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Surfer's & Customer's Comments from 2001!

Being a small home based business, we have the luxury of reading each and every email that comes in! These are some of our favorites.


December 21, 2001
Hi Charlie!
Just a quick note to let you know I received the diamond sportfisherman and
chain yesterday - safe and sound. IT'S MAGNIFICENT!!! I can't wait to give
it to Linda - she'll love it!! Thank you also for the journal - THAT is
something I know she will use a lot! I really appreciate your prompt and
personal service - you'll always have us as loyal customers! Your jewelry
is very fine and unique!!!
Thank you again,
Happy Holidays and all the best in 2002 for you and your family!
December 21, 2001
Just to let you know - my little mermaid finished her swim on Monday. Met
her new owner on Tuesday and has not been back out to sea - in fact my
sister (who used to be a Weeki Wachi Springs mermaid) vows to never take
her off. I gave her a silver many years ago which was stolen - much to her
grief. She is thrilled and says she is the prettiest she has ever seen.
You prompt shipment was very much appreciated - and your email message
alerting us to how she would arrive surpassed any thoughtfulness I have
ever seen. We wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and an overall Joyous
Season and year. Thank you again for your considerations, and skills.
December 21, 2001
Received my order yesterday afternoon. Not only did you really perform in terms of delivery, I am totally amazed at the quality and accuracy of you web site in describing your products. I am also impressed by the quality vs price. You truly offer "value" to your customers.
Thank you.
John xxxxxx
Punta Gorda, Florida
December 20, 2001
I got the pendant today. It's perfect, Thank you. She'll love it.
Have a wonderful Holiday!
December 20, 2001
dear charlie,
the cross and chain arrived today !!!! thank you so very much. i was so
nervous opening the package for fear that i wouldn't like it. was a little
apprehensive about buying jewlery on line. but it's perfect ! it's just what
i wanted. i'm glad you mentioned "things remembed" 'cause i thought of there
but i wasn't sure they would engrave something not purchased from them.
again, thanks for the fedex and happy holidays !
December 20, 2001
Thanks, it came today. I was just getting nervous having never done
business with you before.
December 19, 2001
I just wanted to say Thank you for getting my order to me before Christmas. I am extremely impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. The ring is prettier in person than the picture on the website. Your speed and response time to all my inquiries were above and beyond. I am sure I will be doing business with you in the future and I will definitely recommend you to friends and family! Have a great holiday!
Novembe 30, 2001
Mr. Bennett,
First, let me tell you how pleased I am with the
merchandise I ordered. Perfect!
Second, let me commend you on your own personal touches
in your handling of your customers. I placed all my
orders for my wife on the same day, and you were the
first to reply. You further replied describing what
kind of package I would be receiving (due to the recent
Anthrax scare). And once again, you informed me of the
date my order was shipped and when you expect it.
Not ONCE did I have to revist your site to find out any
tracking information. Absolutely outstanding service.
Please feel free to forward me more of your business
cards so I may distribute them among my co-workers.
And also, please feel free to print, e-mail or otherwise
distribute this correspondence as you see fit.
A Very Satisfied Customer,
Greg A. Purdy
Tampa, FL
November 30, 2001
Just wanted to let you know that we just received the sand dollar earrings
and we know our mom will love them when she opens them on Christmas! Thank
you very much for your speedy delivery. It has been a pleasure doing
business with you! Thanks again. Patricia
November 29, 2001
Dear Sir:
Thank you sir, I did receive my rings and they are BEAUTIFUL! I have at least
one more order for you soon and I was so completely satisfied with your help
and sheer friendliness I will continue to business with you and I will most
certainly tell all my friends and family to order from you and your company.
Thank you again. Happy Holidays to you and all of yours.
November 26, 2001
Hi Charlie,
The rings arrived today and they are absolutely perfect. The wedding coin was
very sweet of you and we both appreciate it immensely. Thank you so much for
helping make our 20th anniversary special.
Kathy xxxx
October 19, 2001
Dear Seawear,
Wow!!! Total wow!
I just ordered and received my Claddagh rings in a short 2 1/2 day wait!
That's a world record for ANYTHING I have ever ordered off the Internet.
My best friend and I decided to order these for Christmas presents to one
another, but we both agreed we couldn't possibly wait that long. She's my
eternal soul mate, and we wanted something to represent the love and
friendship we share. The idea came from a Claddagh ring my great
grandmother gave me that she kept all her life. Her husband gave it to
her when they were dating, and that was a long time ago. So, I thought
I'd check online, and that's where I found you guys! I'm so glad I did.
I've already got a ceremony planned, now I just have to have the rings blessed.
Thank you for your excellent service and quick responses. And a special
thanks to Charles, for keeping me up to date on the shipping of the rings.
Satisfied & Happy,
Stephen Pridmore =)
October 17, 2001
Hi Charlie,
I just wanted to let you know that I proposed to my girlfriend last night. I was carrying the ring as you said waiting for the perfect time to ask. Fortunately I found the right time without being hit by a car. We were up on a hill on a beautiful evening with a gorgeous sunset with all the colors of fall. She was totally surprised and
1. She said yes.
2. She really loves the ring.
Thank you for all that you have done and be on the lookout for future orders. My girlfriend now fiancée (Mary Hoxxx) is talking about getting me a Claddagh ring to wear also. She thinks that we should both have engagement rings. She has your website so you I think you will be hearing from her.
John O'Nexxx
(We get a lot of letters and some are really special! While waiting for the right moment to give Leslie her ring, I got hit by a car on my motorcycle and decided immediately to give her the ring that night. It was in my pocket and didn't get a scratch! That's his reference to a car above... cb)
October 11, 2001
Hi Charlie,
It took me a while to get back to you. I received Erick's ring a few
weeks ago and it is beautiful! And the single trinity knot band that
Erick bought to go with my engagement ring fits perfect! It looks like
it was meant to be a matched set. He took a picture of it together, so
hopefully you will get to see how they look pretty soon. Erick and I
just took a trip to South Carolina for his parents' 50th wedding
anniversary, and during the drive down, he kept saying how pleased he
was about how the rings turned out. I thought you might like to know
that. Take care!
October 9, 2001
I just had to write and let you know that I received my order today, and
that the whale ring is exquisite! The photo on your website is nice but it
really doesn't do the ring justice. It's just beautiful! The earrings are
also very pretty and a nice size.
Thanks for the great merchandise and fast service.
October 5, 2001
Hi Charlie,
We received our Claddagh wedding bands and they are EXACTLY what we were looking for. Thanks for putting a rush on these. After fourteen years together, we are finally getting married on the beach in Monterey, CA. and pulling it off depended on the rings. Thanks again for all your help and the fantastic service!

Mr. (and now) Mrs. V
October 2, 2001
I just wanted to let you know the Ogham ring was delivered yesterday. It's
exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for all your help. It's been a
pleasure doing business with you and I will definitely recommend Seawear to
my friends. Thanks again.
September 26, 2001
Hi Charlie,
I just received the ring last night. It is perfect! I can't believe how
quickly it got here. I want to thank you for your understanding in this
matter. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. I hope to be a regular
customer in the future.
September 24, 2001
Anchor has arrived. It is beautiful, as expected.
Hope Erik likes it; i'm sure he will.
Thanks very much.
September 22, 2001
Charlie, received the merchandise today. The chain and pendant are
beautiful! P.S. got it here just in time for anniversary gift which is
today, thanks again. Mark
September 18, 2001
Charlie, the ring fit perfectly. I love it.
Please accept my apology for not letting you know
sooner. When the ring came, I tried it on
A-L-O-N-E so that if it did not fit, I could
quietly perish in private. However, it is exactly
right in size. Thank you. Denise
September 17, 2001
I would like to thank you again for your call today with an updated status
on my ring. I didn't thank you enough on the phone because it was one of
those Mondays where people were lining up 3 deep with problems for me to
work on. That plus last weeks events, and their results, and the usual
last minute wedding problems made it a very hectic day but your phone call
was a welcome piece of good news. It does make a difference when you take
the extra time to call to tell me it's on the way, and even earlier when
you gave me your best answer about what it's current status was.
I would recommend you to my friends and family and will be sure to refer
them to you when they ask about the ring. I'll make sure to let you know
when it arrives, and I'll let you know how the wedding went, after we get
back from the honeymoon (if the international flights are back on track).
Thanks again
September 12, 2001
I can't believe I made it a whole week and haven't called to thank you for your help with the rings and for making such a beautiful presentation with the sending. That box is amazing! And i absolutely love the rings!
Thanks again!
Best wishes to you and yours
September 3, 2001 (from Australia!)
You were right the ring is absolutely gorgeous, it is just stunning and so
masculine to!!!!! I cant wait to give it to him. You have not let me down in
the slightest, its is what you promised, earlier than i had hoped for and at
a decent price and most of all just what i wanted! Thankyou so much. I dont
know how i will wait the next 7 weeks to give it too him. I want one for me
to!! Speak to you AFTER his birthday with hopefully another order. Thankyou
Thankyou Thankyou
Yours in Fishing
(grand slam wedding ring for a celebrity!)
August 30, 2001
You are truly a gem! (pardon the pun!)
Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, the gift of sharing your knowledge,
and for such a speedy delivery. Really appreciate and love the photo...can't wait to see it for real!!!!
Best wishes to you! Let me know if I can ever repay the kindness!
August 29, 2001
Hi Charlie!
I received my chain today. I'm very pleased with it. Thanks for your help and
answering all of my questions so quickly.
August 29, 2001
Hi there,
Just looked at your site. Absolutely incredible! I am
interested in the Celtic/Claddagh crosses. Just amazing. Just what I
was hoping to find. I am from Dublin myself, so some of the pieces made
in Dublin have special meaning to me. I will be ordering something in
the near future, I have to decide which one first! That will be the
hard part!
Sincerely yours,
August 27, 2001
Hi Charlie,
I received the pendant today. It arrived in good order. Thank you very much.
I am happy with it. I appreciate the fair deal on the price. You did a great
job with everything.
The cloth was a nice a touch. I read your comment on the invoice and again,
I am happy. I also was comforted to read the 10 day refund policy. I will
not be returning mine.
One comment though, the 14k stamp takes something away from the one side.
I'm not sure if there was a way around this.
Funny you mentioned the eye was way too big. I thought the same thing and I
worried that photo you email was a picture of mine.
This is the first thing I bought on the internet (as you could probably tell
by (in part) the time it took to make the purchase.
Those that notice the pendant will be told where I got it. You've got a
reference here.
One last question is the diamond .02?
Thank you Charlie!
August 23, 2001
Just received my order .... It is just beautiful!!!! Thank you for
such a fine product. You can include me as a customer from now on.
Christmas is just around the corner. Have a pleasant day.
August 20, 2001
Hello, Charlie. I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that
our wedding on August 4th was just perfect and that the Celtic wedding bands
were a hit. Mine actually looks better than I ever expected with my
engagement ring. It was so hard to tell when we were trying them on. Mike
and I are both truly delighted. And, meeting you at a Ben & Jerry's just
added to the story. :)
Hope you are well and enjoying continued success. Thanks again for all of
your patience and persistence in getting the rings exactly right. Take
care, Kim
August 16, 2001
We just received our rings. Thank you for your prompt service. As you
might imagine, we have a lot on our minds. It is always a relief to have
one more hurdle down. They are everything we expected and more.
Paul and Lisa
August 11, 2001
I recieved the rings this morning.
I really love these rings.
Thank you so much.
I'll visit your web site now and then.
Thanks again.
(left here on Tuesday delivered to Japan by Saturday!) cb
August 10, 2001
Got it. Fits great. She loved it. Thanks much. Chuck
August 10, 2001
I received my starfish charm last week and I love it! It is just what I
wanted and I am glad I waited and looked around. The day after I received
it, I went to Provincetown, MA for the day and saw dozens of starfish charms.
None were as nice as mine.
Thanks again
August 10, 2001
I ordered the white gold and diamond North Star pendant from your site
on Tuesday and received it yesterday (Thursday!) I was so surprised and
very pleased with the prompt delivery and I am SO happy with my
purchase. It's a gift for my fiance who will be leaving the country for
10 months and I have been searching for the perfect North Star pendant
for about 8 months and I've definately found it! Thank you so much!
August 2, 2001
My Mom loved the Horse Earrings!
Thanks Again, Steve
July 30, 2001
Hi Charlie, I just received my order ST766WG and 4780218 and it looks great.
I like it a lot. Now it is up to her and I am sure she will too. Very nice
doing business with you and will recommend you for anyone looking of sea
jewelry. Thanks again and good luck, Charlie C
July 27, 2001
Charlie (my second-best man),
We got the rings today, despite my giving you the wrong address (Emily lives on Martin Road, not Olympic least, not yet). It pays to live in a small town, as the postman figured it out and brought it to the right house. That's Iowa for you.
The rings are wonderful. I've never seen anything like them.
Thank you, too, for the wedding coin. That was very sweet of you.
37 days and counting,
July 27, 2001
Hi there Charles;
The rings arrived last night, they were actually sitting at our front door at 10pm when we got home. Good thing nothing happened, they are beautiful. Tom wasn't real clear on the $ but after seeing how happy I was with them he got over it, you know those Irish and their $. Thanks again, and thanks for the coin, I think we might incorporate it into our ceremony, CF
July 25, 2001
Dear Charlie and Leslie,
I got my charms today and I LOVE them ... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE 'em. I immediately replaced my crown charm (bought in England) with my flip flop charm, and I felt like a "Queen;" my friends, jokingly, call me the "Princess," thus the crown charm. Anyway, I must have another look at your site and start planning my next purchase(s). Thanks again, and I look forward to chatting soon,
July 25, 2001
I placed an order with you on Monday, and received it today, Wednesday.
I'm impressed!
Thank you.
Seattle, WA
July 21, 2001
WE got it! perfect order and thank you so much. dustin
July 21, 2001
dear charlie, thank you for my order for the tail roped mako shark!, i got it
yesterday and i love it!, and i will be sending you a order for another real
soon!, thankyou very much!, mark
July 12, 2001
Received the ring yesterday and gave as a gift
The recipient it was was "the most beautiful gift" they had ever received
The customs shopped me for 11 quid though
C'est la vie
Emma (UK)
July 12, 2001
I received the ring yesterday, and yes you were right, it's beautiful. Thank
you for all your help. I'm sure my husband will love it, but since we will
still be in the Bahamas for the 10 day exchange, will there be a problem if
for any reason he doesn't like it to return it? I hope he likes it as much
as I do. Again thanks for all your help in getting it to me so quickly.
(24 delivery of platinum grand slam ring... who wouldn't love it!) :-) cb
July 8, 2001
to charles & leslie bennett

hello charlie on monday 9-07-2001 i becum my dolphin
pendant at 13.40 am the post express mail bring it to
me i say thank you verry much to you its a nice one.
i say thank you allso for this service to me
greethings from rene brigg the netherlands holland.
July 2, 2001
Thanks for you swift shipment of my Claddagh ring before leaving on your
trip. I received my ring quickly and loved it so much I am calling to order
another one just like it for my girlfriend. The quality is exceptional and
your service is second to none! Thanks again!
June 20, 2001
dear charlie-
just wanted to drop a note to let you know we received the celtic shield
ring, size 10 1/2 and it fits great!!
thank you so much , i was truly excited i found your site and didn't have to
call ireland to reorder the ring!
all the best-
holly from san clemente, california
June 20, 2001
I received the ring today. It is beautiful; I am sure Keith will love it!
Thank you so much for helping me over the phone on Monday and expediting my
order. I cannot wait to give it to him!
June 18, 2001
I got it! Could only look better if she were wearing it at the moment!
Only thought would be, maybe a more flexible chain? Looks GREAT,
so no changes, until after I see it on her. Might need a few of these items
for different occasions. I'm giving it to her in two weeks. Hope she likes
it. Definitely believe she will!
Thanks and don't be surprised if you hear from me again,
(a custom 36" belly chain we made for a dancer's admirer!)
June 18, 2001
Just wanted to let you know that I received the ring and am so happy with
it! Much better! Thank you for being so understanding. I will put the old
ring in tomorrow's mail. Don't worry, I transfered all of the cooties to
the new one! :) Take care!
(Of course once in a while we have a problem. Our policy is correct it, no matter what! cb)
June 17, 2001
Hi Charlie:
Just wanted to let you know the baby ring arrived on Friday, and I love it! It's perfect. Thank you so much. Hope to do business with you again,
Many thanks,

June 16, 2001
Yes, we recieved it.
It is beautiful!
Thanks for everything,
Laura and Ed
June 13, 2001
Hey Charlie,
I recieved the ring. It is beautiful, I think he'll like it.
June 12, 2001
hey charlie, the ring came this past saturday, it is beautiful. I can't wait to give it to him. thank you very much, colleen
June 11, 2001
Ring arrived today and it is gorgeous!
Thank you so much!
June 11, 2001
Hello, Charlie. I received the Compass Cufflinks on Thursday and my husband
just LOVED them. When he pressed me for where I found them, I showed him
your website (and what I'D like to receive for MY birthday next month)!
We'll be calling again, trust me. You've got great stuff and it's SO easy
to get around your site.
Thanks for the expeditious processing of my order.
Best regards,
June 7, 2001
Hello Charlie and Leslie! I just wanted to tell you
that I received the Parnell silver Claddagh ring
yesterday and I LOVE it!! I can't wait to give it to
my husband!! I'm trying to get my sister to get one
for hers! Thank-you so much for your incredible
customer service and I look forward to doing business
with you soon! Eileen (Bethesda, MD)
May 30, 2001
Hey Charlie!
Well, just wanted to write you and let you know we did it! Went to Vegas over
the weekend and got hitched in full Vegas style--well, I refused to have Elvis
in any pictures, but otherwise it was a real Vegas event! We had a great time
and everything went perfectly.
The Cherub Claudagh Rings were perfect and everyone loves them! You were right
about the detail. I am amazed at how detailed they are. Amazing! Absolutely
Amazing! Please thank the artist for us and let him know how very much it meant
to us to know that someone handmade these rings just for us for our special day.
I am attaching a picture so you have one of our "wedding set". I hereby assign
all rights to the picture to you so feel free to send it to anyone else who is
interested in also using these rings as their wedding set.
Charlie, thank you again for all you did for us. You are the absolute best and
will always be rememebered as part of our very special day.
Best Wishes to you always and God Bless!
Jule and Dale xxxxxxxxx
P.S. Thought you might like to see what we actually look like--not just our
hands! Here's a couple fun ones for you...
May 26, 2001
We picked up the package at the Post Ofice today (had to sign because insured), and we think the anchor is simply beautiful! It's a graduation gift. Just wanted to tell you.
May 24, 2001
Dear Charles,
The goodies arrived today - in fantastic condition thanks to your great
The cake topper is beautiful! The book looks great too. I'll be keeping
an eye on those rings.
May 23, 2001
Dear Charlie,
I just got my clauddagh ring in the mail...
It is even more beautiful in person than it is on the web site!!
I can't wait to give it to my man!
Oh.... and thank you TONS for getting it here so quickly!
That meant a lot to me!
Carol K
May 21, 2001
I hope that you are doing ok. We got our rings and we are very
happy with them thank you soo much for your help and the fast service that
you gave us.
In our behalf thank you for everything
V & T
May 4, 2001
Beautiful piece. Fit is keepable, It would have worked 1/2" larger as well.
Thanks for the impeccable service.
titanium & gold bracelet, we recommended 8" over 8.5" based on body size -cb
April 30, 2001
April 27, 2001
Hi Charlie!
I was checking you with our jewellery stores here to compare our selection on
white gold chains with yours.
The reason why I was doing this was that even with your excellent prices,
when you factor in shipping and exchange, it comes out to about double the
cost in Canadian funds (ie. a piece that costs 100 American dollars
usually costs me about 200 Canadian dollars). The chain I like on your
site is approximately 110 dollars, so would cost me about 220 Canadian.
So, this was my approximate budget.
Well ...(part 2)
I must have called at least 20 stores (seriously). Most had a few thin 16
to 18 inch chains in the standard curb, snake, and box links. (I was
looking for something in 22 to 24 inches, in a bit of a different link).
In one store they had a nice, slightly different 30 inch one that was
for 475 dollars.
So, the moral of my story is that you are;
price wise,
service wise,
and selection wise,
the most amazing jewellery retailer on the planet.
So, a couple more questions.
Would you suggest the Parisian link or the Franco link (I like both) to go
with the white gold dolphin through a hoop that I bought from you?
How much would each of these cost in a 24 inch length?
How long will it take to make one?
Will I soon start to get a bulk discount?(Just kidding!)
Hope all is well with you. Please feel free to use any or all of this
message in your customer comments section, because people deserve to know
how great your business really is.
April 27, 2001
The bracelet arrived today. It is beautiful. I think my matron of
honor will be thrilled. I will get the check for the shipping charges
in the mail tomorrow.
Thank you.
April 26, 2001
Just to let you know I have received the harp charm you mailed to me. Thank
you very much. I know my daughter will love it. She plays the celtic harp
and will have a recital in May. We want to give it to her for the occasion.
Mrs. Kxxx
April 24, 2001
Hi Charles..I got the ring today and it looks great!!!! Thanks alot Eric
April 20, 2001
charlie: thank-you for the e-mail. we really appreciate your getting the
ring to us asap. you are a true blessing.
April 20, 3001
Thank you so much. The skull & crossbones earrings arrived yesterday
(your service is the best!)
My husband was thrilled with them. He couldn't believe that I found
them. We recently went on a cruise and had to go into every jewelry
store in our path to see if they had them........ No one did.
You'll be getting more orders from us. My husband didn't waste any time
going into your website!
Thanks again,
April 18, 2001
I'M SOOOOOOOO EXCITED! I CAN'T WAIT (Patience is a virtue that I do not
Just wanted to give you all the info again so you had a written confirmation of
the order.
I simply cannot thank you enough for your kindness and efforts on our behalf.
You have been an absolute dream to work with and I certainly look forward to
sending everyone to your website when they inquire about our rings!!!
Who'dathought you could make dreams come true over the internet?????
Have a wonderful day and stay in touch.
Best Regards,
Julie & Dale
(custom Cherub Claddagh wedding rings!) cb
April 18, 2001
Just a note to let you know that the cross chain and ring were a very big
hit this last holiday weekend. Thanks for the prompt delivery and superior
Cheers, Ron
April 17, 2001
Hi me again,
I had such a good experiance with you I will be wanting to order again from
you. YOU ARE NOW MY OFFICAL JEWELER. :) You have seen my pretty ray, please
recommend a proper size chain for her. looking forward to hearing from you
April 13, 2001
I LOVE IT, It is beautiful!!!!!!!! THANK YOU. I'll refer you to
everyone!!!! Great customer service. I don't think I have ever experienced
such a good feeling spending my hard earned money.
Thank You
April 10, 2001
My dolphin arrived and it is beautiful, as always. I think it
will become a favourite - I like how it looks 3D but is quite flat and
comfortable to wear. More business to follow soon, provided my husband
does not confiscate my credit card!
April 9, 2001
Hi Charlie!!!!!
Well, we are back and yes we did it! We are now Mr. am Mrs Guthrie.
EVERYONE loves the ring, it really picks up the sunlight! We have over 300
pictures to download and sort, so we will send you a few as soon as we get
it together, OK?
-Cheryl L Guthrie, 'natch! :-)!
<A couple that bought their ring (B9) and went to Scotland to wed!>
April 9, 2001
Hi, Charlie!
The rings are them.. They are even prettier than I expected.
We waited to open them at our favorite watering hole ....showed them to the bartender...and a customer next to us...then my daughter and her family.... If these rings were made by an individual craftsman that you know by name, would love to send them a thank you as well.....any information or advice here?
Thank you very much.....Sincerely, Carole
April 9, 2001
We have received our Trinity Knot rings. They are beautiful and fit
perfectly. Everyone who has seen them has commented how nice they look.
We are being married on May 6. Thanks for all your help.
April 8, 2001
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received the Milennium ring, and I
am very satisfied. It's just what I wanted! Thank you so much. I would
like to inquire about the prices of the matching earrings (EG903B) and
necklaces (PG905B, (PG906B, and PG907B).
April 8, 2001
Just wanted to let you know that I was stunned when the ring came so fast!
I absolutely LOVE it!
Thank you. . . thank you. . . thank you!
Have A WONDERFUL Weekend . . . Mine sure got off to a great start!

April 5, 2001
Hi Charlie,
Just a note to say we received the celtic knot ring, and we both
absolutely love it. The 9-3/4 fits Brian perfectly, and it is going
to make a beautiful wedding ring. He can't wait to wear it. The
two-tone makes the ring. Thank you again for all your help. We are
very, very pleased. We will let our friends know of your website,
and your service. And we ourselves will be back.
Thanks so much again.
March 31, 2001
I love this ring! Beautiful, thank you so much. Now I know where to go when I
want to upgrade to my white gold. And I do have to tell you how jealous my
Mom was of my new ring. So you may hear back from me in May for a birthday
present for her. Thanks again!
March 31, 2001
Hi Charlie,
I just wanted to let you know that I received the ring today and it's
perfect. Thanks again and I look forward to doing busy with you in the
future. Have a great weekend.
March 30, 2001
The charm arrived today. I loved it. Thanks again.
March 28, 2001
Wow, I thought it was gonna take at least a week or two. That's cool. You
definitely have my compliments.
I know I'll love it!
March 23, 2001
The new earrings showed up on Wednesday
Thanks for the great service.
Looking forward to doing business with you again
March 22, 2001
Charles and Leslie,
Thanks again for your great ideas. Nancy was very impressed with the turtle
Let's see, you have made our anniversary and birthdays, what might be next?
Marche 15, 2001
Hey, Charlie,
The nephew in NY got his ring and loves it! Believe it or not, it fits his
finger perfectly, so I'm glad that we didn't go any smaller,( even though he
thought he needed an eight!)
He's tickled and so am I that I've made him so happy.
thanks for getting it there on time, too.
March 15, 2001
Ring received today-
Thanks for all of your time and patience.I will buy
again from you!
March 14, 2001
Hey Charlie Man!!! I just wanted to write,and thank you for the beautiful
Claddaugh you helped me obtain!!! It is absolutely gorgeous, and he loved

March 14, 2001
Thank You again for the breathtaking ring!!!!
March 8, 2001
Thank you soooo much Charlie!!!... You're the BEST!!!! Ü
March 6, 2001
Just thought I would let you know that my customer bought the anchor.
He made absolutely no bones about the $6xx.xx invoice. Wrote a check
out on the spot. Thanks ever so much and I am looking forward to a
mutually beneficial marketing relationship.
(yes we sell to other retailers who mark up 2 - 3 times with no problem...)
March 4, 2001
Hi Again to You Charlie!!!!!
Just wanted you to know that the ring arrived OK. I picked up the
package, but I didn't open it, I let Mike do that. He would only let me take
a brief glimpse, but WOW!!!!!It's beautiful!!!!!!! I can hardly wait!!!!!
By the way, you do know that we are getting married in Scotland, right?
Can we take the ring into the country in the box, or should I wear it in? We
are concerned about this, and would appreciate any advice. We are leaving
for Edinburgh on March 22nd of this month.
Thanks again!!!!!!!!!
Sincerely and Happy,
March 3, 2001
received the claddagh ring last thursday and wanted to let you know that it is wonderful and worth the wait . its beautiful and a one of a kind will wear it proudly thank you so much Dory from ia
March 2, 2001
I got the Claddagh I ordered and it is absolutely WONDERFUL! :o) Thank you!
You've just made a loyal customer and I'll be buying from ya'll again! You
ROCK!!!!! :o)
(now why doesn't my wife greet me like that each morning...) cb
March 1, 2001
Hi Charlie,
I love my jewelry!The mermaid is exquisite.She's most beautiful on a
simple 3mm Omega,I think it makes her the focus of attention,and she should
have it.My Kenny says she looks like me.Not only is his blood pressure too
high,his vision is clearly shot too!
Thanks again,and be well.
February 28, 2001
Hi Charlie!
I'm really writing to tell you something you'll get a hugh kick out of. My husband, Roland, gave me my anniversary gift last night- a pendant of triple dolphins from!!! He had it mailed to his Mom's house- He ordered it on 2/21. I ordered his Mark V helmut and the dolphin charm that I liked on 2/23. I'm curious to know when I contacted you if you had put the two together? I told you we really liked your site!!
(of course I knew, but a gentleman never tells...) cb ;-)
February 28, 2001
The mermaid finally made it to Sao Tome today. She was really worth waiting for. Her picture on the web does not do her justice. She looks so delicate and the detail is so intricate she is just a very elegant lady. She is just so lovely she really is a piece of art. I will wear her very proudly. I really do not think I know enough adjectives to express how delighted I am with her.
I want to say how nice you have been to do business with and I wish you every success in the future and the same for the lady that made her. I hope to do more business with you in the future.
Thanks again,
Billie J
February 27, 2001
P.S. You did include all the measurements on the mermaid pendant on
your web page.I misread it as that being the earring size.Your record for
perfection stands.And I'll deny ever having written this if you gloat.
February 26, 2001
Thank you very much. You're awesome!
Sincerely, Jadine
February 22, 2001
I just wanted to let you know that we got the ring on the 10th of Feb. It is beautiful, we are very pleased. Michael said that you were
going to a show soon. He said that if I could give you a description of what I was looking for you might be able to find something. I know that this will be very vague but I will give it a shot if you are willing. I like things that are different. I am looking for a Celtic knot (a real continuous knot). Something kind of "dainty" and small, I have short fingers. I kind of liked the millennium ring that you have but I am worried that it will be to big for my finger. I know that this is not much help, sorry. If you can suggest something or if you see something. I am looking for this as a 10yr anniversary (promise) ring. I know that you are not a miracle worker, does any of this help?
You can stop laughing now. : )
Thank You
(seven days to delivery in Japan!)cb
February 18, 2001
I received my order the other day and wanted to let you know that I got
it and I love it, thanks so much for everything!
February 15, 2001
Dear gentlemen.
I have some questions about shipping and delivery.
My intention is to order a pair of small dolphin earrings, item NAE-074 ($27.50), for my girlfriend. As far as I can see from the Order Form, the shipping to Denmark, which is an international destination, is set to $20-25 for a 2-3 weeks delivery.
This is impossible! You must be kidding. I have got stuff delivered from US before, and I am quite sure that it should be possible for you to ship with Global Priority Mail for $5 and a delivery within one week.
Please inform me how much I need to pay for the delivery of this item, in order to receive it within two weeks.
Kind regards,
(Yes, for $5 I can send a letter priorty for $5 to Denmark. It allows for a single letter, no articles AND no insurance. The only way to ship overseas is ground with insurance or Global Express with insurance. Ground is only a few dollars less expensive than overnight and arrives about 4-5 weeks sooner. If you think those rates are high, log on to UPS or FedEx! I admit, if it were me for $27.50 I would take my chances, but if it were several hundred dollars, I would want it insured to the max... The shipping charge is not just for postage, it's to cover packaging materials, earring board, jewelry box, bubble wrap, etc. Maybe we could work out a swap for some Denmark cookies! :-) cb)
February 15, 2001
Hi Charlie: - Thanks a million!! The anchor & ship's wheel pendants were
quite a hit on Valentine's day. And I received them on Monday, just like
you said I would. Again, I'm sure we'll be a repeat customer, because I
have my eyes on several more enchanting items on your web site. I am so
happy that I stumbled across your web site on my surfing journey through
the internet, and plan to share your web site findings with my friends along
the way. Please keep me inform of any new developments, or exciting new
jewelry offerings you may have to offer. Thanks once again for the first
class service. - Kim
February 14, 2001
I bought one of the rings you have on your Claddagh rings page. It is
the one with the hands supporting the stone, #21721. I made the purchase
back in Oct 00. I had a diamond set in it and used it for an engagement
ring. I proposed this past Sat. She was knocked over with the ring. She
has had many compliments on the ring.
February 13, 2001
Thanks Charlie,
The pendant arrived today. Great quality. I appreciate the speed with which
you sent it. You saved my butt!
I'll let you know about the bracelet.
Thanks again
The Rev
February 13, 2001
Charlie, got it. Thanks, its beautiful.
February 12, 2001
Thanks for the prompt service. The stingray was awaiting my arrival this morning. Looks Great! Kitty will love it.
February 9, 2001
Hi charlie: - Thank you very much for your quick response, much
appreciated. I know I will greatly enjoy receiving your unique jewelry
products.. I'm quite sure I will be making future purchases, since I've
seen quite a few items on your web site I find to be very appealing. Thanks
once again for your first class personal service.. - Kim
Februray 9, 2001
I ordered some jewelry recently and I wanted to write to tell you how much my
wife liked the two charms. She couldn't wait to get to the jeweler to add
them to her charm bracelet.
In addition to nautical charms my wife would like to have an alligator and a
lizard charm. Do you have access to either type of charm? If so could you
e-mail a photo of either? Thanks for the help.
February 6, 2001 (smile)
OMG it came today!!! its so great, I love the box, thank you so so so very much for everything!
February 6, 2001
The mermaid came today. My Aunt says she is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen she just loves it. I can't wait to see her. It will be several weeks before she makes it to where I am. You see I live on a small island off the west coast of Africa called Sao Tome. My husband is the manager of a xxxxxxxxx relay station and for the past two years we have been here. There is nothing much on this island so I do my shopping over the internet. Thank the dear Lord above for computers or I would go nuts.
Thanks again and I will write you once I have seen her for myself.
Billie Johnson
February 2, 2001
EEEEEK!!!!! thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!! {smile} thank you so very much!
this means so much!
January 31, 2001
(one of our customers was robbed of his jewelry at the Super Bowl last week...)
sore losers! he was from NY!
January 31, 2001
Hi Charlie,
Well the ring came in todays mail! It's as beautiful as you said it would
be. And, as for the advice...I've been with my lady (Erin...appropriate,
eh) for almost 2 years now and she'll know it's not just a "buds" ring.
Also, I too was brought up that one is only as good as ones word. It's
faired me well for some time, and you as well I can see.
I will send out the signed copy of the complaint in the AM. I hope it goes
smoothly. And I hope the bxxxxxxd that has the other ring chokes on it!
Thanks for the biz cards, I plan on passing them out to fam and friends.
Can't find quality service as easily as one could. And yours is
definately that.
Thanks again for all your help, and patience.
(the post office delivered a diamond ring to the wrong address at Christmas. The person that signed for it opened
and loved it and decided to keep it. The said it was tough luck for us. Actually, no. It will be tough luck for them if they
every want to work in any kind of government job, agency or bureau. We agreed to press charges... we will protect your
rights and credit card. It wasn't a criminal offense, only a federal offense...) cb
January 31, 2001
Hey Charlie,
I received my pendant in great time, and love it! Would you possibly have a
gold pendant chain I could use with this pendant? Not real happy with the
one I have. If you have any recommendations, I'd appreciate it.
January 31, 2001
The rings have arrived and they look and fit wonderfully.
Thank you also for including the book on Irish customs.
Thank you very much,
January 14, 2001
I received my new correct size yesterday! I love it and it fits perfectly -
thank you!
I'll pass along your card to my friends out here.
January 7, 2001
You the MAN!!!
(guess his girlfriend liked my suggestion!)
January 3, 2001
Pirate Charlie-
Just wanted to send special thanks for locating the skull & crossbone
earrings for my wife. Truely was a great surprise on Christmas day...they are
just perfect!!!! Thanks again and great sailing to you. Bob

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