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January 2004
I am so sorry it has taken me so long to contact you, but we received the ring last week and it is gorgeous. He is so pleased with it and it is exactly what he is looking for. The ring is a little loose, but I am hoping that when summer comes along his fingers will swell with the heat and it will get tighter. We also may look into a ring guard if need be. But he figures as he gets older his fingers will only get bigger so it will be ok. He loves it, though, and every day he takes it out and puts it on. Thank you so much!
Mr. Bennett,
Sorry that I haven't written you sooner; between a couple of out-of-town trips and the holidays, I haven't kept up with my correspondence.
You should know that my mother was *extremely* pleased with the ring. It has already achieved a high level of significance, symbolizing, I think, her Irish roots and her experience of touring Ireland last May.
You should also know that your service was extraordinary. I'm still amazed by the special care you took to answer all of our questions and also to share something of your own personality and interests. (Thanks so much for the book!)You stand in sharp contrast to the impersonality of most web commerce, and the quality of your service will be remembed by my family and any persons we run across who might have an interest in Celtic or nautically-themed jewelry.
Thanks again. We wish you all the best in the new year.
The earring arrived today. Many thanks. it is beautiful. We are sailors and will be back!
Thanks, I received the ring and it fits perfectly. Thanks so much for all your help and I'm sure I'll be contacting you when I need those wedding bands. Thanks again, I LOVE IT.
Thank you very very much, I will be anticipating the arrival of this handsome piece of jewlery (although it will be several months before I actually get to look at it). You made this ordering experience extremely easy, I'm sure we will be doing buisness with you in the future. Thank you so much.
The future Bashams
The earrings are beautiful! Detail down to the rounds on the bottom of the "sandals"!
May I just say a few things about the Redfish Pendant (REDF776) that I recently purchased from your company as a Valentine for my husband. First, I must say that the picture does not do this pendant justice. It is much golder, much brighter and unlike what the picture appears, the marking on the fish is smooth and natural. I felt like I was taking a risk with this pendant according to the picture (that it would be dull and old looking), but it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. I am sure that my husband will be equally surprised when he receives it! A very nice quality piece. I will look to you for business in the future if a need arises. By the way, I am originally from Hazleton, PA (about 2 hours north of your location).
charlie the ring arrived today and it is beautiful. i know that my
customer will be very happy. irish as patty:s pig. thanks again ...
regards rita

February 2004
Got it! Was worth the wait. You were right, I've never seen a clasp like this one before either.
Thank you, Brant
PS. Don't forget to do your back exercises. :)
Dear Charles,
I wanted to let you know that I recieved the rings that I ordered from you today.I was so IMPRESSED!! They are truly BEAUTIFUL!The qualiity of service that your company provided along with the beauty of the rings make
my experience with your business wonderful,and I will be sure to tell all of my friends about you!!! Once again,Thank You.Jennifer
I received the shipment today. The ring is beautiful! Thank you very much for the speedy delivery.
Boston, MA
I credit your ethics in business, I wish you all the success and thank you once again
Association Of Make-up Artists Europe
Angelo xxx
V.P. Marketing
Thanks Charlie. You're a decent, honest person. Thanks for taking the return. I've dealt with people in the past that would not be as accomodating as you are.I'll be purchasing other stuff from you in the future.
I just want to let you know that I've received my ring, it's beautiful! The 14k white gold Celtic knot set on the white gold ring is very nice. The fit is perfect and the ring is very comfortable.
Thank You!
ANDY :-)
Mr. Charles Bennett: Thanks for all your help and emphasis on stopping this criminal conduct once and for all. However I am in Kuwait working beisde the troops as far as support goes, but I have sent a legal document to my father, which assigns "power of attorney". My father will push the envelope as far as convicting this pig and will make sure she doesn't do it to anyone else. My father will take the helm of this matter (with the POA) and do the right thing since he was a Westminster Police officer for many years, he'll know what to do. Thanks again for your detailed information and if we need anymore concrete information from you or the FBI does, I hope your willing to help put a stop to this scum!!
(we catch a lot of credit card fraud -cb)
Hi Charlie,
I just wanted to say thanks once more. Eric picked up the ring from his mailbox yesterday. It fits perfectly, and is so nice-looking. He actually kept asking if he could wear it! Three weeks to go. Now that we have the ring it feels like smooth sailing.
Thanks for all your help.
Take care,
I recieved my shippment Wednesday. I am very pleased with your very fast
service. It was for a birthday present for my daughter and she loved it..
thanks again,
March 2004
Thanks so much for your prompt and efficient service, Seawear! Quality, too! I just LOVE the earrings! They're just what I wanted! Sometimes it's nerve-racking ordering "cold" from the 'Net, but your company came through. I'll be sure to spread the word and use you again.
Hi Charlie,
Received the rings in the mail on Friday, what quick service! They are absolutely gorgeous. Bill said to say "nice work!" Thank you so much for the prompt service.
Dear Charlie and Leslie:
Earlier this year I ordered an anchor from Nautical Jewelry. Upon receiving the anchor and holding it in my hand all I can say is it has exceeded all my expectations. The detail on the rope wrapped around the anchor is amazing. This piece truly was created by a master at his/her trade.
My husband recently returned from a tour of duty in the Middle East and it was my gift to him for all his hard work. He loves it and wears it everyday.
Thank you and I will be ordering from this website again.
I just received a ring that I bought at your website. You have sent me the wrong product. The ring that was received is not made of silver as was advertised and as is on the receipt. As soon as I opened the ring I saw that
it was very dull in appearance and actually left green on my finger where I touched it. This product was for my girlfriends birthday and I would be ashamed to give her such a poor quality ring that I paid a decent amount
for. I would appreciate an urgent response about refunding the full amount or sending me a ring that is made of real silver.
(geniune sterling silver begins to tarnish the moment you stop polishing it - cb)
You're a star. Thanks for putting yourself out for me - you've restored my faith in humanity!
Warmest regards
Dear Seawear,
This is just a quick note to let you know of my complete satisfaction with ordering from your concern. My wife absolutely loved the earrings and commented on their fine quality. You can rest assured that I will be ordering from you again in the near future.
Sincerely, Erich
It fitted him perfectly and he loves it. I am going to have it engraved but with something a little more romantic
than your suggestion. I thought I'd put 'Mo Rogh Leannan' which means my chosen sweetheart in case your Gaelic is a little rusty. By the way, my ring fitted perfectly too. I was right about the proposal - he chose a
really romantic little restaurant and roped them in to help him. They brought my ring on a bed of flowers covered over with a napkin just before dinner. I though it was the first course! I had to open it all up in front of everyone and when I found it I was so overwhelmed I cried. Thank you for helping to make our engagement such a special and memorable night.
Hi Charlie,I just wanted to let you know that the rings arrived on Saturday(3/27/04),and I wanted to say thank you for everything.The rings are beautiful.I just wish that there had been a way to find rings like that when my wife,and I got married 30yrs.ago.Unfortunately she passed away last year at only the age of 49.Once again thanks for all that you did in getting the rings to us as soon as was possible.
hay thank you the rings fit and are grrrrrrrreat!!!!!!!!!!
thank you sooo much we love them.
lori and dan
Hi, Charlie! I just received my rings and I absolutely LOVE them! Thank you for getting them to me so quickly even with the short notice!

April 2004

Thank you I received it on Friday the 2nd ... very happy with it, looks as good as it did in the picture. Thank You Again,for the super fast delivery. Both myself and my fiance' were plesantly suprised to see it here already.
I don't know if there really is a Charlie, but I want to let you know how much I appreciate the level of service you have provided. I will definitely be a repeat customer and I am going to pass your website on to my family / friends!
Thank you!
My name is Dustin Hodge, and I purchased the small offshore cleaver bladed prop charm from your company and I just wanted to tell you how great I thought the charm is. I also loved how quick I received the charm.
Thanks allot,
Thank you for your prompt response to my order, which arrived today. I am very pleased with the quality and you can be assured of my future business.
Very Best Regards
Leaving for the pub - My kind of folks! :)
Thanks for all of your help, it has certainly gone above and beyond typical customer service :)
You're welcome! You don't know how happy I was to finally find a pirate charm! I buy a gold charm for my daughter each birthday significant of what she has be interested in the previous year. She is 16 this year
and in this case it was the movie Pirates of the Caribbean -- totally obsessed. Too bad there's not a charm of Orlando Bloom.....
Thank you for shipping so quickly.
Hi Charlie,
The ring arrived this morning and it is just what I have been looking for-thanks for all your help and
prompt/courteous service.
Dear Mr. Bennett,
I received my order this morning and want to tell you how pleased I am with the quality of my little gold flip-flop. I have been looking at these for some time in the jewelry shops, and all had a funny shape or the attached clasp. A friend suggested that I try the internet and I'm so glad that I did.
At a luncheon today, I gave your card to someone who admired your work !
Thanks again,
Charles, Patrick's ring arrived today and it's beautiful!! Thanks so much! I can't wait to show him!! - Susan
Hi Charlie,
I got my two anchors today and they look great!
Thanks again.
The ring is beautiful. Thanks so much. She loves it and it fits perfect.
Hope all is well. I'll be in touch when we are ready for bands.
This is my second order and your should know that I have been very satisfied
with the quality of your pieces and your shipping/service. Renee
I did a lot of looking before making my decision to buy this Cross. $68.45 was more than I wanted to spend but decided to get what I really wanted. I received the Celtic Cross last Thursday and Monday it fell off! I looked at the metal holding it to the chain and discovered a child could bend this cheap piece! Fortunately I found the Cross this time but I will not be wearing it again until I take it to a jewelry shop and have something put on the Cross that will actually hold it to the chain! I feel like I have been ripped off. Doubt you would post this on your "customer comments".
Perry Hudson
(If I had known a boy was going to wear it, I would have advised against it. That is a girls cross and the bail is left unsoldered for safety - cb)
You are a prince among men! Thank you for everything.
Dear Charlie,
The Holy Bible Charm is even nicer in person than pictured on your web site. Thanks for the tip on engraving, too: everything worked out perfectly! This is for our daughter's confirmation. She chose the Lord's Prayer as her
confirmation verse; there isn't a more perfect gift. A million thanks from us, again!
Karen & Ralph
Thank you so much - our order got here yesterday and they are beautiful!
Exactly what we were looking for!
Yes sir, that Yankee accent will not win you any friends south of New Jersey. I'll get that chain in the mail soon. Glad to see you turned you love of the water into a great nautical jewelry business. It's the best site of it's kind. I'm not much of a jewelry wearer, but when I saw the fish hooks, and other boating paraphernalia I was literally "hooked". Thanks again. Mark.
I got it Saturday in the mail, thanks its lovely and I am off to the jeweler to have my diamond set in the hub in the morning. Once again you have provided a lovely product.
May 2004
The trinity knot earrings arrived and they are lovely. I will really enjoy wearing them and thank you for your excellent service.
I have recieved my gold sharks tooth and its lovely. Thank you so much for such efficient service, I don't recieve things that have been mailed in this country as quickly as I did yours!!
I actually got the ring today. I just wanted to say that it looks absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for the wonderful and speedy service. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your company. I'll be sure to recomend and return to you again.
Thank You, Jamie
THANK YOU, received this morning, and i am very pleased, normally i'm not very good at picking out jewelry, but this time i feel i did good, once again thank you very much for th prompt service and shipping-----tom
Charlie It's beautiful!!! That ring is awesome and with the stone set it's really really pretty! I'm not feeling too well from lunch so I hatched a new plan and it's all set for tonight!!!
I'll send you some pics as soon as I can!
Thanks a million and I can't wait to see her face!
(proposed on stage during a Celtic rock concert. He was lead singer so it was ok! - cb)
Hi, Charlie,
I received 2nd ring today...hope this one fits! Won't get the opportunity to try again if it doesn't before the wedding. Won't see him until 5/25 - I am trying to get a job with the airlines...
Thanks for all your help..after talking so much with you the other day I miss you...
Best wishes to you..
Good morning Charlie -
Package arived intact with everything as I hoped. Thank you. Everyone in the family will enjoy their new piece of jewelry!
Life IS Good²
HI Charlie
I just received the package today.It is beautiful. I think she is going to love it. The chain you suggested is perfect. Thank you very much for all your help.
Holy Mackerel! I just had a nice surprise in my mailbox. Getting home from work today, I got the chains in the mail. Boy does that wheat link look nice with the prop on it. There was no bill for the repair though. Let me know
how much it was. I couldn't even find where the break was. Plus it was cleaned and polished also. It looks like a brand new chain. What a job! Thanks again. I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to do business with you. As we say at the local Boat Clubs in Norwalk, "Good Luck to you", thanks so much for the cleaning cloth also. Mark.
Man you guys are the best! Thanks again.
Well, I did it one day early...the time was right! She loved it! We will be looking at bands soon and like some of yours. Thank you for all of your personal attention. Even through e-mail, you and your company's service has been wonderful. I am also dealing with a realtor right now...I wish he was as concientious.

Yipppeeee! Thanks so much. Hope the wedding goes this smoothly...........
First I want to tell you how beautiful the mariner's cross is that I ordered from you two weeks ago. My son is going into the navy very soon and I am giving it to him at a party on the 29th. I can't wait. It was delivered in record time and I am very pleased.
Now, for a special request. My boyfriend, who has MS, has taken every ounce of energy and built me a spectacular deck on the back of my house. It has been a long and tedious project. I wanted to give him a religous cross medalion that also reflected carpentry. I've searched and searched the web and can't find anything. Do you have any recommendations?
Charlie........I could kiss you!!!!!!!!!! I want this in the yellow gold. Should I go to the website to order? is it in stock? and if so what product number do I use? Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Lisa
Hi, Just to say thanks order arrived this morning (20th) its great very happy with it.
Many Thanks
Hello! My name is Eileen xxx and I have ordered from you before - I absolutely love the ring I bought for my husband from you. I am now looking for a simple claddagh ring - I am being deployed to Iraq and I think that my diamond wedding ring won't mix with sand and foxholes! I am interested in # 713, but I am confused - does the 14kt and 18kt mean white gold? Is the 14kt more solid? Could you let me know? Thanks so much! Look forward to hearing from you!
HE LOVES IT!!!!! I have to wrestle him to get it off to save it for October ;) Thank you so much...Fedex had it, I think the delivery guy decided not to deliver today, since there were other people there who said they were home and did not get delivery. Tony says to tell you that he is really happy with it, and he is really a person for DETAIL!!! The fit is very comfortable and very well balanced. We can't wait to show everyone!!!! Also, thank you for the personal attention, and the care you gave to this order. I was really reassured about ordering such an expensive item online, because of your patience and rapid responses to my questions. You have won very loyal customers here in South Florida!! Thank you again!!
Donna & Tony

I just received the fish "slam ring" I ordered from you as a gift to my husband for our 25th Anniversary on June 10th. He lost his wedding band several years ago and when I saw this ring on your web site I just knew it had his name written all over it!!! Now my only problem is that I have to wait until the 10th of June to give it to him and I'm not known to be very good at keeping secrets!!! It's even better than I thought. This is the second order I placed with you, the first being the snook charm and I will be calling on you again for future business! You are a
very nice person to do business with! Have a great weekend!
Thank you,
Century 21 xxx
Charles, just let me say that this ring is so much more that what I had expected. We had looked around on other sites, as well as looked at the rings the Outdoor World sells in Dania Beach. Those other rings are not even in the same class as the ring we purchased from you! The weight, the detail of the fish and thickness and obvious durability of this ring far surpasses anything that we saw! I have to say that the detail you provided on your site, as well as the meticulous extra care you took to respond to my every email, really convinced me to make such a purchase with you. I was not worried that the ring would not be what I expected, however it is so MUCH MORE than what I thought. It is absolutely beautiful, and this is coming from a non-fisherman!! I am so happy that
I choose this ring to be my fiance's wedding band. As a fisherman, he will appreciate it even more than I. I have already had to hide it from him to save it for our wedding!! Thank you again for all of your help.

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