wear this as my wedding ring. It is 40 years of being happily married and my husband is happy that I found a ring that will represent our life into the golden years. Forever grateful. Norma
Thank You. You have made this process so easy and I am thankful for that.
Hi Charlie,
I went down to Sydney yesterday to visit my family and finally got my pendant! I'm wearing it today and am very happy with it - thank you for all the trouble you went to. My brother and family actually got back to Oz a few weeks ago but I hadn't managed to get down - about 2 hours drive from Lake Macquarie where I am.
Just wanted to thank you again.
Take care.
Kind regards,
Hello Charlie,
The rings arrived Nov 2. I must say, they are nicer than in the photographs.
You have made us really proud, they are really special. If you ever get to Saint Petersburg i would like to thank you
Grega and Fran
Thanks again, Monday is perfect. I certainly will be glad to have it here early too. You're help has been greatly appreciated and hope business stays solid for you! I will recommend everyone your way.
I will spread the word about your website. It is wonderful. I wonder if
there is a way that you could do something to your website, David said it
was on the 7th page and he almost gave up looking. But anyhow we will tell
everyone we know about it. !!
Hello Charlie,
Sorry for the long delay, but the thank you is as sincere today as it was the day the ring came. Thank you for the (more than) timely shipping, and the beautiful ring. My wife was unsure of it from the pictures, but was very happy when it arrived. We both thank you for such an easy and fast transaction, and would not hesitate to purchase from, and endorse your company in the future.
Thanks again for the great ring.

Dear Charlie,
We received the Claddagh wedding set this afternoon. John and I opened the package together, this evening.
The Claddagh wedding set is beautiful. At first, John and I were concerned that we would need to sent them away and we wouldn't them before the ceremony; but to our surprise and by the grace of Almighty God, we didn't. The 6.5 is PERFECT!!! The rings fit me like a glove. I didn't/don't even want to wash my hands.
Johnnie says, "It's more beautiful, in person, than the ring featured shown on the Internet." He wanted you to know, "It goes well with Kathy's finger."
Thank you once again for the beautiful craftsmenship, express shipping and personalized customer service.
John and Kathryn (Soon to be...) Shirlock
I recently purchased a gold maine lobster charm online and received it in time for my anniversary. My partner, who grew up the daughter of a lobsterman and still keeps traps in the water every year, was brought to tears by the craftsmanship and beauty of the charm. She had never seen anything like it and has sworn to wear it every day in memory of her father.
Thank you again for the beautiful gift. Due to the quality of your work and the ease of doing business with you I will be sure to recommend Seawear to all the ocean lovers I know.
Best Wishes,
We are a couple of old salts, And the rings are a perfect way to "Tie The Knot",
Again, Your the man,
Greg andFran
Ah ah mate!
Thanks, I will look forward to hearing from you. This lady has a very special thing about honu and the piece you sent last year was a big hit. If you have any material on the artist or his work, I'll make it part of the gift. Mike
Glad you liked the pictures. I will eventually post a ton of them on facebook so if you are on there, you can add us if you would like to see more.
I told Mark what you said about him looking like your dear friend. I'm sorry about your loss.
We are extremely happy right now. I'm so thankful that we have time together and can actually see each other and be in each others presence. We are a little stressed with immagration and problems regarding that but completely enjoying being together.
I doubt we actually make it to lifetime but who knows?!?! :)
Have a great week. Hope business picks up for you.
Mark and I wanted to send you a few pictures from our wedding. We ordered our rings from you awhile back. We enjoyed doing business with you. It was more like talking with a friend as opposed to just doing business with someone. I tried to send this email with pictures attached but the email was returned. Is there another email I can use?
Mark and Arry moved over in April and we were married on May 29th. We incorporated the Claddagh throughout every aspect of our wedding.
Our invitations and programs included the symbol and words. I work for a steel fabrication company and we were able to design and build an archway that included the words friendship, loyalty and love. My brother is a pastor and married us. We added a description of the ring that was shared with everyone during the ceremony. We used the cake topper you graciously sent - I painted the base light blue to match our theme colors. I painted a plate for people to sign as they entered the reception. I painted the three words and our name on the edge of the plate. I then painted a picture of the Claddagh in the center of the plate with our wedding date. We have this plate with words to cherish forever.
Mark and I are very thankful that we "met" you. We hope that despite the economic trouble that your business is doing well.
Thanks again for everything!! If you have another address, we would love to send pictures.
Dear Charlie
Thank you so much for the sand dollar, and your service. I love the piece.
Do you have a shop in Chambersburg? Thanks again, Debbie
I'm always a little hesitant when I'm buying on line without first seeing what I'm ordering.
I have got to tell you I had looked in the past for a shackle earring and was never really thrilled with what was being offered. Your merchandise is far superior to anything I had seen in the past the weight, shape and quality is super!!
Not to mention the fastest shipping I've ever had.
When I need more jewelry I know where to go.
Hi Charlie! I just wanted to take a second to let you know that we got the ring, and it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much!
I received it & its beautiful, thanks Charlie

I love it!!!
I searched high and low for a ring like this. I am very happy i came across your website. The customer service was excellent! We need more merchants like you in this world. :)
Thanks to my fiance, I've fallen in love with Celtic jewelry! I will definitely be doing business with your company again.
Warm Regards,

I had it on time, it is absolutely beautiful - exactly what I wanted...thank you very, very much..
I'm sure I will be talking to you again in the future.
Best regards,
Recieved my order today and absolutely love it!
Thank you!
Thank you for checking into the replacement stone. I checked with a local jeweler that I trust and I am having them replace the stone and thoroughly check both rings. I just want to let you know that you have a client for life. I will be purchasing from you in the future. Your product is fantastic and your customer service is out of this world. Thank you again for everything!
By the way, I get tons of compliments on my ring. I can't count how many times I have written your info on the back of my business cards! I am happy to do it!
Greetings, Charlie!
A belated "thanks" for the ring- I ended up out of town for a few days, and arrived to find it waiting. It is just a touch too big, but I love it! (More importantly, so does my wife!) I'm sure I can figure out something on size.
Thanks for the great deal and the considerate service. Take care!
Charles, I just wanted to express much thanx for the gold cross was more brilliant than I had anticipated and the unbelievable fast shipping combined with great price made my choice to shop seawear the right one...I will buy again for sure..thank you...Eddie from Omaha
We got it, and she LOVES IT! Thanks for everything Charlie!
So glad you like them - so glad I found your store. Can't wait to get the charm.
Thank you so much for everything that you did with us for our rings. The wedding band matches the engagement ring perfectly and Amy likes them separate. We got married on Saturday in Key West on a sailing vessel and are on our honeymoon in Belize. Thank you again! Take care of yourself and much cheers! We love your jewelry and your service!
Steven and Amy

Hey Charlie--I hope all is well with you. Anyway, it looks as if I am going to be heading out of town this Friday and wont be back until after the 15th. I figure I will send you the second check tomorrow (Monday 9/6). I will be at the precious gem this week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. Thank you again for all of your help! I will try to send it first thing tomorrow am so you should have it by Tuesday or Wed. at the latest. Talk to you soon!
Hey Charlie, I just wanted to let you know that we got our rings RIGHT before we left to Vegas. They are both absolutely beautiful! Thank you again for all your help and your quick responses. Josh
Thanks very much for the reply and the info Charlie. I'll be ordering from you again soon!
Good afternoon Charlie,
I mailed your package back at lunch today. Hopefully you will have it
early next week.
Thank you for your prompt response to our dilemma. I look forward to
receiving the yellow / gold wedding band next week.
Take care,
You are fabulous! Thank you so much. I will put it in the mail tomorrow on my lunch break. Thank you once again!

Thank you so much for doing that. I really appreciate it.
Hi Charlie,
I am amazed at just how on top of everything you are!
Thanks for the update and order confirmation.
You deserve to have the afternoon off! I will let you know when I send the balance.
Larry C.
Charlie, you were far from insulting. I think it is great that you did
the followup to be absolutely sure we understood what we were getting. We
reviewed this purchase for a long time. I felt the page showing the
consequences of attempted sizing fully demonstrated that these were items
that required some care in ownership. Again thanks for the great customer
Thank you so much for your timely and honest response! I appreciate that!
That ring really resonates with me, so chances are that when I get a few more things settled, I may just get it for myself and have the diamonds inserted as you say can be done. But I will take a little time to be sure.
Thanks once again...a wonderful treat to get such honest feedback in todays money driven world!
Take care,
Hi Charlie,
Wow! What a quick response! Thanks, we'll get our sizes!
Enjoy your evening.
Gary and Conny
I just received the ordered sand dollar gold stud earrings in the mail the other day and they are so beautiful. I lost an earring which I had for over fifteen years and was so disappointed, however after receiving the ones view from your online site, I could not be happier. You gave such detailed information about your products it made the decision to purchase from your organization verses the others I viewed, rather easy. Thanks again,
hi Charlie,
Sorry but we don't like the double knot rings. We had really wanted to order from you becauseof how helpful you have been, how much information you have offered to us, your website information, AND how honest you have been.
I just wanted to say a BIG thank you because I didn't know that white gold had nickel in it. If I hadn't read your website I might not have known that and gone ahead and gotten white gold only to find out that I can't wear it.
I do wish that you could have gotten one of the other two designs in palladium or palladium white gold and then we would have purchased from you without a doubt.
Have a good rest of the year... sorry again.
Best Wishes,
I really do appreciate your attention to detail!
I'm glad you checked!!
I need this in WHITE GOLD please.
Thank you!!!

Got the rings
They are beautiful and we love them
Thank you so much for getting them to us so quickly
Dennis and Bavette
Thank you so much I received my son's pendant today and you were so fast. I love it and hope he will also - thank you for such wonderful service!!
I've gotten a couple of comments on my necklace, its stunning. Thank
you again so much. Love it.
Please keep the chain and anchor. I just ordered another chain, same but shorter, and the same anchor I kept for my wife.
I appreciate your honesty and will keep you on my short list for jewelry. Thanks
Hi Charlie,
Thank you so much! Of course it was not necessary for you to foot that bill but we appreciate it all the same. You are a good businessman :)
My mom loves the ring - it is even more beautiful than we expected.
Thanks for everything!

Well, good luck, Charlie. I hope everything goes well for you and I'm glad that your company has been such a wonderful experience for you. If you choose to, if you like it, shoot me an e-mail about the book if you have a chance to read it. But I promise it will change your life if you let it. Good luck in all you do.
Dear Charlie,
It has been some time since I made the order and my mother has already received her ring. It is beautiful and she loved it. But I couldn't stop thinking about how kind you were and about your last e-mail sent to me (below).
What you said really touched me and I had a very strong feeling to tell you this. I don't know who you are or anything about your situation in life but I feel that there is something that I need to share with you. There is a book that my family and I have read and it has come to mean very much to us. It has touched my life and I feel that it will touch yours too. It is The Message by Lance Richardson. Please know that this has nothing to do with this order and that this is only from one person to another.
Thank you for all of your help & good luck in life.
The pendant has arrived. Looks great. Thanks.
Sophie in OZ
Just wanted to let you know that the ring arrived (actually Monday but I've been busy) and it is great. Sorta like twofers on the same Christmas present.
Thank you so much for your great service and I certainly look forward to more business with you.
Thank you again! Your sincerity, and professionalism have re-installed my faith in doing business over the internet Charlie
Fantastic, thank you for your prompt reply!!!
My friend Reed has the pendant and commented that it is gorgeous. So thank you, I will see it Friday but if it is half as nice as he says, thank you so much. Pleasure doing business together.
Ring is here. Looks very nice, like a new band. Sandy is very happy :)
Thank you Charley
Hiya charlie, i have tracked it down to a depot awaiting customs payment. It is SUPERB. Thanks a lot for the speedy delivery and i will definatly use you again. Tony
Hello Charlie,
I checked with Wells Fargo, because I was confused about not being able to ship to my work address.
If you send to my home address, will it appear in the mailbox? Will it be something I can sign for?
I'm happy to do business with your company, and I appreciate the extra care against fraud

you guys are great thank you jim
These will be very special to us
We began sailing this year
Dennis and Bavette
You may quote me:
Charlie! The anchor chain I got for John's 40th birthday exceeded my wildest expectation. Buying off the internet, I was (understandably?) leery but your shiny gold chain came through with flying colors. Amazing workmanship, great heft. It's a chain he's going to adore for the next 40 years! Thanks so much! In the words of Arnold, 'I will be back....'
Thanks, Charlie. I'm so pleased, can't even tell you. I've got my eye on an anchor for Christmas but if you run across a really spectacular anchor, let me know. I'm liking DFA476 or AC1114 right now.
You and seawear are da bomb! I will spread the word.
Thanks for the info again. Will order the shakle in the next few days. If you are ever down in Jax, look us up for some pie. Renna's Pizza, St. John's Town Center behind Chic-Fil-A. Best Pizza in Jax!
Warmest regards,
Hi Charlie,
I have been tracking it all day and it looks like it was delivered with no signature required because we have a locking mailbox.
I am so thrilled!
Thanks for making it happen.
I saw that my card was charged for $800.95 - how much was the extra shipping and when can I expect that charge to go through?
Thanks for everything! My dad will be so happy and my mom will love it - I can't wait to see it!
Charlie, you're amazing!
I've been out of the country (a terrific trip to Fiji for scuba diving) and was just thinking about checking in with you. Was wondering about the ring and thought I'd email you just in case I missed something during my absence (the pile of emails was frightening).
Will let you know as soon as I get the ring. Do I owe you anything for this?
Thanks and best regards,
Hi Charlie, Thanks for the rapid reply and most helpful information.
Hey Charlie
Received my pendant today, thanks so much for all your help.
Kind regards
Hi Charlie,
Thank you so much for getting back to me. I appreciate what you have done with the exchange. I sent out the other charm today. Again thank you!
Hi Charlie,
They actually arrived yesterday and it was a pleasant surprise coming home to after and seeing my package!
As usual very nice and thank you!
My wife really is amazed at the detail in the crabs top shell and the nicely polished claws!
The Flounder, you are right, it is right on the edge of maybe being a bit too small but it will work just fine! As usual the quality is tops!
I trust that my $70 has arrived safely also.
Take care and stay cool!
Boston Larry!
Hi Charlie,
I got back to work today and received the order perfectly. everything looks very nice. love the gold earrings. they are quite the value! all the stuller stones work wonderfully with the 14k gold settings i've been accumulating. as long as you stick to whole numbers in millimeters you really can create some custom jewlery - especially for much cheaper. my wife has gone from being a diamond only girl to loving topaz, iolite, garnet...and unfortunately tanzanite! i am probably headed back to kenya next month and will have to go to the embassy approved jeweler in nairobi again.
thanks again...once I get back in September I'll have to try ordering some rhodolite and peridot.
Thanks again
You are just too funny!!! Love your sense of humor!
Will let you know when they arrive!
Hi Charlie,
The ring does fit, she loves it. You will be hearing from me in the next month or so when I need to get mine.
Thanks for your help,
Talk soon,
Hi Charlie,
Payment went out this AM for the Flounder! You should have it soon, postal service seems to be reliable between your place and mine! I sent it regular mail, not certified. I sent it to your PO Box not thinking that you probably wanted it sent to the house, sorry!
Have a great July 4th and I will keep and eye out for the mailman. Pick out a real nice Flounder for me!
Take care,
Larry C.
Dear Charlie,
Thank you again for taking the beautiful pictures of mermaid pendants. After much deliberation, I finally decided upon the gold mermaid pendant who is holding her heart.
Thank you for your help with the pictures. I'm excited to wear my new mermaid!

Thanks Charlie - got the tooth, what a great piece! I am quite impressed with the detail and quality - excellent all around....thanks for all your help!
I received the scallops today.
They are just perfect!
Many thanks to you,
Thanks, Charlie! That's great timing and great service!
Thank you SOOO much for your prompt reply!!!!
Please forgive me, but I have forgotten your name!!!
You have been so helpful from the start!!
We will have it sent tomorrow!!!
Thanks soo much for all your info!! I appreciate the time you took to enlighten me!! It must be hectic to photograph soooo much jewelry!! I have a hard time just getting my family's pictures!! Thanks again!!!
Charlie, we received the propeller charm yesterday. May I say I would like to commend you on the quality and fast service. With so many people selling below par merchandise on the internet it is great to find someone who goes above and beyond.
Thanks again
Dear Charlie,
Just to let you know, we received our wedding rings and are delighted. They are beautiful!
It has been a pleasure doing business with you! The entire process could not have been more smooth!
Ellen and Greg
Hi Charlie!
Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. We were admiring the Gaelic wedding rings we got from you and praising your selection and professionalism to some friends. That inspired my wife to look over your site. We had previously bought three pairs of your earrings. She found that you had a larger twisted earring similar to one of her favorites and she had me order a pair for her.
I didn't get a chance to say hello yesterday-so hello!
I hope you are surviving the downturn and that things are picking up!
I did get the necklace back from my wife! LOL. I must say I love it being 6'3" strong a an ox I love the weight so falling over should not be a problem. I wanted to let you know we are major boaters and ihave a good feeling you will see afew more purchase from Naples FL
thanks for letting me know-Also for the info on the rhodium plating. There is so much that average folks don't know...
Thank you very much for all your help. I just received my package!
First, I'd like to commend you on an excellent web site and superb advice to ring buyers. Your candidness is a refreshing change to the normal "sell, sell, sell and the mistakes be damned" attitude that is so prevalent in the market today.
My fiance' and I will be purchasing a pair of Celtic Shield Wedding Bands from you for a December wedding. According to the description of the bands at this link, , there should be a 7mm ring (including the trim rails) available for men but I do not see it listed in the drop down menu for sizes 8.5 and larger. Am I overlooking the option or miss-reading the available rings? I need a size 8.5 for myself and am looking for a gold ring with white gold trim in 5mm with trim rails (7mm total).
Robert xxxxxxx
US Embassy High Threat Protection Detail
US Dept of State Diplomatic Security Service
Camp Grizzly Kabul, Afghanistan

impressive! thanks alot!
It arrived safely and soundly yesterday Charlie!! It was great fun to present it to him and see his joy!! HE LOVES IT!! Immediately put it on the chain with his dog tags!! My deepest thanks again, for making it all happen -- and happen before he left!! :))
I also gave him your greeting and thanks -- he was deeply touched!!
Giant thanks again!!

Thank you sooooooo much! The ring is beautiful and it is a perfect fit! :-)
I just got it and it is PERFECT… Absolutely AWESOME… I will get a picture of me wearing here soon and send it to you.
Sorry I didn't e-mail you to let you know when I got it but everything went great and she loved it. As with everything else from you it was everything we hoped for and more. Thank you again.
We got it and he loves it!!! Thank you
Thanks again for all the help getting the ring on time. The ring looks perfect. She said yes, so everything is perfect... well almost perfect. As it turns out after all of the trying to not get the wrong size... I still got the wrong size. She has is squeezed on her finger now, but its really about a half size to small. What are my options for getting this fixed? (assuming that there are options)

I want to thank you for the fast delivery and she dont needs anymore swimvest.
She is beautifull ! Thank you for your nice way to do things, have a nice weekend, maybe on a other time again. Greetings Ursula Koch Switzerland
We picked it up from the post office today and it's beautiful! Thanks so much for everything. I will recommend you if I know anyone wanting jewelry made.
Thanks again,
Hello Charlie,
Very nice! You're the man and don't let anyone say otherwise.
Thanks for the help!
Box arrived on schedule yesterday. Very nice piece. Thanks for helping out.
Hi Charlie i want thank you i love the mermaid pendant, thanks for all.
Have a nice time Greetings from Switzerland its rain all the time its nice the have something to remember at the sea.
good story, I feel your pain, I have also been shredding for years. thanks again for sending out another pair of earrings. I expect to order alot more from you down the road. I am an avid fisherman and love you stuff. hang in there. If I could do it again I would go with being a plumber, good idea
I feel so rude!! I have been running around like a chicken with my head off trying to get things sorted and I never emailed you. I wanted to let you know we received the ring and it fits and beautiful. We also received the cake topper. Thank you so much for everything. Have a great week! God Bless!
Jessica in Scotland

Seawear has exactly what I am looking for and great service.
Thank you very much for your time and help.
Jens van der Lubbe
I just wanted to let you know that I received the charm yesterday. Thanks for getting back with me, I never really expected it to ship that quick; I just wanted to be sure that you had received the order.
It is for my daughter's graduation this weekend. I hope that she will love it.
All I can say is thank GOD! Thanks it look beautiful!
Thank you so much for your informed response ----- Appreciated

It sounds like it is a good time to be Michael. Perhaps the stars are lineing up in a.... rowe? It will be best if the ring was to be deliverd on monday, the weekend is full of graduation activities. I can devote a full day to staring out the window waiting on monday.
Thanks again on the super fast help. You rock!
We received the St. Bridget's cross yesterday. It's beautiful and my daughter will love it. The one in the picture on your website is the nicest one I've seenThank you.
Hi Charlie Snap - I got your package today too.
Its fantastic - looks heaps better than the photo as you said.
Hi Charles,
Just wanted to let you know I received the Sandblasted small pendant sand dollar yesterday. It truly is a beautiful piece.
Got it!!! Thank you very much.
I truly appreciated your sense of urgency in getting the charm to me as requested.
Hi Charlie,
Just to let you know that the lighthouse has come though and I received it this morning. It was held up for a few days at UK Customs - they added about a week to the delivery time, which I was expecting and is fine.
I am very pleased with it - thank you very much!
Best regards

You are AWESOME...thank you so much!
Thank you for all your help. The cross arrived this afternoon and we just gave it to our friend. I was very touched, and is planning on wearing it every day along with his gold badge pendant.
we got it.
Forever a customer
Thanks again for your help with this. I will definitely recommend you to others in the market for jewelry.
Thank you so much Charlie! I am so greatful I could get another one. I only wish I could have given your company my business since you have been so helpful! I will surely do business with you in the future.

I recieved my beautiful cross #38704 $795 April 12 2010
I am thrilled with it, it is even more beautiful, than it shows on the internet
Is there a paper of authenticity
Charlie !
I just wanted to THANK YOU ! for making our engagement so special with this gorgeous ring :-)
Saludos !
Juan & Alejandra
Ordering an engagement ring on the internet is a scary thing and we were extremely skeptical. Thank you for spending so much time answering all of our questions. Your quick and detailed responses put us at ease almost immediately.
We received the ring the day after we ordered it. Matt knew it was a keeper when he opened the box, just as you said. I did not see it until he proposed last night. It's perfect. It is exactly at described and pictured, and it is a solid piece of jewelry comparable to anything you might find at a reputable "brick and mortar" jewelry store.
Thank you so much for all your help.
Judy & Matthew
Hi Charlie
I got it! Perfect, as usual.
Hi Charlie,
We received the ring today. It is wonderful. I will be mailing it back on Monday, so you can get the one I ordered below commissioned.
Thank you,
I cannot believe you went through that much trouble and information to me. I really appreciate. That certainly was an education.
Excellent. You have been a huge help. I just know she will be blown away by this ring. Thank you so much again

just received it is totally AWESOME!-Beautiful! Will get back to you next week.
thx again,
Semper Fi!
Gunner Mac
Got the chain today. Looks great!
(computer again) can'tsay how much I appreciate your help and patience with this and the geat information. I will give you a confirmation tomorrow just so you know, after all that work, I received it. I will not be back till next Tuesday, I'll send you a quick note. If you would give me and address (name if you desire) I'd like to send You something fronm the West Coast fo all your trouble.
Hi Charlie
I wired the money today. The code is 8038979080.
The address is the same as on my order.
I do a lot of work with rescues - kinda an occupational hazard. It is very rewarding! Animals are great - I wish you luck in your dream - the world does need more people like you...
I just got it today! Its really pretty! Thanks for all your help and cooperation!

Oh wow. It was so cool reading your email. It is amazing how things worked out for us and also for you and your spouse. I personally believe God has a hand in it all. Can I just say it has been a pleasure speaking with you via email! Mark and I discussed just how personal and welcome you make others feel. We thank you for that and hope your business and life are blessed because of the positive affect you have on others.
Have a blessed day!
My pendant and earrings arrived today. I wasn't expecting them to get here so quickly, but they did.... and they are so beautiful! The pendant is actually a little bigger than I imagined it to be. I've looked all over and couldn't find jewelry like this. Thank you so much for your great service.
Charlie -
I got the necklace and it looks nice! Thanks for the help!
I received the ring and it fits perfect. Thank you :)
Rcvd my pelican safely, and he's really cool.
I have 2 Sand dollar pendants (small size) that are 14K gold purchased in the early 1980's.
Should I sell these for gold or for their value as they were made?
Thank you for all the information you provide on your site!!
Just wanted to let you know that I received the package today.. It's beautiful !!!

I already received your package; it is extremely pretty and I know that she will love it.
Thank you very much for the advices and for selling such nice jewelery.
I spotted quite a few nice pieces, so I will do more business in the future.
Best regards,
Hi Charlie,
just received the rings and they are GORGEOUS!!! they fit perfectly, are extremely well made and are just so unique.
thank you, Carrie
The Ring is Amazing! I got the Celtic Sailor ring for my fiance. He love it and I love it! Its even more amazing in person than what you see on the web site!! I couldn't have asked for more!!! Thank you so much and i know we will be buying my ring from here and probably lots of other things in the future!!
Best Regards,
Hello Charlie,
Thank you very much for the wonderful service. The rings look beautiful and I am excited to get the stone put in and the rings sized to have them on her hand.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for my beautiful ring!!! We got it tonight and I was already able to put my stone in it and it looks amazing!!!! I love it and you did the most wonderful job!!! Thank you again so much for making my ring so special!!!!!
The ring looks great! My husband loves it! Thank you!
The ring arrived today and it fits perfectly! Thanks so much for everything! We will definitely work with you for any of our future Irish/Celtic or nautical jewelry!
Thanks again!
Thanks for the amazingly quick reply; your reviews mentioning your helpfulness are truly as well as advertised.
It's very helpful and encouraging to know we can buy the custom ring size direct from your store; however, we're still very much concerned about the effect of resizing the band. How will resizing the bands affect the look of the celtic knots? Specifically, we're concerned that the design of the knots on the engagement band will become substantially distorted after you complete the resizing process.
As neither of us have gone into depth in the ring-shopping process, the concept of ring resizing is rather new to us, so I apologize if these questions sound unintelligent. Thanks again in advance for your assistance, and we look forward to hearing back from you.
John and Liz
Hi Charlie,
I can always count on you for the very best!
I received the chain on sat and it is awesome!
Thank you again,
Hi Charlie!
My girlfriend LOVED the mermaid pendant..........
However, she would like if possible to wear it as a brooch sometimes. Do you have a small (gold?) clip / pin of some kind which is adapted to hold this item as a brooch?
Hope to hear from you........
PS Happy New Year to you and your excellent business.
Best wishes

I love the snow, and honestly get very depressed when we have a string of cold weather with no snow. The last major snowfall we had was before Christmas. Tuesday we recieved 7-8" of very heavy wet snow. It rained most of yesterday. Today, the sun is shining, maybe 45 degrees out. Most of the snow is gone. I work from home, so getting snowed in would not be a problem except for the daycare and the wife getting to work. How about you?
We head to Antigua in a few weeks, so the cold weather and snow can just hit with all it's might!
again, thanks for the ring. I said that if I ever get married again, the ring will be something special, and this one is for sure.

The ring arrived yesterday safe and sound. Wow! So much nicer in reality!! I want to wear it daily before the wedding, but just can not bring myself to do it.
Thanks again!
Thank you for your quick response. I can't wait to get it. Very exciting.
Got the ring today -- looks fantastic. Took it to Blue Marlin and they will have the ring ready Friday. The owner showed me the extra facets in the corner -- makes it easier to id. I need that not being an expert (but I did see the two), so that ensures I can make sure the stone is the same.
Thank you again so much. I am very excited.
I am sure we will be back to chose wedding bands in the future (not sure when, but sometime this year).
--- Steven
Hi Charlie,
I recieved the necklace and I love it!!
I can't wait until the weather breaks, the sun comes out and I can wear it on the boat!!!
Thank you!!
Got them. They are beautiful. Thanks for your help. I am sure we will both cherish these rings.
Hi Charlie,
I collected the "Block" from the Post Office today (it arrived yesterday but we got home too late to collect it from the PO). It's lovely and my husband thinks it's great (it is a birthday present for him - he has been sailing since he was 7) - we just have to find a chain to suit it now!
Thanks for making this all go so smoothly; I have added your web site to My Favourites and will keep it in mind when looking for gifts in the future.
Cathy in Australia

Hello Charlie,
Hope you are well :)
It is time to buy best shackle earring in the world with large size (SWER3) :) single yelow gold. Please advise total price including shipment to Russia (Novorossiysk) by FedEx and I will pay via Western Union as before.
With best regards,
(had to pay 300% tax!) cb
I was impressed with the quality. Do to circumstances out side of my control I had to return it.
...Hah ! I love it ! ...guess that does make me a good customer. It never surprises me, how "special" some people can be. I can't beleive you manage to give such great service two days before Valenstines. I hope you're making a killing this deserve it.
(I wish!) cb

Hi Charlie,
I just recieved the bracelet.......It's perfect!
Thanks again,
PS Enjoy the snow......we're getting 8-12 this time.
Thanks so much Charlie. I had a great experience with my last purchase. Thanks for the great service!
Hi Charlie - we got the ring yesterday. Mark really likes it! He's wearing it around. Maybe I don't need to bother marrying him!!!! :)
Thanks, J.
Charlie, you provide outstanding service! I like your style and will bookmark your
website 'cause I want to reward your service with my business...Thank you, Charlie
and I wish you much success.
(he was surprised at the ease to return something. Doesn't everyone accept returns?) cb

Picked the package up on Friday and Mr. busy-body was so interested in seeing what was in the package that I hid it and didn't open it till last night while I had few quiet moments. IT'S BREATHTAKINGLY GORGEOUS. I'm not one so much for men's jewelery - but I have to say this was stunning. I can not wait to give it to him - but that will be in April. Hopefully he'll forget by then that I received a FEDEX package! BTW - loved the cartoon. And yep - that's pretty much the life!
Thanks so much for helping me with this purchase. I'm extremely happy with the product and now need to go look at the female line!!
Oh - Smithfield got about 7 inches of snow with that storm. Shut down mostly all of the Tidewater area. You gotta love living in the south!
Take care and treat all your "employees" nicely!!!
hi dont know if shed be that big certainly over 200m may be even 250m and yes it sometimes does get very cold.
anyway shes a bit bigger than the ship im on which is only 66m long ive attached a couple of photos shes now the ocean ness though she used to be the havila tigris ive been sailing on her as second mate for the last 5 years
anyway cheque is in the post so should be with you sometime next week.

it is the waikiki mermaid, here.
you made me my ring about 3 1/2 years ago, now - WOW time flies.
i love what you wrote about me on the site!!!!
and, yes, i have worn this ring every single day since i received it.
it is even perfect to wear while i do massages!
and, yes, it is lovely and i adore it!!!
and, yes,
i still monofin with wild dolphins as much as i can!
as we say in hawaii
you are "no ka oi"
"the best" !!!
thanks, again,
jennifer stabrylla
(google her, she is amazing!) cb
Received my trinity knot in the mail today and was interested to see the mention of Peaches and Cream. So you either lived in our area or you have relation that live in this area as Peaches and Cream is not famous of a place. By the way the pendant is beautiful. Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein

Hi Charlie
got it at last, your end was perfect, it spent the weekend at stanstead airport. came much sooner that I originally thought anyway.
Thank you, I love it. Trouble is I am now looking at your site and finding loads of other things I like!
I would recommend you to anyone
Janet in UK
Sometimes I'm amazed by the internet and how it connects people.
Although we've never met and probably never will, I can tell just by your prompt attention to customers, that you're one of the "good guys"
out there. Thanks.
I don't have an immediate need for the cufflinks, and I really do like them, so I'll be patient. Please ship them when you can.
Hi Charlie,
Thank you so much for letting me know. I appreciate it, and I also appreciate all of the excellent customer service you gave me from the moment I visited your website. I will absolutely keep you in mind for any future purchases, and I plan to pass along your information to all of our fishing friends who might be interested. Thanks again, and take care.
I got an email from FedEx. Cant believe it will be here so soon, I thought it would take weeks

Thanks so much for all your help with this order.
I have received the bracelet it is awesome thank you!
Thank you so much, it very nice to see there are REAL people on the other end who actually care!!! I appreciate you explaining the credit card process to me, other people/companies would just have cancelled the order...Seawear was recommended to me and I will HIGHLY recommend it to others! Thanks again. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas as well!
I'd like to write a nice review of business. Any sites where you would
like it submitted?
Thank you so much for all of your help! The package got here yesterday, and my boyfriend loved it.
Thanks for being so helpful, I look forward to buying from you in the future!
Hey Charlie,
Just wanted to thank you again for your help. It was greatly
appreciated. I love it! It looks good!
Tight lines,
I wanted to thank you for being so responsive to a problem with a bracelet my daughter ordered, and make sure you got the bracelet that we mailed back to you.
It’s a bit scary to order online with a small company, and I very much appreciate how you handled this situation. We intend to shop with you again!
The second bracelet you sent me arrived on time. Thank you. Today the original one arrived, I will send it back to you.
Thanks again,
Thank you very much, I plan on doing more business with Seawear in the future
Thank you so much Charlie! I will probably be in contact with you in
the next couple months to place an order.
Take care and I appreciate your patience and the chain will eventually go to a good home! I treat my gold like my pets! They are family members. LOL


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