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All the best for 2008 Charlie.My son was very pleased with the fishhook which replaced the one he lost in the ocean.
Wishing you good health and happiness in the New Year
If all works out with this one, I'll be purchasing another in a different size in the near future.
Thanks again, Charlie.
I appreciate your hard work and dedication to your business.
I have received the ring, and it is beautiful. Thank you, and again I apoligize for the misunderstanding between you and my husband.
Thany you,
I used to be able to take the phone calls personally until it became too much. You cannot imagine the calls at 2, 3 and 4 AM. Folks in Hawaii always call at 10-11 PM. A third of the business is Europe and Asia and there just is not a way to handle telephone calls. So I do understand that!

When a kid calls from Iraq at 2AM my time just to thank me for helping him get engaged, it's hard to get back to sleep let alone be mad for being woken. That was the most humbling one ever. cb
Dear Seawear;
I believe that have fallen deeply in love with you. This is not impulsive, nor rash, or the result of a head injury.
How can I be in love with a corporate entity, you ask?
Foolish entity. Who among us can ever know where our hearts will be drawn.
For example, I was briefly engaged in a romantic relationship with a door. This door, he came to me, and is mine forever now. (Despite the romantic aspect of our love having transitioned into something more mature and lasting. There was also an age thing..)
And to answer your unspoken question: No. What kind of woman do you take me for?
While we do not know each other well at this point, (and some might say we do not know each other at all.
Fi on them. I say. I’ve know you for 1000 lifetimes. )
- I feel I must ask certain questions of you that are not of a deeply personal nature.
The first: Do you create your creations in silver as well as gold?
I will wait patiently for your reply, as I know we must be patient in matters as delicate as love between entity and woman. Do not be frightened.
Yours Truly,
San Francisco
sorry, no silver cb
Hi Charlie, WOW!!! what an Incredible Piece of Jewelry, I have been searching for a replacement of my stolen jewelry for over a year, I had an anchor that I've worn for almost 40 yrs., in memory of some lost shipmates (Vietnam), but could not find the Quality that I require for such a loss, until I found your site. Thank You for the Fast Service, and replacing my memories, it is an anchor that I will wear very proudly again.......Tom....Las Vegas
Ps. this could be your first comment for 2008
Thank you Charlie. You have been wonderful to work with.
Thank you so much for getting back to me. I have been very satisfied with everything about Seawear and now I know the process with returns. Hopefully I won’t have to do again but it is nice to know how responsive you are. Thanks again.
Hey... The setting is awesome!!! You've got a very satisfied customer.....Thanks very much!!
I guess I got you going. I think we would get along. Thanks for the history lesson. That must have been a crazy time to grow up in. I agree with you about the rifles. They still dont work worth a crap. They're better than the 60s and 70s versions, definitely, but still crap. Cheap! I think I'll depend on my big Camillus/Becker combat knife in a fight more than than the M-16. On my team we carry Mark-18s which are short, tactical versions of the M-4, which are short versions of M-16. Haha... About the same size as an MP-5.
I'm sorry you lost friends to the war and that blasted orange crap. I feel for you. Thankfully, I have'nt lost any friends yet.
I really appreciate the things you are doing for service members.
Yes I did take a peek at the Freedom's Cup ring. Very nice.
I also agree on not having so many blasted reporters in Iraq. They cause a lot of headaches for us. Especially because of leaked intel. Kind of funny I should say that considering that my wife-to-be is just finishing her Bachelor"s Degree in Journalism. Oh well....
I just got a call from my mom. She got the rings and said they look wonderful! I cant wait till she can send me a few pictures. Thank you so much for all your help and great correspondence. I'll tell you what I think of them when I see the pictures. It has been great doing business with you Sir.
P.S. Well, I may not be a five star, but now there will be a third class petty officer out there wearing the Life Mates ring. Well...after I propose anyway. Thanks again.
Absolutely wonderful rings! I'm impressed. From the pictures my mom took they look even better than the ones on the website. I'm very happy! I can't wait to put these rings on our fingers. Thank you so much for all the help and communication. I won't forget you.
Robert Faber
p.s. I sent the pictures my mom took. Feel free to use them if you want.
Nothing feels as good as helping one of our soldiers that are over 'there' cb
Recieved my order today, everything looks great. we will also
be looking at other items.
Thanks again
My penguin came and I love it. Thanks so much. Please let me know what you plan to do with the flamingo's. That's what I really wanted.
Awesome. Thanks for processing. The "one time use" card is a service
from Citibank. It looks like its "good for a month" but when you click
through the terms and conditions, it can only be used at one merchant.
Maybe, if I don't close it out, it can be used again at your shop. Once
the charge posts, I'll close it out just to be safe. Thanks again. I
know it's a pain to be a merchant with all of the rampant credit card
fraud. I appreciate the precuations you take, believe me.
David xxxxx
x x x Lawfirm LLC
Hi Charlie
Yes I am a diver for my sin's, aye the detail is very good the best I've seen so far,so I shall pass on your detail's to the lad's on the boat hopefully you'll get some more business,
Thank's again
Thanks for the prompt attention and keeping within the tight timelines. That’s a rare quality today, so I really appreciate your good work.
Indrek xxxx
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with everything in my order.
Everything was either just as beautiful as in the photos on your website,
or even MORE beautiful! I am thrilled with my purchase. I hope you stay
in business for a long time so I can shop again with you (after I pay off
everything else)!!! :-)
Just wanted to say thanks you for the speedy delivery. I ordered the smallest turtle hatch-ling and it is wonderful. Better than the picture. My wife will love it. THANKS from a very satisfied customer.
Thank you very much! The package arrived yesterday and it is beautiful.
It is always a pleasure doing business with you.
I received the ring. It is perfect. Thank you.
Hi Charlie,
We received the ring yesterday, but he waited till I
got home to open it. It's absolutely gorgeous! He
can't wait to wear it. We will definitely be doing
more business with you in the future.
Thank you so much,
Hi Charlie,
Great work with getting all of this together for us. Thank you.
Yes, the base gold is to be 14k Yellow gold and polished. You are
wonderful at being a mind reader.
I totally understand with the figures on the custom papers. I have had
that problem happen before. :-)
I am sure you do have a lot of customer invites. You will have to add
us to that list. No we wont make you eat vegemite either. It is an
acquired taste. I am sure we could tempt you both with some good
Barossa Valley wines though.
Thank you for the ring size information. Hopefully we wont need to
think about stretching the rings in the future. We tried on sizes over
here that were of those widths as well, so they should be great.
Chat with you soon,
absolutely, surfing Oahu and skiing Sun City, Idaho...... !!!!!!!!
We were not sure how to identify the package to you, so there's a quick note inside the box. Thank you again for all of your help.
I love presents! cb
Dear Charlie,
Thank you so much for pushing this order through in time for our big day!
Rachel & Doug
That is AWESOME! I'm so excited. And thanks so much for the quick response!
Wow Charlie,
thank you so much, these rings are beautiful and
getting them on time for the wedding was wonderful.
we love them, the craftsmanship was everything we
hoped it would be and they really made the occasion.
we really appreciate everything you did, we had lost
all hope of having the rings for the ceremony; we even
convinced ourselves that we could make do, but having
the rings with us for our vows really gives them
meaning. (the vows would have had meaning anyways!o)
we are very attached to them and we sent you all kinds
of positive energy and warm thoughts when my sister
informed us of their delivery.
the wedding was beautiful, the photographer got some
really neat shots of the rings. thank you again for
your part in making it so special for us.
we look forward to doing business with you again and
would recommend it to anybody.
jonathan and caralee
Chas if it is you good day
In july 2003 I wrote
Maidstone is (by UK Standards) a large town in the county of Kent, it's about 90 miles away from where I live. Two or three times a year I send a small parcel to a client in Maidstone, it consists of a report, about 100 sheets of A4 paper in an envelope. I send it by Royal mail first class post (overnight). It may interest you to know that your shipment sent "they" say on the 25th June has been delivered faster than my parcels get to Maidstone!
Superb service and the contents have delighted the recipient!
What more can I say - It doesn't get any better than this.
Many thanks, as I wrote before, should anyone question me on where I came by the pin I will refer them to your web address.
Thanks Chas
Good luck
Its now 2008 and the recipient has LOST the pin! She will remain unforgiven for a while, at least until she has cleaned the bottom of the boat. . .
So do you recal what I originally ordered? it was one of your yacht charms that you kindly converted to a pin. But which one????
If you do know could you quote me for another one.
Thanks and fair winds
of course! I was an extra in Total Recall and know where to find that information! :-) cb
I have received my purchase and it is just magnificent! A very stunning result with great customer service! Thank you very much and your service was probably one of the best I have ever had! Thank you for your generosity!
-Charlie Axxxxxxx
Thank YOU for being a kind businessman!!! I can tell you are one of God's "kids". Again .... thanks!!
Hi Charlie,
Got the ring today, it is magnificant!!!! THANK YOU!! My future daughter-in-law will love it!!!

Charlie, this is Joi, the shamrock came today and it is absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you sooo much!
We received the ring on Saturday and love it so much! We have been looking for months and even tried to design our own without success. Then we happen to find your website at the last minute. The photo does not do it justice. The clarity of the stone and detail of the ring is exactly what we wanted. We want to thank you so much for the timely delivery since we are to be married this weekend. Again thank you.
Dulcenea xxxxx and Tom xxxxx
Hello dear Charlie,
Thank you for all your efforts in this case again.
I know it was not that easy for you.
Last Friday I have finally received my jewelry from customs here in Pirmasens.
The package was total two times for checking at customs in Germany. One time at the airport and the second time here in town.
I had to open the package again at the customs office in town that the customs could see that the chain with pendant and the single pendant were made out of 14 K gold.
After I have paid a fee of 24,00 € they have given it to me. I was so glad.
But next time I will order I will choose courier service not post service again.
Please, tell this couple to choose as transporter courier service even if it is a little bit more expensive but it will be delivered faster and safer, trust me.
But once again thank you very very much for everything. You are a very polite and patient man.
Have a nice day and a nice and relaxing weekend.
Thanks and best regards
I received my pendant today and am thrilled with him. He is adorable! Thank you so much! This is the second piece I've purchased from you and I am I sure going to be a repeat customer again:)
Charlie...Time for the "reveal"..I am a Goldsmith by trade and rarely order any premade jewelry. Due to the intricate nature of the mariner's crucifix, decided to shop for one..was delighted with my purchase!! It was exactly as represented..was a bit apprehensive about the quality until I opened the box. All doubts vanished! I weighed it..was 5.6 grams, instead of 5.4! The gold market opened this A.M at $1022...making this an even better deal.
It was a pleasure doing business with you. Would not hesitate to order again. Thank you.
you would be shocked at how many jewelry stores buy and the names... :-) cb
I gave Diane the conch shell pendant and the gold rope chain as an
anniversary gift yesterday. They were a huge hit. There won't be any
returns or exchanges. Thanks again for all of your good work. I can't
wait until there is another occasion to purchase a gift from Seawear.
Best regards
Thank you for the great communication! Yvette
Hi Charlie!!! I got the jewelry yesterday….. WOW!!!! It sure is pretty!!!! Thank You Very much for the fast and great service!!! I have passed your Website on to many people (WHO Have some Scratch.) . I Hope you and your family ( KITTY Too) Have a great Easter!!!! I will stay in Touch… Louisa
Charlie -
I was about to send you a message asking where she was when the mailman delivered her today. Thanks for the prompt service. More importantly, the piece appears to be exactly what I was looking for.
By the way, in what is becoming a really small world, I lived in Chambersburg from 1984 to 1993. Transferred out here to Iowa with that bunch from Letterkenny.
I ordered a seahorse from you about 2 weeks ago.
This is for my daughter's birthday.
Will be back for more shopping later on.
I just opened my flamingo. WOW it is great. Thank you so much for selling it to me. I am just going to get a chain for it. It is just lovely. I've book marked you site and will check back from time to time.
Many thanks
I received my item today and it is beautiful! Thank you very much, it is exceeded my expectation.
I apologize for not following up with you sooner after
the arrival of the trout ring for Ethan. (It has been
a busy couple of weeks, and not busy with anything but
work.) None the less, I felt I should let you know
how much we loved the ring! It is exactly what we had
hoped for. Thank you so much!
Take care and happy fishing!
The jewelry is beautiful and arrived right on time. Thanks for providing such a quality product at a great price!
I got the rings today and I am totally happy! I knew I would be, but
they are just gorgeous. And the magnifying glass is a nice touch, to be
able to look up close.
The polishing cloth that you sent with it says "Not for white gold" on
the envelope. So that means I shouldn't use it, right? I'm assuming you
grabbed the wrong one. No worries either way, I'm sure i can get one
when I get it sized at the jeweler's.
Again, thanks for all your help! My husband has not decided on his ring
yet, but we may be back, you never know. :)
I received my St. Brigid's Cross yesterday. Thank you for such prompt and thoughtful service.
Thank you so much for these beautiful rings. We love them.
I have one question - is it possible to get a 14kt 3 diamond wedding band to
wear with the ladies ring similar to #3803 on your website.
Please let me know.
Thanks again.
Charlie, thank you so much for taking the time to make this work, your awesome!
I'm glad we didn't wait longer, our 25th isn't until Jan but we wanted to make sure
we got it. I'm glad I went to the website.
Again, thank you so much for all the work!!
Dear Mr. Bennett,
I had previously sent you an email (from my other email account) concerning an exchange because the anchor (#10976) that I had ordered had a slight hole at the bottom of it.
I just received my replacement anchor today and just wanted to let you know that the anchor is beautiful and exactly what I wanted. You have gone above and beyond my expectations and my husband and I look forward to doing business with you again. I will tell everyone about your wonderful company.
Thank you again and I greatly appreciate you help and fast and friendly service.
Our package arrived! We love it! Thanks so much Charlie.
Dear Charlie,
Again your anchor was wonderful and I was very pleased with your product.
Thank you and have a wonderful day.
A flogging is in order but its not for you. The pin is beautiful and the recipient has a big smile again marred only by a sore tongue cause by licking the bilges clean! So in true Saudi style because she was not able to complete her sentence she will be flogged - on a good day I reckon I could get a few pounds for her or at worst I may have to sweeten the deal and offer an incentive or two - so I will offer her for free with a fiver and a big mac meal - how does that sound? Around here I could perhaps offer a camel or two.
(flog - english slang for "to sell")
Many thanks, great service, great products - and very best wishes from (a very clean) Electric Monk
Good morning Charlie,
I just returned from your side of the Atlantic and unfortunately jet-lag is beating the coffee intake so I am flagging fast.
I spoke with my Sister yesterday before I flew back and she has received the parcel on Monday, and to use her words:
"beautifully packed, the quality of stationery is unbelievable, and it is in a lovely gold box with a gold gift tag and a cloth to clean it with"
I think it is safe to say she is over the moon with it ;-))
As I cannot upload my comments directly into your website, I would like to express them in this mail should you wish to do so yourself.

When the package arrived, my Sister's anticipation turned to joy, for it was even better than hoped for.
"...beautifully packed, the quality of stationery is unbelievable, and it is in a lovely gold box with a gold gift tag and a cloth to clean it with..."
Charlie answered all my questions, gave tips to help buying easier, and always delivered what he promised.
There is no doubt that he brings a much needed sense of humanity into the internet buying experience.
I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone that buying from Seawear is guaranteed not to disappoint in either service or product quality.
Ken xxxx
April 2008

I hope you have a successful remainder of 2008.
Thanks again for all your help,
Warm regards,
Hi Charlie,
We want to thank you for the beautiful Turk's Head rings.
They are a great fit and are just what we had hoped they would be.
Thanks again,
Chris and Jane
Hey Charlie, it was thrilling - they stayed all yesterday in Paris & Estimated delivery was
May 2, 2008 by 6:00 PM
But we kept faith - and there IS nothing impossible with God:
Apr 30, 2008 9:30 AM
On FedEx vehicle for delivery
German Customs needed less than two hours - and this at dead of night!
So I already called FedEx in order to doublecheck - we will get them today indeed!
(My German woman is totally happy - and yet insisting on arrival within an hour or even now!!))
Thanks a lot, we recommend you -
:the german porsche executive & his model
xxxxxx xxxxxx
I received the cross and chain today and both are beautiful. We plan to give it to our son, Devin, on graduation day in a couple of weeks. Thank you for all your help.
Best regards,
We received the ring today and it's perfect! I want to thank you and your craftsman again for taking
the time to make my wifes day (quarter century actually). The set looks great together (pic included)
and carries a lot of sentiment knowing it was made in Ireland.
Thanks again and we'll definately be doing more shopping with you in the future.
Don and Michaela
I won't share and wanted to tell you they are great! Thanks again and I look forward to doing more business with you and will highly recommend you.
Thank you my Man! It is a beautiful piece of work that just arrived for me (Dolphin Pendant). Safe and sound as you promised. I couldn't be any happier. Thank you again for the prompt and kindly service throughout the long order.
On a different note, a question that is a bit late, but do you know what metals were used to alloy that particular piece (model # 1011wg)?
Thanks again for the excellent service and the beautiful piece of jewelry!
Charlie! You could not be any more helpful and I really appreciate you taking all the time to answer my questions. I am sure that you know that I want to get what is right the first time. I am in the golf refinishing business,, and take great pride in responding and answering peoples questions whether they use my services or not. I am 59 and feel that good customer service is very hard to find so that is why I appreciate your policy.
Unless something drastic happens I will be ordering 4 rings from you this weekend. I need to get the sizes right which should be easy as I have one of my fiancee's rings and I have my own finger attached so I will get that done today.
Did I see where I can get a 10% discount if I send you a money order or is there another discount for multiple ring orders? If this is right, can I email you my order and send the money order on Monday or what do you prefer I do.
Thanks again. I look forward to finalizing this with you.
Hi Charlie,
I received my dolphins and stingray today and love them. They are much better in person. Thank you so much for your opinions because it definitely helped me make my decisions.
Thanks Again,
I LOVE the anchor. I'm now thinking about a new rope chain.
Hi Charlie,
I love the is gorgeous...thanks.
I give it to my boyfriend on the 16th...I will let you know how it goes.
Charlie: Your ring arrived today; excuse me, my ring arrived today. Your
website pictures don't do it justice. I know you state on your site that it
is highly polished, but in fact the polishing and finishing of the ring is
I had made an earlier inquiry about the ring and you sent me pictures with
suggested settings that were extremely helpful, actually sold me on the
ring. You also suggested that the 6mm heart would probably be a perfect fit
and likely that's exactly the case. I have two other larger solitaires
that will not fit through the fingers.
Point being, if you have the time or inclination, you would be well off
beefing up your website on this item. It is truly a stand out.
One suggestion would be to show the actual size. I'm so glad I didn't have
an existing setting in mind because it well may not have fit. It appears
larger on your site than it actually is, and I wouldn't have appreciated the
size without inquiring.
Job well done Charlie, I'll enjoy this for many years. Most sincere
Dear Charlie, The earrings are perfect and came in plenty of time, Thank
you, Peg
Hi Charlie,
We thought we would send you some photos to share with the artists that created our beautiful rings. We had a beautiful wedding ceremony on the beach in Maui. We get great compliments on our rings and we absolutely adore them.
Thanks again!
Rachel and Doug
Hi Charlie
Thanks so much. We just received them and my wife was ecstatic. Thanks again also for taking the extra trouble to match the metal hues....."you done good".
Anyway, all the best to You and Yours, and you can be sure to be hearing from us again some time.
Best Regards and Take Care
Fred , and Imola
I received the ring yesterday and it looks and fits great! Nice job.
We received the ring yesterday and absolutely loved it!!!! What an
amazing job you and your staff did. Mark tried it on last night and the
fit was perfect, he was very pleased. Thank you so much for everything
you did to make this chapter of our lives even more special.
How's the weather up there? I'm looking at rain through my window right
now, but tomorrow I'll be sitting on the beach enjoying the sun!!! What
a perfect way to spend a Saturday.
Enjoy your day and thank you again!!
Thank you for your honesty and vigilance. I do not
think I will do anymore business with this company in
Ireland, but I would not hesitate to work with you
Charlie, Thank you for your service . I recieved the Mariners Cross and necklace in Sasebo, Japan just 3 days ago what a very nice piece of jewerly. Thank You Palmer
Iwas wondering about buying another necklace item # PG 108 24 inch 5MM for $565.00 would that chain fit threw the pennet that I have ?? Thank You Again, cause I think that my wife would like this chain that I have now .
Hey Charlie- the gift got to my mother and she loved it. Hope to do more business with you in the future. Just wish you hadn't sent her the invoice so she now knows the price. Ooops!
I always wanted to tell you,that you got such a beautiful items in your store, it is real art and very good prices. I have bookmarked your store on my PC long time ago, but never had a chance to buy anything,yet. I've checked a lot of online stores , some of them got cool store designs..., but their items are awful and got high prices, many of them almost $70 /g of 14K, unbelievable !
I think, your site is the best. I wish you good luck in your business!
Hi Charlie! The rings came about 20 minutes ago but I had my baseball manager here so I had to wait until he left to look at them and they are perfect!!! My wedding band is large but I will get that taken care of. I cannot wait until I see what the engagement ring looks like with the diamond...I am sure that it will be beautiful. August 1st cannot come fast enough....problem is that my baseball team has a doubleheader that night so I need to start praying for rain early as I have not missed an inning in 5 years but that is the day of our anniversary of when we started to date and that is the day I will formally propose.
once again thank you for all your help, time, and patience!!!
I will let you know how the finished products turn out.
Talk with you soon,
xxxxxx (can't tell you who) cb
PS....Cash the money orders!!!
Hi Charlie,
Thank you very much for your quick response and answering all my questions. Knowing you only have one I will order immediately and send the money order this week. Thanks again for everything! :)
The rings got here early! They were due on next Monday.
The rings are beautiful and both fit perfectly! Thanks for the great service! It’s a pleasure doing business with you!
I guess you won’t hear from us until we can rationalize another piece of jewelry. Hmm…Maybe a “shark’s tooth” pendant?
Again Charlie I can't begin to tell you how much I
appreciate your work . First when I knew what I
wanted you were the only one who had it. Then my
recent loss and you bailed me out. I can't thank
you enough.
I received the sailboat pendant on Sat. May 24. I met my wife 22 years ago on a sail boat. She loves it. thank you.
I have received the ringsThey are very beautiful
Regards Bert
Hi Charles:
I just wanted to say thank you for my order of the mermaid and opal pendent
(#M079) and the Viking mermaid earrings (#MEROO5) - I really love them.
They arrived within the 2 weeks you told me via FEDEX (as we were not home,
they left a note on the front door and my husband went to p/u which was
fine). The packaging was well done (appreciated the certificates of
authenticity too) and ensured that they would arrive in good condition. Most
of all the weight, quality, and detailing of each piece was very impressive.
Stephen Douglas' beautiful craftsmanship will be relayed to all my friends.
Thank you and anyone else involved for my beautiful jewelry that I'll wear
and cherish for years to come.
Got them today ! .. they are perfect ...thank you so very much make people happy !!
her birthday is July 4th and I will be giving them to her in Sonata Barbra on the beach that day ...
I will toast a glass to you for all you do .. thanks again ...
CHARLIE!!!!! Guess what came in the mail today!!!!!!
Oh my God.. it's perfect.. fits perfectly and matches up to my engagement band perfectly as well! It's so beautiful..I'm crying I'm so happy. I'll send pictures as soon as I can get my camera up and working!
I can definitely wear this for the rest of my life.
~ Tiffeny
I purchased the 14kt mariners anchor with the ships wheel-small nac154 as a gift for my other half at Christmas time, he loves it. My probelm is, we haven't gotten a chain for it yet, I was hoping you could help me some suggestions on a type of chain for it. All I know is we want a 20" length. His birthday is the 26th of June.
I loved the service I received from you and how quick I received my shippment. I hope you can help me find a chain, so he can finally wear his anchor and show it off.
Thank you for your time and help.
Sincerely, Susan
I just realized we never thanked you. We truly appreciate your excellent customer service. Michele's ring is now a perfect fit. Hopefully we will not have to buy another wedding ring from you, but if you would like us to give a recommendation, please let me know.
Jeff & Michele
Hi Charlie,
How are you? I received the ring today. I wanted to thank you again, it looks wonderful.
Haha...speaking of "salt over my shoulder", I realized that the first time I tried ordering this was on Friday the 13th...I'm not usually superstitious, but this definitely got me thinking! Luckily I am at home (I'm a teacher) so no one will wonder what I am doing!
Again, I really appreciate all your help through this, as well as your time and patience! I will definitely recommend you to others!
Charlie, the ring is fabulous! The fit is perfect, the width is perfect, and the stones are amazing! Thank you!!
Thanks for the great service!
The next time we’re tempted to get some more jewelry, you’ll definitely hear from us!
Thank you so much you are the best!!!!!
We received our wedding rings yesterday and we are so excited! You were right, they were even better in person! Branson loves his and can't wait to wear it! Thanks for all your help!

Thank you for your outstanding service. Seawear saved me again!
Thank you for your prompt response and knowledge. Greatly appreciated.
You have completely answered my question! Thanks so much for your prompt reply...and deciphering everything I was asking about!!
Thank you,
Didn't have time to get the nails done. She came a day early. I am a very happy camper! You have many nice things that I am interested in. You'll hear from me again. Thanks, Charlie. Trudy
I was asking jewelers here about the mounting and the stone and that doesn't seem like it will be a problem. (I'm getting it mounted with a Swiss Blue Topaz.)
Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing this ring, we looked at LOTS (and LOTS and LOTS) of rings and settings and this was by far both of our favorites!
You are wonderful! This has made my week! And it' only Monday... You have a loyal customer... Will be returning to your site! Take care... Kim
I got my pendant..I Love It! It is perfect! Nicer than the ones I saw in Hawaii last OCT when we were on our Honeymoon. I will wear this proudly. I found the perfect chain for this.
Thanks So Much! I really did not think I would get this fast.
Hi Charlie,i just recieved my bracelet and im very satisfied!!!!!Thank you.I shall keep in touch
Mine is perfect. I like Big Bling things. :)
Thanks Charlie!
My wife was a novice but was enticed by an experienced neighbor to help form a jewelry club. She sends her thanks for your hints about suppliers. Most of her supplies so far she bought cheap at a nearby place closing a store.
After troubling you to dig up our invoice, my wife decided not to return the earrings! She liked them enough that she really missed them when one was lost. By keeping the spare pair, she will feel free to wear them without worrying unreasonably about losing one again. For example, she normally wouldn’t take good jewelry on a European trip. Now she can wear these on a trip to the Baltic states in a couple of weeks.
I was mentioning you and your business (very favorably) to a (much older) friend yesterday. I told him that I knew you only by email. I could bump into you on the street without recognizing you but that I still though of you as a trustworthy friend. He drew a parallel with his experience as a signal officer near the end of WW2. He said it was surprising how much of an opinion he could form about other radio operators just by the way they keyed Morse code!
Thanks again for your efficient and friendly service. You’ll hear from me again when I feel like I can justify a gold neck chain or maybe a gold pendant….
Hi Charlie,
We just got our matching Ocean Wave rings and they are beautiful. What a pleasure it has been to do business with you.
Typically, we use our little, local jewelry shop for everything. We looked tirelessly through heaps of catalogs for something special, only there was nothing that inspired us. Nothing that we felt suited a celebration of our 26 years of marriage.
We started talking about designing rings and having them created, but that would have cut into our trip expenses too deeply. So we went online with trepidation.
That is when we found exactly the rings we were looking for. After seeing what was out there, I knew that the Seaware price was very fair, but I wasn¢t certain about the outcome of an online purchase.
Jewelry is such a dicey business to start with (sorry, but it¢s true). But after a half dozen emails I had learned so much from you, my decision to buy from you became easy. I sensed experience, knowledge and integrity. Turns out, I was right!
We are delighted at the value, and quality of our new rings. They will be cherished. Thank you for delivering more than we could ever expect anywhere else.
Until next time,
Ray & Carol

We received our rings today and are thrilled! They are just what we wanted. They fit perfectly and are very high quality. Thank you so much!
We were actually married several months ago- early, due to a terminal illness in the family - and didn't have time to get the wedding bands we wanted in advance. Again, we are really thrilled to get them, though they are a little late for the actual wedding. We appreciate your professionalism and great service! We will recommend you, if we ever have the opportunity, and will visit the website for future purchases. Thanks, again!

Excellent! Thank you. Of all the items out there, this one was the best.
I'm so glad not to have to shop around yet again. Great work.
Just smiles!!!!! Thanks Charlie!
The chain is what I have wanted for some time now.
Hello Charlie,
I picked up the mantaray pendant this afternoon. That was very quick shipping!!.
It was very nice indeed!!! Thank you for sending it to the FedEx location near my home. The main FedEx location is about 30 minutes farther. There, yesterday, I picked up another FedEx package sent from Italy.
Till the next order,
Thank you so much for being diligent and responding to my emails. My "husband" just received his captains license in the mail so I look forward to more business with you!
Thank you
I received the ring and we both love it! Great craftmanship - and it fits perfectly!
Thanks so much for letting me do business with you.
Thanks to a tracking number and extra nice Fed Ex people I got my ring today. You're right, it's freaking gorgeous! It fits perfectly and feels smooth and wonderful. I LOVE IT!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Thank you so much! The ring is BEAUTIFUL and I am going to bring it to Jaclyn tonight! I am guessing she will be quite thrilled...

Hi Charlie,
The ring arrived today, and it’s beautiful—I’m sure my bride to be is going to love it!
Thank you for going the extra mile and sending it two-day FedEx...I now have enough time to get the ring sized before next Wednesday!
It’s been a pleasure doing business with you, and perhaps we’ll be purchasing our wedding bands through Seawear, as well!
All the best,
She's a girl! Julia Joy was born today at 1.31pm.
8lbs 9oz and 20.5". Mum and Julia are doing well
and Dad is very happy. She's so tiny and cute!
Thanks Charlie.
The ring is gorgeous-- absolutely awesome and perfect! Thanks!
Just wanted to let you know my Frog arrived today and I love him. Once again I am really pleased with my purchase.
I don't know how hard it would be to implement but it sure would be nice if you had a "Search" option on your site.
Have a great weekend

hi charlie,
looooooooooooooooooooove my dolphin! it's beautiful, it shines and shimmers and smiles happily ....just like i had envisaged! :)))
it actually arrived mid August, just before i went on holiday and it hasn't been removed from my neck ever since. sorry i didn't get back to you earlier, it's been manic with all that action & crisis in the financial markets.
again, thanks SO MUCH for the great effort! it was definitely worth the effort, white gold is the way to go :)!
Hi Charlie,
Thank you so much for your great service. We received the rings yesterday and they both are perfect and exactly what we wanted for our wedding rings. The quality of both rings is excellent. They arrived a lot sooner than expected too which takes some stress off the wedding planning!
Again, thanks so much and we look forward to doing business with you again in the future!
Jillian & Jordan
Hi Charlie:
Just wanted to let you know that we have received the rings and they are exquisite. Just love them. Better than I'd hoped them to be. Thanks.
Hello again Charlie,
Just had the cross delivered to the door !
It is lovely, and the service was amazing!
Thanks very much
the ring is awesome, thanks so much for the honesty in ship time, as well
as getting me a quality ring.
Thank you SOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to make sure I tell everyone about your website and jewelry!!
Wow, so beautiful, my order arrived yesterday. Thanks so much. I'll
definitely visit your site again and tell all my friend.
Many thanks for the very fast delivery of my order. The pendant is absolutely beautiful and your prompt service made my wife’s birthday deadline! Thank you again.
Hello again. I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the purchase I made. Also, my fiance loved the bracelets I purchased for our mothers, so I wanted to surprise her with one as well. I wanted to make sure they were in stock before I ordered and paid for 2 day shipping, as we are getting married this Saturday. The item number is TRIN2399B.
Thanks so much for all your extra efforts Charlie!
I just picked up the rings –they are fabulous!!!! Thank you so much for making sure we got them on time.
You just made my day. Thank you so much!
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
Hi Charlie,
Just a quick thank you...
Emily loves the cross and it looks beautiful on her.
I'm glad that I went to the effort rather than buying something here. I wasn't able to find anything like that here in Australia.
Thanks for the quick shipping and friendly service.
I just received it. WOW it is beautiful!!!
Thank you,
Hi Charlie;
The Norse Viking head arrived today all in good shape. It is darling! I
bought this for my wife as a Christmas present. You may be interested in
the reason for this purchase. A few years back, as our 50th wedding day
approached, I bought Shirley , my wife, a gold neck chain. As we
traveled to several locations around the world, I bought a gold charm at
each significant place we visited. Each charm, of course, was added to
the necklace. When we visited Scandinavia I looked high and low for a
Viking head. I never found one and had to settle for a Viking ship,
which really wasn't very pretty. I was ecstatic when I saw the Viking
head in your catalog on-line. It was exactly what I had wanted years
ago. It will replace the ship on Shirley's necklace. Shirley will be
delighted. Thank you so much!
Hi Charlie,
I received the ring today and it is beautiful. Thanks for everything!
Hi Chartlie;
Well, we share another interest in common--sail boating. When I was
a much younger man I made a sailboats in my home workshop. Not big ones
of course, but about 13 or 14 feet. Then I would sneak away from Texas
Tech University (I was a professor there for almost 40 years) and go out
to the lake and lose myself sailing for a few hours. It was great!
Thanks for your reply. I enjoyed hearing your story about how you
conceived your company.
Thanks Charlie. I'll wait for your new items. It is refreshing to see that you are so passionate about your business and so speedy with customer service.
Hope they arrive soon,
How come you are just so damn good?
The package was on the kitchen table when I arrived home from the office yesterday!
Absolutely perfect as to what it was I was looking for!
Thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving!
Hi Charlie,
Got the ring, well pleased its a great fit and exactly what I was after.
Thanks for the great communication and help, hope to deal with you again.
Kindest regards
Thank you so much, Charlie! It has been so nice working with you. I don't think I've ever ordered on-line and have felt such a personal touch with my order as I have with this one. It's a nice change.
You have a wonderful holiday season!!
Thank you again,
i received the ring it is amazing she will love iT. I just want to thank you for all your help. I Give you 100% satisfaction.
thanks =)
I just received the charm for my husband’s birthday. It is very lovely!!!! Thanks so much for the fast service! I will definitely keep your card and keep your website as a favorite!
Thanks Again and have a Merry Christmas!
Hi Charlie,
Totally cool Lobster Claw!! Thanks. It works well with my Bead Chain, doesn't get too hung up between links. I really love it! Beautiful craftsmanship! I'm glad you advised me on this one and hope to shop with you again. Super service and super product.
I recieved the Mermaid charm and it looks great and will be perfect. I will keep your info handy and pass it along
to any of my clients looking for similar jewerly. We don't sell items like this. I am the staff instructor at Sea Sports
and when my students see my girl wearing this they are sure to ask where they could get some high quality sea inspired
Thank You
You delivered on your promise......the package was delivered at 0930 today.
Happy Hoilday!
Charlie, you are great....thanks.
Your great customer service is greatly appreciated.
Terence and Eileen
Thanks so much, Charlie. We will be doing a lot more business with you over the years. You will be our first stop for jewelry purchases (and probably our last stop a lot of the time).
Thanx so much for your time and effort in asssiting me with this order in such a busy time of year. I ordered a mermaid on a fish hook a couple of years ago and now the stingray. I just wanted you to know that I will highly recommend Seawear to anyone and I am sure I will purchase jewelry from you again.
Thank You Charlie,
P.S. If you have a boss please forward this to him. Too often people are quick to criticize and not willing to take the time to commend for GOOD work. Thank you again.
You are a gentlemean and a scholar sir!!
Thank you very much!!
Thank you for the info, and quick shipping! If it's delivered as promised, I will be very impressed with your business!!!!!!
Thank you, Karen
we have recieved wonderful rings..
a big thank you to america:-)
Thanks so much I really apprieciate all you've done.
HI Charlie:
I wanted to let you know that I received my Anchor Chain this morning!
It is perfect! It is exactly what I hoped it would be.....just beautiful!!! The weight of it is great. I dislike light flimsy jewellery...So I am glad this is solid and has a nice feel.
Maybe in the new year I will purchase one of the Sailfish pendents from you to wear on this chain. I was liking FSH623 or FSH1095. I know these are pendants that a man would normally wear...But I'm not into dainty stuff.
Have a Merry Christmas and New Year.
P.S. I did get charged with Canada Customs Taxes. I was prepared for that though!
I wanted to let you know I received my order today. I greatly appreciate the quick response and I'm sure my wife will love the items since she collects all types of mermaid things.
Thanks very much and I will post on your site confirming my confidence in your business.
Thanks a lot !! Received the earrings yesterday (Thursday). !!!!
I appreciate your extra effort !! It IS a Merry Christmas !!!!
Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday.
Barnacle Bill
I received the ring in plenty of time and it is beautiful. Thank you.
I love the anchor, man. It looks perfect with the 4mm gold rope chain. All my friends thought it was beautiful. You guys sell beautiful anchors. I will tell all my friends about your website. Thanks for the refund. Rick, in St. Augustine Florida, have a great Christmas!!! Thanks for the refund.
We'll the item was delivered as promised and I am impressed!!!! Thanks
Sincerely, Karen
Got them, thank you Charlie!
Charlie ~ You are awesome! Thank you so much ~ and I won't be using a
GreenDot Card anytime soon! If you would like to have me write a letter of
appreciation to your supervisor, please let me know the information needed
to do so.
God Bless You and Your Family!
Merry Christmas!
I love it! Al
Thank you for the quick responses especially on such a busy day. I will ensure that I or someone is here for delivery, which was the reason for my inquiry. Your customer service is the best Iv seen so far from an e-vendor. Thanks again
The ring not only arrived on time (love the little box too), but was a major surprise to my fiancé as to its unique design. It’s beautiful.
I think we’re going to be interested in this pair of rings for the wedding rings.
Can you make them with white gold and the yellow gold for the braids?
Hello Charlie
I hope you and your family had a wonderful and safe holiday.
I wanted to let you know that my daughter absolutely loves her Alexandrite claddagh ring that she received for Christmas. It's just beautiful! And it fits perfectly!
I'm so glad I found your website. Thank you for everything. You will be hearing from me again in the future, since my boyfriend's daughter is also a June baby,she really liked my daughter's ring and she's Irish, too!!
Thanks again and Happy New Year!!
Wow Charlie - I never expected such a prompt and honest response. Thank you. Its great to do business with people who can make common sense decisions. You can bet I'll be thinking of you for future purchases and will recommend you to friends.
I'll send the starfish back right away.
We finally recieved big brother on Christmas Eve. It was in a priority mail package and the date on it was 12/17/08. We received it on 12/24/08. It took a week. Just wanted to let you know because Priority mail was paid for. It was beautiful and my grandchild loved it. We were sweating it out, praying it would get here before Christmas. Your company is great to work with.
Thank you,
The charm arrived and is beautiful. The presentation box was exceptional too. Thank you so much. June
Charlie! I'm so sorry I didn't get to write sooner. The last couple
days before and couple days since were very busy! And great! The rings
can in Tuesday night, and they are gorgeous! We are SO happy with
them. Thank you SO MUCH!!!
t h o m a s


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