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Hi Charlie,
I just wanted to let you know the ring arrived on time, and was wonderful!
The quality and workmanship was every bit as good as I had hoped for.
I'd like to thank you very much for all you have done, and would recommend
you anytime!
I hope you have a wonderful New Year!
Thanks, Charlie, and many thanks also for the kind words about my mom.
All the best,
I have received my order!
I just wanted to drop a note and thank you for your great product and service. It looks even better in real life. Please know that I have friends in the same stage of life as myself and would not hesitate to recommend your services in a heartbeat.
Thanks again.
Kevin Meehan
Assistant Front Office Manager
Harborplace Hotel
Sorry, I meant to follow up with you earlier. I received my bracelet in time for Christmas and it is everything I hoped for. I love the links shape and size, the overall weight, and the length came out just right too. I really like the way the anchor chain "rolls" over my wrist. Job well done!
Thanks again
-Adam xxxxxxx
Charleston, SC
Charlie -
Well, it arrived, it's beautiful, she loves it, and you are a hero. Thank you
so much for all your help.
Recieved the charms..Love them. Thank you!!!!!
Hi Charlie,
Not sure if you checked your voicemail yet or not but WE GOT THE RING! The FedEx man delivered it around 2:30 and we are thrilled with how nice it looks. Thanks so much for alll you did - we REALLY appreciate it.
Will we now be on your mailing list for a catalog? We hope so.
Have a great weekend and thanks for all the correspondence.
(voice mail only saves the most recent 50 messages. Those can be erased in a few hours on a crazy day!)
I received the sand dollar pendant and it is absolutely beautiful! My 13 year old and I collect sand dollars along the beaches in Mexico as we can't find any in CA anymore and this will always remind me of that! Just what I was searching for and I can wear it on so many different chains as it has a good sized bail. I will check your web site out every now and again! Thanks so much for carrying a quality piece for the money!
I want to thank you for all the extra effort you gave concerning my order. Most companies would not do that, and I look forward to doing business with you again.

What an incredible ring with such quick shipping. It is exactly what we wanted.
Renee' & Murray
dear charlie,
i got it and it's great. thanks so much--it has been a true pleasure doing business with you.
all best,
shelle-who-is still-checking-out-the -octopus-ring-and-pendant-on-a-daily-basis!
I received the ring today. It fits well and I love it!
It is Ace! Thanks for sending it so quickly.
kind regards,
I received the ring yesterday and just wanted to thank you for
expediting this order. The ring is a very close match to the one I
lost, and my wife is quite pleased with the replacement results.
Thanks again.
Dave xxxxx
I got the ring last night. We love it! Its even more unique than I imagined. Thank you so much for everything. If you ever need any "testimonials" let me know!
The ring is absolutely beautiful! I love it. Thank you so much.
Rose Ann and Jim
Dear Charles Bennett,
Fedex just delivered the package here at 6 O'Clock. It is perfect, just beautiful. Oooorrraaahh! You must be a fellow Marine eh? My Wife will absolutely love it!! She has to wait unitl Thursday to open it but it will be so awsome. I will be doing business with you again. Thank you for the nice box you put it in. You are the best!
Phillip xxxxx
I got it and it is wonderful,
Hello Charles Bennett, I received the ring a couple of hours ago. The quality and feel of the ring is amazing. I can't wait till somebody asks me about the ring. Thank-you for a great product and quick delivery time, Daniel J. xxxxx
I received the sharks' tooth and I love it. Thank you so much!
I received the gold/porcelain charm today via FEDEX. Gorgeous!! Many thanks.
Just writing to let you know how pleased I was with your product and service. I orderd online on a Wed. night and received my pendant by Sat. morning. The pendant itself was nicely packaged and looked exactly as it was displayed on the web site. I will surely order from your company again.
Thanks, Dawn
Hi Charlie,
Just to let you know the ring arrived safely and didn't get held up in customs which was great. Both Karen and I are absolutely thrilled with the ring, it's exactly what I wanted, so thank-you once again. Karen now wants the same ring made for herself so no doubt we will be in touch again.
Wow - thanks! The ring made it for Valentines Day and for the anniversary
of our engagement! Beautiful! John is planning on dropping a few pounds,
so if that makes the ring loose, we figure we'll have you coordinate the
adjustment. Thanks again - the Scot was impressed!
got it today and love it. You have awesome and unique merchandise. You will find that I will be a regular customer. Thanks...Jon
Dear Charlie,
The bracelet is beautiful and the customer was thrilled. It has been a delightful pleasure doing business with you. Many, many thanks again.
Susan xxxxxx
xxxxx Jewelers
HI Charlie
Rings arrived today. They are more beautiful in person!!. Thanks for everything.
Just wanted to let you know that we received the rings today. They are beautiful. I also wanted to thank you for placing a lower declared/value amount. It brought the duty cost down. Thanks again for your help and look forward to dealing with you again later. Anniversary maybe.
Thank you for the two beautiful gift items we received from your store.
We just received the rings. We love them and couldn't be happier! Thank
-Maggy xxx and Andre xxx
Thank you so much Charlie. I am still in awe of the great customer service that you provided throughout this process. I felt so bad when time after time something went wrong on my part and you just kept with me and my girlfriend will have a great birthday thanks to you. If I wasn't dating someone and live thousands of miles away I would definitely ask you out. It's hard to find a great Claddagh ring and harder to find somebody devoted to their customers. Stay sweet and I hope your site really takes off.
Just wanted to let you know that my package arrived safe and sound.
Thanks!!! It's beautiful. My mother is going to love it.
Dear Charlie,
How lucky I am that you got it, and rushed it off, the same day I was thinking about it. Right above your email was the Fedex shipping notification and I said to myself: Wow....that guy get results!!
Talk to you in a couple days... stay warm and dry back there.
I love it.I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it ,
Thank you Charlie
Yesterday, I had a manicure and everyone in the salon admired the beautiful ring. I told them all about your website and great service. I have a very large solitaire in my engagement ring and I was looking for something wide enough to "balance" the large stone and yet feminine enough not to be chunky. Your ring does the trick. Thank you, Charlie.
ps. : thanks for the polishing cloth
Just wanted to let you know that I received the necklace and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it...sooo much more beautiful in person!!!
Thanks so much for the fast shipping too.
Good Morning Charlie-
Juan picked up our rings on Saturday from FedEx (no one was home to sign on Friday) and they are absolutely exquisite!!
Mine fits perfect and is really beautiful. Juan says his is a little loose but should be fine.
Thank you so much for all your help.
Now I just have to decide on how to get my nails done.
Thanks again,
Rowena and Juan
Dear Charlie,
Thanks again for all the information. What I've read on your customers comments about the great guy you are is obviously true. I would appreciate any information on the possibility of a repair. I feel compelled to reveal the whole story of my bracelet now. I have a designer/jeweler in NY who I sent the bracelet to in order that he could look at how it is put together and "repair" it. It appears that he filed the plunger that the sapphire is attached to and it still does not seem as though the spring works. He had my bracelet for almost 2 years as I was not hounding him to return it, but you can understand my disappointment when it arrived last week and I found that it seems worse now than before. Suffice it to say he will not be repairing it again!!! Thanks again for all you've done. Respectfully, Tim

Thanks Charlie
I knew I forgot to do something for my wedding
Thank god I don't have to have a regular band
I really appreciate you guys doing this
Charlie -
The ring arrived - it is great...thanks
Sounds great! Thanks for getting it out so fast. I am sure the local Fed Ex guys know our building; but I will check on it just to make sure.
Best Regards!
Dear Charlie
The ring is absolutely beautiful, and really unusual over here, and we are very very pleased.
Thank you so much,
I have it in hand! Looks great! Modern wonders. Thanks again for your
help. I will be ordering more items in the future.
Charlie, you truely are the best! I've never experienced such wonderful customer service! I'll be sure to let you know how it goes this weekend!
Hi Charlie,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the package yesterday. The necklace and pendant is everything I thought it would be just like in the advertisement picture. My wife thinks it is a very unusual pendant and the necklace is very beautiful.Thanks for the great service and hopefully I can do business with you in the future.
Thank you so much!
We received the Ring on Wednesday. My fiancé' loves it and cannot wait to wear it! Have a great weekend!
Danielle ~
Received the rings...they are perfect. Thanks so much.
Vicky and Merritt
(yes, it is THEM!)
Charlie, You "Are the Man"!! I mean $3.16 I can make this up to her with a
glass of wine.
No kidding. I know it's a Sunday night, but you have went out of your way on
this one,. If I do any business with Seaware in the future (and I will)! You
are my go too guy.
Please feel free to post my comments on any website your involved with.
Too Cool!
(Customs wanted $3.16 USD to release a gift to Canada)
Hi Charlie!
Thank you so much for your detailed message back about your helping my fiance with his ring! You are an awesome and amazing person to take such time and care with us! Thank you!
I wanted to let you know that Rudy decided to order from you, and submitted the order for TWO rings -- one for me and one for him -- last night.
I think he mentioned this, that he ordered the ring from a local jeweler, xxxx xxxxxxx, to see what it looks like and how it fits. We went in Saturday to see it. They had ordered two, one with the yellow gold braid and a white gold outer band, and one solid yellow gold. Pictures of this ring really don't do it justice. The two-tone ring was absolutely stunning, so I knew he'd made the right decision about wanting that kind of ring. However, their men's ring was $975, and the women's ring was over $800. Last night, when he ordered both of ours from you, the total was just over $1,000. He was thrilled, which thrills me! I'm a little itchy about it taking four weeks to come in, since we're getting married the first weekend in June, but I think the rings are beautiful and worth the wait. Hopefully there won't be any delivery problems! {cringe!} But you seem to be so on top of things, I don't think there should be any issues. (Bride's nerves; forgive me...)
Thanks again for all your help, and I really hope, as we get married and move to Annapolis, that I remember to thank you again for all your help, and let you know about all the compliments we'll get on these absolutely GORGEOUS rings!
The rings arrived today and are just lovely! They are exactly what we
wanted and fit perfectly.
Thank you!
Thank you so much hun...I will so be in touch with you. You do good work and you keep people like me happy, and a perk you are great to chit chat with...
Hello Charlie -
Good news - the ring looks fabulous, and is at the jewelers getting the
stone mounted. I got a phone message this week from Fed Ex that there is a
package for me from you - have you sent anything else? Just checking to
make sure. Thanks - have agreat weekend!
Charlie. They came and they're awesome. My wife will love them! Thanks you so much! Larry
Thank you so much for taking the time to e-mail me. I don't think that half the people would take the time to do that.
We were able to pick up the ring last night from FedEx, so we are all set.
Its beautiful! Do you hand make each one? because it really is a wonderful ring.
thanks you very much,
Thank you for all of your help and for make sure that this beautiful ring got to us. It really means a lot.
Hello Charlie,
I just received my pendent, it is absolutely stunning it was so worth
the wait. I'm not the kind of person to wear my chain outside of my
shirt but i 'm already wearing outside my shirt as i write this.
Already I've received a compliment and given out one of your business
cards. Your craftsmanship is defiantly worth every cent.
Dennis xxxxxx USN

Dear Charlie:
There is no way to explain the surprise that I got. The shark tooth necklace was heavier; better; larger and nicer than the photo on the Internet. I am so very sick of buying things via Internet just to be disappointed. this was such a pleasant surprise. It looks better than the picture and also looks better than your description. great job. thanks. Bryan xxxx, Esq.
Charllie, the ring arrived Friday by Fed. Ex. It's gorgeous! My husband's party is not until June 9 so I won't know if he loves it until then. Thank you so much! It's been a pleasure working with you; and if my husband chooses a different ring, I'll be working with you again.
thank you charlie . my fiancee is so excited about the ring ,i earned allot of brownie points becouse of that ring.
cant wait to get it, thanks again , chad
Wow, Charlie, I really appreciate your customer is all too rare
these days!
Thank you so much!
The ring is beautiful! We will send you pictures.
Thank you,
I just received my 14k gold and rose thong charm and it is awesome!!! It was mailed the same day I ordered it online and I recieved it in just 2 days. Wow! Thanks for having such great jewelry and awesome delivery!
Hi Charlie:
I was out a few days last week due to a death in my husband's family, but
I got to work today, and got the octopus-its beautiful!!! Thank you so
much for everything. Hope to do business again in the futue, as I am into
"beach" type charms and was very happy with your service and the jewelry!
Thank you -
Hello Charlie -
Good news!! I don’t know if you’re a baseball or New York Yankees fan, but see the attached photos to see what I mean….
Keith xxxxx
(This guy sent pictures and has CLASS! He proposed on the green at Yankee Stadium!!! He scores a home run as she said yes!!!)
Dear Charlie:

There is no way to explain the surprise that I got. The shark tooth necklace was heavier; better; larger and nicer than the photo on the Internet. I am so very sick of buying things via Internet just to be disappointed. this was such a pleasant surprise. It looks better than the picture and also looks better than your description. great job. thanks.
Bryan L. Saxxxxx, Esq.
I received the necklace and earrings today, thank you for the expedited
shipping. Have a great weekend!
Charlie, you are awesome! Thanks for your quick and astute response....yes, 3-4 weeks is plenty of time, and yes, we ordered the same size ring since we have the same sized fingers (yes, we checked them with both the ring sizing set and an actual ring of the same width - as you recommended...he and I are both big people!).. we took it easy on the mouse.

By the way, your products, web site and customer service are wonderful! Thanks for doing such a great job...
Hello Charlie -
Good news!! I don’t know if you’re a baseball or New York Yankees fan, but see the attached photos to see what I mean….
Keith O'xxxx

She had no idea - only me and the jeweler knew. She absolutely LOVES the ring – and thanks to you, it all got accomplished and came together on time – which was so important with all the hotel, train, game and tour tickets arranged for in March. If you’d like, let me know when you’re in Skaneateles this summer and maybe we can rendezvous so you can see it in person. Take care, and thank you so much again!
The firsts thing I asked him was did you run the bases and slide home! cb :-)
Hi Charlie:
Wow, it's a very volatile business you are in...but you have a very nice
range of product to choose from! We went to a couple of jewelers but they
had nothing like your items - Steve had seen the Turks Head in a yachting
magazine and we really liked it. It's a pleasure to work with you - thanks
very much!
Have a great day!
Dear Charlie,
I hope you are well. I received the ring today … can’t wait to get home and deliver it to my husband.
Thank you,
Received the package today. Thank you so much. It's beautiful!
In gratitude,
I just received the 20 inch chain in the mail, and it is perfect. I am looking forward to giving this 24 inch chain as a special gift. I'm so glad that I found your website, and I have saved it to my favorites.
First I'd love to say that both Rachel and I absolutely LOVE the ring we ordered from you. It is absolutely perfect and when I proposed with it she was speechless for well over 30seconds! She did say "Yes!" and so now we are getting married on October 13th 2007!!

Now we're shopping for wedding bands, one for myself and one to go with her ring from you, the EACRA white gold Celtic engagement ring. We both love it and want something to go with it; on top of that I know how excellent your service is so here I am looking at your selection again!

What type of wedding band would you suggest to go with her EACRA ring?

I see the matching band that goes with that ring set but my only concern might be that it would take up her whole finger! =D
Are there any other suggestions you would make besides that one that would match her ring?

Justin & Rachel
We got the ring on is really beautiful, thank you for all the hard work and communications with me on making this ring so special.

Thank you again, sorry for any inconvenience
I totally understand. I'll make other arrangements to keep it a
surprise. Thanks again for everything and I look forward to doing more
business in the future.
Hi Charlie! My husband's party was Saturday night at the Chesapeake Inn in Maryland and it was a success! Plus, he just loved the ring. As we thought, however, it did not fit. He plans to get sized and order a ring to fit from you. I think he's selected different fish, too. So, we'll be sending the "loaner" back but will be in touch with you as to exactly when. And, he may email you directly. Thanks again for all your help.
Thank you so much for the special care that you have taken with my order! I have recieved my ring and am about to take it to be set with the diamond. It looks magnificent! I appreciate all the help you have given me with this product and I will definately recommend you and your site to my friends.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Thanks again,

Rec'd the 'Fouled-anchor' on Sat.....awesome...
Dear Charlie
How are you. First want to say a big thank you for the sending the rings to us here in Tortola (via St Thomas). I was SOOOO delighted that they didn’t have to be sent to England and that I didn’t have to wait another two months to see them. Perhaps this was meant to be as I have a bit of a story to tell you! But before going into that – I want to say how gorgeous they came out – Just like we wanted – You did everything perfectly. Unfortunately, due to incompetence of people here in the Caribbean, we need you to make us another one! I know its nuts and I cried and cried but though I have a million bad things to say about people here, I have nothing bad to say about you because you did everything right!
You sent us a size 9 just as we asked. But Scott felt it was a weeny bit tight so we just thought we would check it out to see if it could “easily” be stretched by half a size so that it was a little more comfortable. Stupid of us and I guess we should have asked you first if this was even possible with that kind of design…. So, we looked at options and were told by the jeweller here that it “wouldn’t be a problem” to re-size it by stretching it a little. (I hear you groan!) We never would have done it (why would we risk that!) if we had known that the ring would come back to us the way it did. They said it was “no problem” so we were far too trusting. After all that time saving for the rings we are absolutely gutted – and of course they take no responsibility other than saying they will pay for the weight of the ring in gold. They said about $77!!!!! Crazy. They basically opened up the waves through the stretching – something that if they’d told us might be an issue would have meant we wouldn’t have done it in the first place. Anyway, the fact is, it is not the ring it was when you sent it to us and for so many reasons, one being the symbolic value of a wedding ring (with waves that are supposed to fit snugly together – gaps are not ok!!!!) we need you to make us a new one (size 9.5)... These are our wedding rings and I just cannot accept starting our marriage with a ring that has been messed around and broken!!
Anyway Charlie, there is nothing that can make this right other than us finding the money to buy another ring from you. What I want to know is whether you can give us a deal or somehow make this less expensive for us? This will be ring number 3! We will obviously send the original back as well and hope this can make a difference when you give us a price for the new one. Its possible, in your genius, that you could some how fix it but, being our wedding ring, and the most important (and most expensive) bit of jewellry we will ever buy, we need it to be just right so a new one seems the only way to go, unless you have another option to suggest?
Can you help? Any advice? We have 2 months still till the wedding so I hope there is time for you to do a new one for us?
Please give us some good news. It has been a super depressing week for us.
Thank you and look forward to hearing from you asap.
Kindest regards,
Charlie -

I had to write and thank you for helping me select the PERFECT celtic cross for my mom's birthday. An 80th b'day is special so I wanted the gift to be special, too. You did not steer me wrong. It arrived (very quickly) today, and I LOVE it. I'm certain my mom will too. It is feminine and when the light catches it, it sparkles in the most beautiful way. Your choice of chain is the perfect compliment..........I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

Hi, Charlie.

Just got my starfish today (thanks for the quick service), and I absolutely love him! He's nice and heavy -- not flimsy. I'll be wearing it on my boat this weekend (and on land) on Long Island Sound. (Sound photo attached)

Nice stuff and nice prices -- and I am in the metro-New York area, where we can get pretty much anything for good prices. We know our stuff here, and you have great deals and good service. Thanks again.


P.S. Can earrings be far behind. . . ???
Hi Charlie,
My last pendant as usual from you was awesome! I am ready to place another order and it is listed as "sold out, special order." How does this work? Do I place my oder via your website and when you recieve my payment via my usual US Postal Service money order you go ahead and get one from your source or now that there is interest in the piece will you go ahead and get one in stock? How long of a wait is there for a "special order" item?
"Large" 14K yellow gold- Maine Lobster Claw - $395.00 + $5.95 shipping Cat # MAINECLAW, Solid, hollow back, hidden bail.
Please advise, and take care!
sorry just getting back to you
You have a really great story.funny, entertaining..worth
I used to be a director of a national medical consulting
division (criminal cases, medmal, Personal Injury, Toxic
Tort, cruise ship litigation, contaminated food, etc).
took a job close to home, getting married as you know.
Still doing business at my own convenience.
Entrepreneurs need your type of approach and
encourgagement, splattered with humor
You are amazing and we love you for trying to help! We will post it by Friday. What’s the address?
Thank you!!!!
Deborah x
Hey Charlie,

You are the best! The package arrived yesterday, in plenty of time for our trip,
and my husband was thrilled.

Thank you so much for all your help! Hope you have a great summer!

Agree with all still should write a book!
Take care
Thanks, Charlie. I think I might order another pair a bit later in the summer. So far, I love this starfish.
Thanks for your quick reply - I like you guys already :)
Charlie -- got it today. Stunning! Thank you.
Rear Admiral xxxxx Southern Command
Hi Charlie:

VERY pleased with the rings - they are beautiful !!! Thanks so much....and have a great evening.


Howdy Charlie,
YEEAAA!!!! My heart did a flip when I read that Scott's ring will be
here Monday! In 50 years when we are celebrating our wedded bliss I will
think of you and how perfect you made our wedding, getting us the ring on
such short notice!! Thank-You so much!!!
little mermaid arrived safe. she is beautiful. thanks
Just received my order ('Hawaii' cruise ship). As ALWAYS, it looks great. My wife and I are cruising the Hawaiian Islands in November. That's when I'll give her her gift. Your company ALWAYS has something to our liking! And you ALWAYS deliver! You've NEVER let us down.
Thanks again!
John xxxx
thank you...i am a true sailor!!!!
Got it - thanks it is lovely
Hello Charlie,
I just wanted to let you know that Scott's gorgeous triple trout ring
came to us yesterday!! It is so beautiful. Scott says it is exactly what he
had envisioned when he started looking for the perfect wedding ring. I am so
pleased! Thank-you so much for getting it to us so promptly. It is a weight
off my already "fragile" state of mind with all the wedding plans!
Thank-You!! We will definitely drop you a line if we're ever in your neck of
the woods.

Charlie, the ring came today! (actually yesterday but we weren't home). It's gorgeous, it fits and my husband has it on right now! Thank you again for all your help. You are truly the best!
Dear Charlie,
I got the bracelet and both of us love it! Very beautiful, good
workmanship. Thanks, and tell your animal lover wife hello for me.
Dr. Mark xxxx
OH CHARLES... YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't thank you enough! I am going to recommend you to all of my friends and family with outstanding taste in jewelry.

Thank you!!!!!!! -Laura xxxxx
Must Love Dogs is a great movie -- I've seen it several times (HBO just plays the same stuff over and over). Only problem with that movie is it makes internet dating look better than it is. I haven't actually done it, but I've browsed enough to draw my own conclusions.

You sound like such a nice guy. Where are all the nice ones down here in Philly, ha ha. Even my wonderful, 76 year old friend, xxxxx, who has a colorful lifetime behind her and still has more energy and joie de vivre at her age than I could ever hope for, admits "the pickins are slim!" Well, life goes on, and one thing I can still say for certain, your site has not only beautiful jewelry, but also very good prices. If I ever want to treat myself, I know exactly where to go.

Thanks again and wish me luck -- I'm looking to buy a house and not having much luck. (And the jerk who broke my heart lives so close that I can literally see his front door from my LR window. That's not why I'm looking for a house, but it is certainly a good motivator!)

Have a wonderful day.

Thanks for the refund. I will definitely purchase from you in the future.
Dear Charles,

I just want to tell you have magnificent your jewelry is. I absolutely love the mermaid rings. The intricate design and workmanship are impressive. When I wear the rings I feel like a mythical princess. I am so pleased. The mermaid earrings are gorgeous and so delicate. When I wear them, the earrings dangle and look so attractive no matter which side is visible. I put the mermaid pendant on a gold chain and I love the detail on the front and back of the charm. I have enjoyed doing business with you and will make additional purchases in the future. Your description of the jewelry and the pictures on your website are accurate.
Thank you so much,

Patti xxxxxx
Hi Charlie,
I received the ring. Thanks again for the quick and courteous service!
Got it. It looks great. Rosita's not here right now, but will be back shortly. She'll love it.
Thanx again,
Thanks so much for the rings, they arrived yesterday and we are very pleased! fit is perfect!!!

Charlie, just a quick note to say thank you for your very prompt
service. This is my second purchase from you and I am very pleased with
your products and your outstanding service. I look forward to doing
business with you again. Thank you, Jim
Thanks Charlie, a great indepth response which enables me to better understand the project. I'll ponder the options you have laid out and contact YOU if we decide to go with gold at an affordable level for us.
By the way, I have had numerous comments on the Atocha coin and have communicated your web site to each of those folks. I retired as of July 1st, 2007 but prior to that managed a software development consultency in Atlanta for 12 years. Our June, 2007 employee headcount was 125 and most of them saw the coin. I hope this results in some business for you.
Thank you Charlie, believe everything went through ok. I received a
confirmation and I really appreciate all the assistance you provided.
I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how delighted Gregg and I are with our Claddagh bands. They are exactly as the picture showed and even fit us perfectly! We have had each others names engraved on the underside and couldn’t be happier with them. Your service is second to none. If you are ever down under in the future please drop us a line and perhaps we can meet up for a beer (Aussie, Irish or both!).
The rings arrived!!! Beautiful! Perfect fit! Thank you again for everything you’ve done for us!
Have a fantastic summer!
Deborah x
You, good Sir, are totally on my wavelength :-) And, if it wasn't a sure thing
before, I must say your attitude and candidness just won you a sale :-)
No, we're both pretty down-to-earth, and, believe it or not, this whole diamond ring
thing was actually my idea. Once we started talking about it and she told me
what she didn't want, I realized that I had carved out an interesting challenge
for myself. Plainly put, she wants something highly symbolic, but not flashy or
showy, and definitely not too expensive. I still wanted to find something elegant,
but it turns out that it isn't so easy. As I think I said in my first contact, this
ring fits the bill perfectly.
You'll be hearing from me again soon :-)
Thanks a million,
Thanks so much for the info!...I’ve gone ahead and ordered the more expensive bracelet as you’ve given me the great idea of using the extra link as a pendant and I’m saving money there! Thanks again for the quick replies!
Got the "stuff" at the office and all looks great ! Hope she likes it as much as I do.
Thanks again for all the coordination !
Hi Charlie,
I just placed an order on-line. I'm sure the jewelry will be as beautiful in person as it is on the web site.
God bless the U.S. Postal Service. Just received the necklace and it looks beautiful. My journey is almost complete and I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help. I know it is your business but it's the people that take the extra steps you remember. Once I saw just how delicate this is I'm not entirely sure I want to spoil the look with the birthstones but if I do I will send you a picture.
It has been a pleasure dealing with you and just to let you know...the Canadian government did take their pound of flesh to the tune of $33.58. What's a little more money between friends, right?
Take care.
Hi Charlie -
You’re very welcome – and again, we thank you! Your quality product and the short turnaround in getting it to me have made this whole engagement experience a tremendous success – it’s amazing what a good quality ring can do, and what an effect it has had on folks. Nonstop compliments and comments on the look and quality – and the combination of her finger size (4.5) and the family heirloom stone I chose make for the perfect fit. We will absolutely be getting back to you on the matching wedding ring – we set the date for September 20, 2008 in Canandaigua, a gorgeous Finger Lake town similar to Skaneateles. Too bad you can’t make the trip Upstate this week – but I’m sure you will be able to enjoy the Sherwood at some point this summer or fall. Take care, and thanks again.
Customer had sent in a gift certificate for a hotel package... wifey loved it!
Received ring this a.m. Look and fits great.
Outstanding! Thanks a lot :-)
Wow that was the fastest response ever! You rock!
My fiance bought my engagement ring for you guys and i absolutely love
it... i just want to make sure that you will still be carrying the
matching wedding band. My ring's number is #CRS64648. How long will you
typically keep a ring available? I wanted to wait a while until we bought
the actual wedding bands, but if it will be taken out, I want to order
mine before its too late.
Thank you for your time and for your beautiful craftsmanship.
NOT disappointed. Very pleased with your responsiveness, quick arrival of package, and awesome pendants!
Thank you so much for all of your help Charlie.
I really appreciate it very much! I love your products very much!
I would say to plan on our weddings rings in 2008...


Charlie.....received ring and Love It! I am going to recheck my ring size
at local jeweler and then will place my order for both rings and return the
sample. Thanks for you prompt assistance.
Thanks for getting out my order so quickly, despite the credit card delay. The package arrived today. I got the mail before my wife so it is still a surprise for her birthday on Wednesday. The earrings are very nice. You will be getting more orders from me in future.
Hi Charlie-

Just got the chain delivered - and it is awesome! Thank you so much. Robert is going to love this. I may not be able to wait until his birthday to give it to him.

Thanks so much for your help - and for the great service! I'll let you know what he says when I give it to him.


Mr. Bennett,
Thank you so much, it is just as beautiful as the first one. I appreciated the time and service.
Best Regards,
Just wanted to say a quick thank you…I just got the bracelet back from my jeweler after having the link removed and am wearing it already. Love it!
Thank you for all your help. I received the ring on Friday, and it looked great.
Thank you again for all of your help.
And we received it!! The rings have landed. More attractive than the
photo. Only Kaija hasn't seen them. Tomorrow they go to the engravers!
Charlie, many heartfelt thanks for your commitment to getting them here
before Kaija leaves for Maine. Thank you both personally and
When you come to Alaska again please contact us!
Naomi : )
Hi Charlie
just received my order today and am absolutely delighted with it just what I
think my husband has been looking for unfortuneately he has had to go back
to work before his birthday and will not now be back till mid September so
although I now have it in time for his birthday he is not here.
Anyway thank you for all your help in this matter and will certainly
recommend you to any of my friends who are looking to buy.
My Very Best Wishes
Don't know if there's any special significance for
that particular design but I guess you'd probably send
a fair bit of product to Australia. Apparently Sydney
hosts the biggest St Patrick's Day celebrations
outside of Ireland, so there are obviously quite a few
of us here!
Wow! This email was "music to my ears" (as it were). Thanks so much!! Can't wait to see it in person!
Charlie -
I have it. It's gorgeous. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
I suspect we'll be doing business again in about a year ;-)
Thank you so much, it makes such a difference having your perspective. She
is athletic so I'll get the PW02.
Thanks for your customer service...She likes sterling pieces and white gold
as well, so for xmas I see there are lots of choices.
I received my rings, thank you so much. They are very beautiful. Now we are off on our vacation with a lovely surprise planned for our anniversary. Thanks again for all your help.
M. Thomasson

people have often threatened me that they were going to send some to oprah....we did the reception for president bush when he came to orlando a few years back and presented him with a big basket of our cookies and he actually wrote us a letter of thanks and praise....anyway i did receive the pendant this afternoon and it looks great with the chain i bought from you.....thank you very has been a pleasure dealing with day i am going to treat myself to a bracelet...would like soemthing that would goe with my chain....the two toned one....would need something at lease 9 inches...not as skinny as i used to many cookies.....anyway really glad to hear you enjoyed the cookies and thanks again for the great pendant and the great service.....have a great day and remember life is cookies!!!! george
Dear Charlie -
Of course - I couldn't wait until Robert's birthday to give him his chain - it's only 7 weeks early. He loves it - and I must say it is a stunning chain! It's even "mom" approved - his mother noticed it and commented.
I can't thank you enough for your help - and GREAT service. I've got you bookmarked for future presents!!
Thanks again.
Best regards,
My bank called me a few days ago to verify the purchase. I live in a fairly
small community and I am known at the bank so everything should be just
fine. Thank you so much for your diligence in trying to protect your
customers. It's nice to know that there are reputable merchants like you
out there. I look forward to seeing the ring and I know that my daughter is
going to love it.
Just wanted to let you know that we have recieved the ring and it is
gorgeous. We love it. Thank you very much and well done.
Hi Charlie,
Thank you for getting my order out so quickly...I received it is
beautiful and I am sure she is going to love the chain as well.
Thanks for all your help,
Here we are out on the Matanuska River having fun and wearing our new family rings!
Thanks, Charlie!!!!!
Thank you for the clarification..Us novices can easily get confused. It is a
beautiful combination and I can hardly wait to see her smile. Thanks for all
your help.
Hello, Charlie I recieved the item. Thanks for the quick responds I really
appreciate the service. At first I was worried when I did not get tracking
info. since this was the first time dealing with seawear. Again when I buy
jewelry I will look up seawear and also recomend to others THANKS Bill
free email accounts often delete/filter tracking emails from USPS, FedEx and UPS cb
Hey Charlie!
Received the ring while we were still in Florida....its a perfect fit!
looks totally awesome! i wasnt expecting it to be so nice!
thanks for everything
Hi, Charlie. Just wanted to say we love the rings. They are very, very nice and fit very well. Thanks so very much for everything!!
Jill : )
Hi Charlie - I do appreciate the extra communication about the fine details of you jewelry. In no way am I mad. I tried to explain the two pieces that I ordered. Buying online can be tricky...I realize you understand that we each order you get. So, thank you again.
Charlie, you rock!
The bracelet is awesome and so is the clasp. It's always a pleasure doing business with you!
I'll keep browsing the site.
Thanks Charlie! Perhaps she will think my husband wrote it out. I appreciate all your help and patience. Great customer service!
Thanks Charlie. Appreciate your attention to the details!
Thank you
we have received the cufflinks. My husband really liked them.
Hi Charlie.
I just received the Celtic cross from FedEx. I understand that problems arise in the course of business, especially it seems with the internet. It is, however, how these problems are handled that make the difference. Your prompt and personal attention is what will not only make me a repeat customer, but will cause me to tell others of your business as well.
Thank you.
Hi Charlie,
Got the ring yesterday, would of had it the very next day but nobody was home to sign for it. MAN! It's beautiful!!! We both love it! Thanks for everything and we'll be in touch soon about those white gold claddaghs. Take care.
Best regards,
Steve & Asta
Hey Charlie,
I got your email and wanted to thank you. I know you are a busy guy and it sounds like you really put in the time to make sure that my ring got fixed. It makes me feel even better about buying my ring from your company. Thanks for all your effort. I can't wait to get it back, but I am wearing a "back-up" at the moment so I don't feel quite as "naked" as I would have. I can't imagine what I did to ding it up, but I wear it all the time... plenty is possible. In fact, sending it to you is the first real time I have had it off my finger since Kelly put it on. Just give me a shout when you send it back or if you need anything else from my side of things. Thanks again. You guys are the best!
Just wanted to let you know that the ring was delivered today. I have to say that it's a beautiful ring. I'm very happy with it.
Hi Charlie,
Thank you so very much! Actually, she caught me
checking my emails the other day so she now knows it's
on its way and she knows what it is. She can't wait, I
can't wait - thank you!
Charlie, just thought I would let you know that the crab pin arrived on time and was a big hit. Thanks for the extra effort.
Frank Lxxxx
Ashland OR
Thank you Charlie,
I gave her the Turtle tonight and we got a couple of tears...we, being you and I ... Thanks for all your help..maybe a Trinity Knot ring with emeralds and diamonds for Xmas...anything I need to do to assure proper sizing for that specific ring ?
Charlie.....the rings arrived yesterday, and we are just thrilled with
them!! Both fit very nicely and look great!
Thanks for your good service. Any suggestions in keeping them looking so
Hope your business goes well....we will tell all our sailing friends about
Thank you very much for your kind words. I am nearing the end of my
deployment. The time frame of 3 - 4 weeks will work for me. Sooner, of
course is always better. It will be getting really close to my rotation of
our country.
Take Care,
Thanks again for your quick response. We're having an engagement party September 15th and I wanted to have my engagement ring for that. There will be some out of town guests who won't be able to make the wedding which is in October. Also, I need to allow time to have the stone set. I'm hoping that won't take too long since I'm having it done locally. I don't expect my last minute shopping to become your emergency; it's just that it took me forever to find the exact ring that I wanted. The rings I selected can't be found in any jewelry store in this city. I should have known better than to take so long, I'm not a first time bride; I'm a widow who thought all this sort of thing was behind me twenty years ago.
Thank you so much for your help!
Hi Charlie,
I just received my order from Fedex. Once again, two absolutely
beautiful pieces! Great quality, great service!
Always a pleasure,
Hi, Charlie,
The bank manager thought your card was funny and the rings were great!!
She was pleased it worked so well. : )
It is a Scandinavian tradition to wear your wedding band on the right.
Those pagans are a very superstitious lot and the left hand was
considered to be on the "dark side of the force" so to speak. We just
decided to put family rings on the right except for Kaija who found it
more comfortable on the left. She's off to Maine and I hope she has a
wicked good year! : )
Hope you do, too.
I received the earrings, My wife thought they were perfect. Thank you for
the fast shipping. THey arrived just in time for her Birthday.
Thanks again,
My rings came just 3 days after the order and they are stunning! Thank you so much.
Kind Regards, Donna

Hello there again Charlie....... its a great world we live in!! By return I thought you might enjoy these pix. We have just returned from a trip to the South Island, N.Z. It was simply fantastic !!!
We'll to try and work something out through your Website.
So thanks again for the very prompt reply.
Cheers ...... John Bailie.... in Oz.
We end up making friends with some customers. This was a couple from Australia that have a B&B. When I told them Leslie and I had eloped to New Zealand to get married, the went there and took pictures to send back! cb

Dear Charlie:
I just got it. It is beatiful- thanks again. If you ever get down this way, let me know, I will show you around. Thansk again.
Got it -- perfect!!! Thanks so much - and sorry for the fraud nonsense -- it's sad that so many parties have to go through the hassle -- credit card companies, merchants, and customers. I guess it's just the era. Anyway, on to the California Sierras and the "blind date" -- Thanks again -- Don
Wow! I bet it was great rubbing elbows with the racers. I actually chartered a 42' Grand Banks this year to go see the Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix Races... We were so close! It was great! That was also a present to my man and so is this boat (for his birthday) I'm getting from you... I hope it looks as good as it does in the picture. Sorry I didn't get your message until now. I check this e-mail address from Atlanta ~ only once or twice a day. I'll be in Sarasota all next week so I hope I'll get it then so I can get some stones put in...
Thanks for being so accessible and prompt!
thank you for your prompt response
i look forward to giving the item i purchased to my husband as a birthday gift.
Charlie --

I will be going back to graduate school in Washington tomorrow (!). The best to mail them is to:
Thanks for the inquiry and letting me know my money got there. All the updates are great. Have a good day!
sometimes we get cash and a note without warning that someone would like to order cb
I am soooooo sorry for not giving you enough proper information about my order. It was actually delivered across the street and ended up in my mailbox sometime this evening. At least my neighbor was nice and honest. Being an avid online shopper, I had forgotten that my husband had ordered it for me as a gift. I wish there was something I could do to make up for your lost time in searching for my cross, but for now hopefully you will accept my apology, along with a very large THANK YOU. The cross is beautiful. You have an excellent website with excellent products and excellent customer service. I am extremely happy with cross.

Nancy and Eddie
tracing that delivery was embarassing for someone! cb
Can I order two more?
That is fantastic Charlie. Just let me know how to pay you when you have them lined up. I truly appreciate how fanatical you are about your customer service. Have a beautiful day.
I just thoguht I'd let you know that the little sea turtle jewelry arrived a few days ago, having been forwarded from cave creek AZ. I love it and much appreciate your taking care of my order. I know this is your business but think your help was above and beyond what one is used to expecting in terms of service. Well done...I will be going diving for three weeks this fall and again in the spring. I know my necklace will get admiring compliments. I will make sure your address is close at hand so I can pass it on along with my recommendations.
Okay, you sold me. I'll take the knot and this new ALT60 x 18" you
Thank you for such great service, Denyse
Got the piece it is great, I am very happy now I am going to look at your chains for me.
Thanks just as you described,
Hey Charlie, you got yourself a brand new and extremely satisfied customer. I got my order today and WOW, was I impressed with the quality and details. Took only 4 days to get here to Hawaii where there's lots of sea jewelry but nothing compared to your website. I found you just by looking for dolphin pendants.
I sat stunned at the enormous variety you carry in different categories. Not even here in Hawaii have I seen the beauties you have, it was so hard to choose and buy only one piece. I also needed to tell you that I give you AAA for giving out such details about the jewelry especially gram weights which are very important to me and accurate dimensions and the pictures are awesome, website is easy to navigate, I'm in love and will be coming back for more. I can go on and on. Your turtle pendant assortment is just the best I've seen, those are extremely expensive here in Hawaii, as we call them, "honu" but here you pay tons for the tiny ones, you have them in lots of sizes. That'll be my next purchase.
I just needed to tell you how happy and pleased I am and how wonderful I think the site is. Bravo to people like you who detail the information and different angles on lots of pieces. I have my piece on right now, love it big time! Thank you for the opportunity to buy amazing sea jewelry at great prices. By the way, I'm deaf so I appreciated big time that I didn't need to sign for it cuz I can't hear the doorbell so you may want to note that for future purchases, no signature. Have a great day, ALOHA to you.
Hi Charlie,
We received the charm...WOW! It is amazing! The picture does it no justice at all.. Jay is very pleased with it.. doesnt even care that it is not white gold...
Thanks for all your help,
Hi Charlie,
The Lobstah claw is awesome!
You really hit a home run out of Fenway Park with this one.
I love it, and thank you for the discount!
Have a great day!
Dear Charlie,
I'm just writing to you today to confirm that I received the Irish Love Knots engagement ring. Thank you sooo much for everything you've done for me. I will definitly do business with your company again in the future. The ring is perfect and my fiancee will love it (she even picked it out). Thanks again for for all your help!

Dear Charles,
The claddagh pendant I ordered is beautiful, can't wait to wear it tomorrow! The packaging was excellent-thank you for a wonderful piece of jewelry. I will recommend your website to all of my Irish friends! Will be back later to pick up some more celtic items!
Hey Charlie,
I got it today and you're right! It's nicer than the picture. I like it, I
like it a lot!!! I just hope he's going to love it! One of the reasons I
like this piece in particular is because it's so unusual and I think he's
going love it for the same reason!
One more question... I plan on having a small emerald (green for the right
side of the boat, of course!) where the arch meets the boat and in front of
it, several small diamonds on the side windshield... Do you think that'll
work... I mean because it's not all that thick? I do have a good local
jeweler... What do you think?
You're an Angel.............Bless you!
Thank you so much for sending my package today, can't wait to get it. I was just online doing some research on pineapple pendants. There's a company here called Maxx Dixxx and they had a tiny one for 185.00 and then a large one for 330.00 but they don't state what "large" is, no dimensions, no gram weights yet they state it's "lightweight". I assume that's hollow. They have an extensive collection yet nothing like the one I ordered from you. Their prices are very high yet what bothers me is no information about the items. How are we supposed to know what we're paying for? That's why I loved your website and your pictures are so great but too many sites decide to not include dmensions let alone gram weights.
I didn't mention to you before that I'm also handicapp, lots of brain surgery, very invasive, 6 of them. I'm a brain tumor patient, still have lots of them, too many to remove them all so I live with it the best I can. I only drive locally in the base here where we are stationed so websites like yours are a blessing. That's how I lost my hearing, brain surgery takes so much away from one but I'm a fighter, refuse to give up, I was diagnosed at 19, I'm 42 now and like the energizer bunny, ha, ha. I love pendants, that's my weakness and appreciate what you offer and no driving around Hawaii to get them or bothering my husband, he's military here and just wanted to say hello on a friday and how happy your website has made me. I will flaunt my pineapple when I get it and people will want to know where I got it, I'm sure. Take care Charlie.
Hi Charlie,
thanks a bunch for the update mate, yes the bank transfer is very quick and thanks for remembering about the 'Mark Down', you certainly can't fault your excellent service!
Kind regards Jeff
Just got the rings today... they are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much.
Thank you so much. My son is getting engaged in May 2008 and we have been looking at your website and when he is ready we will contact you.
Thank you for taking care of the charges. I'll
definately make sure he wears it all the time. Have a
great day.
I wanted to let you know that the order arrived and I cannot express how pleased I am with the ring!! To whomever crafted it, splendid, splendid, splendid job!!!
we always let the elves know when something is extra good and give them sugar cubes cb
Charlie, its good to see that 'good old fashion service' is still alive and kicking mate, If you have a feedback section on your website I will be sure to give you a good report.
Great Idea about emailing the correct weight/ goods description for my insurance purposes, that will save me having to pay for a valuation.
Kind regards
Charlie: Thank you so much for your response and for shipping our order so quickly! I received the package on Friday. It is really beautiful and my boss and everyone were very pleased. We had the farewell party yesterday and the recipient was overjoyed with her pendant. She and her husband are going to live in their sail boat for 2 years. Since they cannot carry too much on the boat, we wanted to give her something special, but not too big. This was the perfect present! Thank you again!
Hi Charlie, Gave my wife the shell ear rings, chain and pendant. She LOVED them. If you ever get the matching bracelet, Please let me know. I know you said it was discontinued, but if by chance!!
Thanks Phil
Hi Charlie,
Got the ring …………. Looks better than even the photos ! I am impressed …
You are a god! I was so worried about this!! I've got my order form. Just tell me what I need to do! Wedding is on the 14th...
Thank you!!!!
You did good! I got it today!!! Thank you! My daughter is going to LOVE IT!!!
We got the ring!! It's the more beautiful than we expected! Colin won't take it off.. and the wedding isn't until Sunday!
Thanks so much. My big Irish husband will be thrilled!! I will let you know when I receive it.
The earrings were great. Many thanks!
Thank you. We will shop again as your merchandise is exquisite, but will only use our mailing & shipping address as the same destination.
Hi Charlie, I just wanted to let you know that we received the rings and they are beautiful. If you're ever in Nantucket look us up, Tim's business is Lewis Marine Repair. Have a great winter, Gillian
they sent me fudge!!! mmmm.... :-) cb
Hey Charlie - I really appreciate the customer service - it is a pleasant surprise - am sure he will love it -
Received the ring. Thank you, it is beautiful. Nice job!
Hi Charlie,
thought I'd let you know that I have received the other chain today (many thanks).
I was also impressed with the presentation box (or rather my mrs was), the other half has claimed it already to keep some of Her bits and pieces (I never take my chain off so I've no need!).
Many thanks once again for you wonderful service.
Kind regards
Thanks Charlie,
It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.
Your site is now in my ‘Favorites.’
Hello Charlie, received the ring this afternoon, it fits and looks great! Thank you ever so much for getting it here in good time.
I will recommend you to any that ask about this ring as well as any of our jewelry needs.
Best regards
Thanks Charlie .Yesterday I finally figured it out for myself.You are very kind.
THANK YOU THANK YOU! It looks beautiful and I can't wait for him to see it!
God Bless,
Hi Charlie,
The rings have arrived safely. I am so very appreciative of the care that you take with communications around delivery. Obviously, you all take great pride in your art - I have waited to open the box until my wife returns home this eve so that we can view them for the first time togehter. Thanks again for your careful treatment and professional dealing. As an aside, if you are ever planning a trip to Williamsburg/James Town or VA Beach, just write and I would be glad to give info on same.
Hi Charlie, sorry for any inconvenience with my returns. I'm here to bother one last time, pinky promise. Friday was my anniversary and we went to spend the day and night at Turtle Bay, it's amazing if you ever come by, need to go there. There was a jewelry store in the lobby, had a big, heavy, very nice turtle pendant. We asked, it was 570.00 with the discount and my husband told me to charge it but he thought it was expensive. He then said, " I'm sure you can find something lower online". This was the very first item I wanted to order from you but was pricy at the time so I went in tonight and got it with his blessing and got the fedex shipping cuz I want it this week. It'll be like a reminder on my stay at Turtle Bay, hope we are still buddies. I looked at tons of sites online from here in Hawaii, the prices are scary and not the beauties you have so I came back. People here love my dolphin pendant from your site and I tell them you
have the best dolphin collection. I hope to get the turtle by friday. Hope all is well with you, lots of aloha and sunshine from Hawaii.
Thank you very much for your expedient reply, that is why I will continue to
utilize you as a seller of fine jewelry. Have a great day.
Just wanted to say thanks. Got the piece and I really like it!
Hi Charlie,
We received the rings and love them!
Thanks , Todd
Yes the first piece was astoundingly exceptional most thought that it was
fake or plated because of the size of the links. I work on the Naval ships
in this area and across the world and always wanted something that
correlates. I am not much into jewelry as some of my friends, the huge
diamond rings and such, seems kind of gaudy. My only claim to fame is my
Omega divers watch, I love tattoos and Harleys, but the marine link is good
enough for me to have as a necklace. Thanks for the refund on delivery, I
am assuming that the weather is still going to be a factor, but not a big
deal this time. Have a great day. Oh, I do know that the prices you offer
are well below what I would pay elsewhere.
They surprised me, I know they were late from Memphis. I live very close to
Norfolk International Airport, so this morning unexpectedly I had a knock at
the door. It was a FedEx delivery person in her privately owned vehicle she
drove from the airport (instead of the delivery truck from Va. Beach), man,
how do ya like that that for "The World On Time"!! Anyway, the necklace is
great very heavy and looks amazing, I am 6'2" and ex-lifter, so this is
definitely a manly looking piece. I will in the future buy from ya, but
after spending nearly $10,000.00 in one week, I think I'll wait a little
while, lol. Ya'll have a great rest of the year and of course enjoy the
holidays, and I hope you have many more profitable weeks as this one.
Thanks much Charlie,
no, thank YOU! cb
thanks!!! i got my tribal fish hook. and i like it very much. i am always a little nervous buying gold on line. but i am 100 percent satistfied with the quality of your product and service. and will be telling a whole bunch of folks here in san francisco about your site. i am an artist and know a lot of folks who like unique items. peace and thanks again. i will cherish my fish hook. brian
Hi Charles
Got the anchor and gecko today, exellent pieces of gold !
Take care.
Hi Charlie
I received my beautiful pendant yesterday, and I am completely delighted! The cameo itself is so beautifully detailed and the carving is so clear – well, what more can I say. Its lovely and fantastic value too. My parents have taken it from me now, and given me the money for it as they want to buy it for me, for my birthday next month. I am choosy with gifts, so at least this way I know I will be getting a gift I adore! :O)
Thank you so much, I will be touch again, without doubt. I intend looking at your website for a birthday gift for my mother.
Take care, and huge appreciation for yet another beautiful piece of jewelry (I am wearing my Orca and calf gold pendant today!)
Your story made me laugh! The positive point is your wife had a ring she loved and you didn’t get caught out forgetting about your anniversary! Double win!
I had a look at your website earlier, not just the marine life section this time – oh my word, you have some AMAZING stuff! I wish I had ordered a chain from you now too.
Nevermind, Xmas is coming, I may drop some hints at home and wing you another email soon!
Thanks very much for going ahead and shipping the earrings--they're a birthday gift so it will be great to have them on time. Thanks also for taking the time to explain the problems with credit cards and shipping. I appreciate the info.
Hi Charlie
Just a quick note to say I got the hook OK and am very pleased with it.I'm sure we will be doing business again.I have enjoyed our correspondence as well.
Best regards
The ring is finished and looks great! I've been out of town a lot lately but will get you a picture when I can. Thanks again for all of your help and a great ring.
Dr. Jason xxxxx
I just got it in the mail. It is absolutly beautiful!
Thank you so much!
Regina and Troy
Hi Charlie:
The pendant is arrived. It's just as expected.
Best regards,
Thanks, I'm glad I found you guys, I had to order my husbands wedding ring from Ireland last year!
Oh my precious Lord Charlie, you have no idea how happy I am! Just got the fedex and this is the most amazing, beautiful pendant ever. Thank you tons from the bottom of my heart for the best service in the world and bearing with me till I found exactly what I wanted. The flaw on the site worked to my advantage cuz I think the finished one looks so upscale and fancy, never seen one before. By the way, you did fix the choice box, it now comes as 275 like it should. I can't wait till my husband gets home to show him. The one we saw at the shop was not this one, it was bigger and open and more like the turtles we see in all the stores, not unique like this one. In fact, I searched online to see pricing and styles, saw tons and tons but nothing like these, where are these from? I wish I could give you a hug for making me so happy, God bless you and your business always. Thank you also for the beautiful box and the cloth too. This is my best
purchase ever. The size is perfect, not too tiny, not too big and very hefty like I love my pendants. I can go on and on. You have no ide
a, I'm thrilled to the bone. I have it on right now. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
I received the charm yesterday in the mail & love it. Thank you.!! Debi
That's cool. I'll have to tell my lady about that AFTER I propose to her.
:) She LOVES to go antiquing, how ironic. That'll be a cool story to go
with her ring.
I've been out your way also to referee some PIAA High School football games.
Nice area.
BTW, just to let you know, looked all over for that special Irish engagement
ring. Everything has Claddagh on it, but you had one with an eternity knot,
just what we wanted.
Charles - the item I ordered has been received, and it looks great.
Thanks for your prompt service.
Thanks so much! I am going over to my browser to order now. I will use my home address that matches my credit card. Thanks for having an informitive web site! I wonder that woman was ordering the rings in the first place? My fiance gave me style ideas and let me do the rest (which your store will play a part). I have the center stone already, so am glad I found these examples!
Hi Charlie, Just a quick note to say thanks for your help in expediting the
delivery of the ring. It is lovely and she was very happy. Thanks again.
Hey Charlie, me again. I just wanted to tell you once again how very satisfied I am with the turtle, I can't seem to stop looking at it. The workmanship is just superb and it's definitely worth every penny it cost. You are so right, one pays more but these are upscale and not like your run of the mill pieces. I especially love the satin on most of it then high polished shell. I have a magnifying piece and check every detail and boy, this is my best purchase ever. Best anniversary gift too, ha, you are so funny telling me about how hard it is to buy us gifts cuz those are my husband's exact words. I tell him to let MY fingers do the walking and this time I did great, thank you tons.
You're probably thinking, "enough with the turtle already, just wear it and leave me alone" but I am extremely happy with it. In 2 years and a half here in Hawaii, I have not seen any even remotely like this, I will treasure it forever. I hope you had a nice Halloween with lots of treats. It was raining here but that didn't stop the kids cuz it was busy, good for them. Just wanted to say hi and send some aloha your way. Is it cold there already? Take care.
Thanks Charlie!
It arrived already. It looks great in real life. Appreciate all your help.
By the way, she likes four prongs in a square look.
Take care,
Hey Charlie...
Just wanted to say THANK YOU! His ring is fabulous! I can't wait for him to get home so I can put it on his finger! Thanks so much for all your help, advice and encouragement! You were truly wonderful to work with!
Got the ring. Very nice. Thank you.
Hi, Charlie!
I just wanted to let you know that the parcel has arrived! And the charm looks absolutely gorgeous!
Though it looks a little bigger than I thought, I hope my girlfriend's gonna like it.
I would like to thank you for your continuous support and patience. I've already recommended Seawear to my friends, since many of them helped me (unfortunately without success) with the search of a seahorse among russian retailers:)
Hope we'll get in touch soon.
Ah shucks. To Russia with love! Bond... James Bond. I mean Charlie!
Hi Charles,
I received the scuba this morning, thanks i am really happy with it. The detail is fab, will highly recommend you on this side of the world and i hope to purchase more from you in the future.
Thanks again
Thank you for your swift reply.I received the pendant yesterday and it is great. Thanks again. Christine
Hello Charles,
We received the beautiful sexton pendant in today's mail. It is a VERY nice piece of customized jewelry and we will definitely order from you again. Also, thank you for the jewelry cloth and the lovely gift box - very special extra touches.
Thank you!
Thank You, Thank You !!!!
I received the pendant today. The office was closed Sat.,when it first came into town, but I was out of town anyway. It is a perfect style for my husband. Thanks for all your help!!
Merry Christmas!!
I received the whale's tail today. It is beautiful. Thank you for the awesome box for it too. My daughter starting crying (it's her gift to her Dad). : ) That's a good thing!
I'm getting on-line right now to see if you have one other thing I need for a present. I hope so. Thank you for your excellent business services!
AWESOME! you know Skaneateles!!.......Dougs is the best!
I just wanted to let you know I received the ring and it is even better than I thought. My fiance will love it when I give it to her for Christmas. Thanks for all your help and have a happy holiday season.

Hi Charlie,
Thank you very much for the earrings they arrived today. It is very much appreciated that you managed to find some white wires. I am sure she will be delighted at Christmas.
Once again many thanks.
Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year
Mr. Bennett,
I just wanted to let you know that my dolphin ring arrived safely today and it is fabulous and fits perfectly. It is more impressive than it was in your photos if that is possible. Thankyou for such a wonderful piece of jewelry and for such prompt and efficient service. I look forward to shopping with you again in the future.
Happy Holidays
Hi Charlie,
I received my order today. It’s fantastic. Thanks heaps.
Hope you have a Merry Christmas and New Year.
It got here early this week. Thanks for the beautiful necklace. Will
I know you're busy but I thought you'd like some customer feedback... most businesses on the internet require the BILLING address and will ship to as third party at a SHIPPING address -- which satisfies the requirement to prevent fraudulent parties giving their own address off a card in a restaurant. Your site only allows a billing address, not both, as you know. To get the gift I wanted I had the recipient pay for it to be shipped to her address and I will pay her back. So much for the nice surprise I had planned. I can't ship to my address because I will be out of town from tomorrow.
I replied:
I understand.
Your feedback should be directed to Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau
of Investigation.
The FBI put all jewelry businesses on directive October 2007 to NOT ship any
jewelry or diamonds to any address other than the billing address. Certain
professionals had had their identities stolen en mass and were being used to
purchase in person and over the phone for delivery to 'their office' address
or 'second home' address. The person calling knew all the details of the
card. Your identity can be purchased in volume for $1.14 each to include
social security numbers, parents maiden name, dates of birth, places of
birth, medial history, medical insurance numbers, birth certificates, real
estate, everything you can imagine that your bank has on file.
Because you are buying precious metal jewelry, the purchase is subject to
the USA Patriot Act and the EU Anti-Terrorist Funding Act. Jewelry
purchased with fraudulent credit cards is the leading source of terrorist
funding. When a fraud charge gets past a merchant, reporting is required to
the USA Treasury Department. Jewelry imported from Ireland for a customer
has the customer's name reported to Ireland Customs and US Customs.
The problem actually lies with the bank that issued your credit card. If
they are not willing to guarantee payment, the credit card company will not
pay the processor, whom will not pay the merchant. The processor will NOT
pay the merchant if they ship to an address they do not have an
authorization for and have 180 days to audit the transaction and remove the
funds from the account without warning. Federal law.
I was forced to remove all these reasons and tips of what to watch out for
as well as the new scam going on this holiday season that the cardholder
will be stuck with the charges 100%. Law enforcement said my warnings were
teaching others new ways to commit credit card fraud.
I am sorry for the inconvenience, but it is your bank that makes the rules.
I just try to get paid for sending out precious metal on the promise that
the card is good and I will be paid in four days.
Received it and I think that coincidentally that the size will be right after all. It’s really even much more beautiful than I expected – I think she’ll think so too. Thanks again.
My Stephen Douglas Claddagh ring arrived today. It is all that was expected & more. Really am pleased, & great that it's here so soon!!
Happy Christmas.
Charlie---You are the MAN!!! Appreciate all the help---I’ll let you know what her reaction is when she gets it!
Electronic Invoice is great
Thanks again---look forward to doing business again with you frequently!
Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Very Respectfully,
Hi, thanks for your quick response, I love your sight, and hopefully you will add the larger size Dolphin earrings so that I can order them. Your service is excellent, and it was unfortunate that the person I was buying the earrings for wanted ones larger than the ones I ordered. I have a pair myself and they wanted one's the size of mine. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future as I was completely satisfied with your site and service that you offer. Have a great Holiday. Saundra
Dear Charlie--
I am agog with admiration! What service!! My son is going to be pleased to his toes--it goes on a chain we gave him when he graduated from high school. My husband has just purchased a Parker ocean-fishing boat (much to my dismay) that he and Dan plan to spend all waking hours on.
Thanks beyond words.
I picked up the package from the PO this a.m. as they tried to deliver when I was at work yesterday. The charm is beautiful. It is a little larger than I thought (which is fine). And the chain is the size I really wanted.
Thank you.
Thanks so much for your promptness and professionalism! I have
returned the ring that you sent to me for evaluation purposes and
unfortunately I have decided to keep looking. It has been a pleasure
doing business with you. I shipped the ring today via express mail
insured to the P. O. Box you specified. I will send you the tracking
number as well as soon as it is generated. Again thank you for
accomodating me and your professional manner! Happy Holidays
Best Regards,

Thank you for everything!!! Have a great holiday.

Hi Charlie, she got it the other day and was delighted with it, please let me know when you have recieved the money, have a great christmas and all the very best for the new year.
Hi Charlie
Good news. The earrings arrived today 24/12 so all is well. They look super. Many thanks
Best regards Ben
He must be a handsome guy...
Many thanks again and merry xmas back at you.
Marc and Ellen
Hi Charlie,
I just wanted to say thank you for sending the Charm, it got here xmas eve and all was Great!
I will be doing business with you and your company again. Have a Happy New Year, and thank you again.
Hi Charlie,
We received the white gold charm today, thanks a bunch, she was thrilled it got here so soon. I mailed the check today too. I guess I should asked you if I should keep the nice seawear cloth you sent with the first shipment, I returned it too, I guess I should have held on to it, but wanted to return all I received, just in case.
Thanks again for making my daughter smile, she loves your jewelry.
Just a note to say I received the pineapple earrings and matching pendant. I will give them to my wife on New Year's Eve which is also our 19th wedding anniversary! How fun. They look great! Thanks, Steve O
Thanks again for the lovely pendant!
Happy New Year!


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