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I got the necklace today. Thank you very much. You have great service :)
Charlie, I appreciate your promptness. I received my wife’s Anchor-cross in about 4 or 5 days. You have a great New Year.
Sincerely, Dick
First time buyer, and I wanted to thank you for the great service. I put a different shipping address in the comments and you guys hooked me up. It’s tough being in the military and away from the family over the holidays. I could almost see the smile on my wife’s face from over here! She loves the turtle earrings…
Thanks again,
John xxxxx
(sir, I can almost see YOUR smile from over here. I salute and thank YOU!)
We recieved our shipment promptly and thank you for the care that you took wrapping it- we will be placing further orders with ou in the future. Happy New Year!
Shannon and Larry xxxx
Hello Charlie.
Yes, I did receive my order and my aunt loved it!
Thank you and have a happy and healthy 2006.
Thomas xxxxx
Just wanted you to know that as a first time buyer of your merchandise, I was extremely pleased with the service I received as well as the item I purchased. The Celtic cross ring is beautiful! I have received so many compliments on it. I also thought it was a good value for the money. I will definitely recommend your website to everyone!
Thanks again.
Judy xxxxx
Atlanta, GA
Got it all! She loves everything - Thank You very much! I will order in the future! Happy New Year!
Thanks Charlie – the jewelry is beautiful and my wife wore them to the New Year’s Eve party. Much appreciated.
Happy New Year!
Chris xxxxx
My order of a 14k crab pendant arrived in a timely manner for Christmas and is just beautiful. I love all of the fine details. This is a wonderful pendant and I am very pleased with it. Are all of these pieces marked 14k? I don't seem to be able to locate a 14k marking. Where should I look for it? Thanks for checking on my order. I am sure I will be ordering from you again in the future.
Happy New Year.
(yes, everything is required by Federal Law to be stamped)
Charlie -
I wasn't sure if Pat sent you an email, so...we received the ring before
Christmas and it's beautiful! It's a little big, but Pat and Sylvia are
going to have it sized down a little. Sorry for the delay in letting you
know we received it. Pat and I were both on vacation and didn't have email
I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! Thanks again for everything you
did to help us out. I'll definitely recommend you to others!
Happy New Year Charlie!
I received the sailors cross, it's beautiful and my daughter's boyfriend really liked it. Thanks for shipping it before the mixup with my debit card was straightened out!
Maureen xxxxx
Thanks for the help with my order. It was perfect and my wife loved the
row boat charm. I'll order from you again when the time comes.
Happy New Year,
Package received.Daughter very pleased. Thanks Charlie xxxxx

Hello Charlie:
The bracelets was received, my wife loved it and thank you.
Would you mind please removing me from any e mail list I might be on .
Thank you again.
Happy New Year!
Peter D.
(no lists, no database, no security risk)
Everything was great here. My purchase made it under the tree for Christmas. Thanks. Hope you were able to enjoy the holiday amidst all the shopping chaos.
Thank YOU, Charlie! The rings are beautiful. Both kids are wearing them continuously.
Sincerely, Paula & Steve xxxxxx
Charlie; The gold starfish arrived on December 21st in time to take it with us to Big Sky (ski area). My wife is thrilled with the pendant. I will probably order more seaware before this year ends.
I received my pendant. It was a Celtic knot with the circle surrounding it -- two tone gold.
It was absolutely beautiful -- extremely good workmanship. So often these days you do not see perfect attention to detail.
I had thought it was somewhat expensive for it's size, but after seeing it, did not regret the choice. I had done some searching, but after I saw that one on your website, I never saw anything else that could compare.
I meant to e-mail and say this earlier -- I am glad to have an e-mail from you to make it easier for me! :)
Joy xxx
Madison, AL
Thanks for "great' quality service! The ring is beautiful and I'm sure we will do business together in the future.
I just wanted to say thank you. I was skeptical when i made my order with you. I wasn't sure what the outcome would be. When my package arrived I had to go to the post office to pick it up. I anxiously opened the p0ackage and was pleasantly surprised. The charms were beautiful.
When I had asked my boyfriend what he wanted for Christmas, he said a special charm.
I searched hi and low until I came across your website. I was so excited with what I saw.
It was hard to make a decision.
We are both very pleased with the purchase.
Thank you so very much,
Carol xxxxx
Hello again........
I looked at my gold crab and I see a tiny marking. It's hard to read..........non the less, it's there.
I am very satisfied, marking or
(previously could not find the 14kt mark, sometimes they are hidden so as not to detract)
My package arrived in time for Christmas and made her day. Thank you and Happy New Year!!!
Hello Charlie,
We just received the exchange cross you sent us and it is absolutely beautiful. My husband was thrilled with it, nice and heavy. Have you received the first one back? Do you want me to send you the difference of $35.95 by mail or how do we do this? Once again thank you for the beautiful cross and my husband and I think you are an extraordinary person.
Thank you,
Pat and Emmett xxxxx
Thats great! I'm so excited that I will have the ring by thursday and that its completly made in Ireland.You've been such a great help to me and I thank you for that. :) I cant wait for it to arrive!
Your friend,
Got my ring! Looks better than the pics. Thanks!
Jack xxxx
Pearce, Arizona
Another couple with good taste in jewelers and jewelry!!
Just received the ring. Karen is extremely pleased and so am I! Thanks so much for everything, I will be sure to keep in touch and spread the word about your products. How was your new years?
Hey charlie,
Igot the ring Tuesday and gave it to her wednesday and she said YES! :)
The only thing is the ring is a bit too small :( do you have a 7.0 or a 7.25?
Other then that the ring is beautiful we both love it. the size problem is my fault. And I need to know how to send it back.
Your Friend,
Dear Charlie,
Great ring. It matches perfectly the Celtic cross which hangs in our sanctuary.
May the Christ who suffered and died there, rising again on the 3rd day, draw you close to Himself this coming year!
I wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase! I was amazed how fast it was shipped and how well packed it was. The quality is amazing and it is so beautiful. I'm very happy I chose Seawear for this ring. I will definitely be shopping here again in the future!
Thanks again!
Very cute goods were arrived this morning.
Thank you!
Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. Your website has great bargains.
I have received by order. The Post Office did not notify me that the order
arrived. Sorry I sounded so harsh, not your fault. Very satisfied with
I received the cufflinks last night, they are great! thank you again! I
can't wait to get the tie bar I'm sure it will also be great !!
Cheers and have a great day!
Hello Charlie,
Thanks for your message. The rings arrived yesterday, and they are
gorgeous. My fiance and I will wear them proudly after we're married.
I appreciate all your help. Thanks very much!
Lisa xxxxx
Just returned home and have the ring - looks excellent - in fact, better
than the original that I lost..
Thanks and best wishes in 2006,
Hi, just wanted you to know that the Tug Boat Charm came and I love it. Thanks again for all your help with the shipping.
I am looking for two new things. Hopefully you can direct me. I am looking for charms for a braclet in yellow gold. I am concerned about the sizing. Can you help me find a dolphin and a flip flop (with diamonds if possible) sized appropriate.
Let me know. Thanks.
M.J. xxxxxx
We received the ring today and it is spectacular and looks incredible on Richard (we may need to get a matching one for me sometime in the near futureJ)
You guys have been great to work with. Thanks again! –Nancy xxxxx
I received my order and I must say it is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and looks great on her hand. She absolutely loves it. She has had two rings in similar design before, she feels a great deal of meaning in the Square-knot. Unfortunately neither one of her previous rings were well crafted. Prone to braking or the size of the ring would enlarge so it would not fit well. I have no fear that this ring will last through what ever could possibly happen.
After her last ring was lost it saddened her. It was one of those rings that a woman wears everyday single day and take off on very rare occasion. She had too look high and low to find her last ring. Really low in fact. She found her last ring in a paraphernalia shop in California, on the bottom most drawer of a dust laden display cabinet.It was a great fortune to come across your site. Your work is amazing and has been drawing a lot of attention from all who have see it. Thank You
Richard xxxxxxx
Semper Fi
Thank you for the considerate words. It means a lot for us to
know what we do makes a difference. I appreciate all the help.
Travis xxxxxx
(Air Force)
Dear Mr. Bennett,
I received my shamrock stud earrings the other day, and I love them! I saw a pair of these earrings when I was a teenager on a trip to Canada, but never found them anywhere since, until I found your website! You would think with such a classic design, they would be easy to find, but they are not. Being part Irish, they will have a special meaning for me this St. Patricks Day! Anyway, it's been many, many years, and I'm so happy to finally find them!
Thanks so much
Sandy xxxxxxx
Hey there;
I just wanted to touch base with you, to let you know that the ring arrived. It looks wonderful!
Thanks for everything;
Hi received order this morning, very pleased with the jewellery THANK YOU so much, very well packed too.........and thank you for the cleaning cloth it will come in very handy. It is really nice to deal with such a professional company (something that seems to be slipping away from us in the uk) and may I congratulate you on an excellent site....good luck for the future kind regard Philip xxxxx
Thank you, we received the rings today, they are great J
Thank you very much for all the care you gave to this shipment,
Kind regards
Géraldine de xxxx
Dear Charlie,
The Mermaid pieces arrived today, and they are sensational. I cannot tell you how please and happy I am with the order. The chain matches the mermaid in color exactly. I see that the pearl mermaid is the exact same model as the diamond holding model....she is just slanted differently in the picture. I am very happy with my choice. The pearl piece is very artistic and is a very nice weight, not flimsy at all. The pearl is lovely and it works so well with the whole design. The earrings are also a good weight and so attractive. I put them on and felt like a princess.
Please feel free to use me as a reference for anyone who has doubts about internet sales with you. I hope we can stay in touch and do business in the future.
Thanks again. Best Regards, Jeannette
I’m sorry that I missed your response – I’m very glad that they took care of it! I left the office quickly Wednesday afternoon & just got back this morning.
My boss was thrilled with her jewelry pieces – thank you for your help.

got the fedex notification. Thanks for the heads up! It'll make valentines day even more special.
Hi Charlie, The Marlin arrived today and it is beautiful. Thanks! Linda
Brilliant! I can't wait to see it in the flesh.
Thanks for all your help Charlie =)
Hey there Charlie,
The rings are absolutely fabulous! They fit great, they look great.
Heck, even the ring boxes are very classy. We really like the
symbolism of they two parts coming together as one. Our both being
Pisces, and loving water the way we do, these are the perfect
expression of the love that we have for one another.
Thank you so much!
Good thoughts, good words, good deeds,
Dan xxx
Peoria, AZ
Thank you for my fiance's turk's head wedding ring. It is even more beautiful than the pictures. He was thrilled!
Joy xxxxx
The ring arrived a few days ago and I just wanted to let you know that it came out beautifully. My fiancee loves it. She told me I have to hide until the wedding, otherwise she'll keep trying it on. Thank you again very much. We are very impressed and would definately reccommend you to our friends.
Chris xxxxxx
Thank you for everything they came the other day and they are beuatiful.
Thank you so much
Monica and Nick

the ring is beautiful my husband loves it thanks
Got it Charlie,
Thanks for the speedy delivery. It looks great, I'm sure she will love it. Thanks again for all your help - I will pass out your name, I know how that works!!!
Cheers, Paul.
(Scottish actually - Born in Dundee, but five generations back the family was originally from Cork/Donegal (O'Connell) area)
Hello Charlie,
I received the necklace today, I am pleased, as usual, and thank you once again. Janet
Just a note to let you know I received the whale tail and it is beautiful. Very nice products, you have a new customer and advertiser.
Can you advise what is the max dia. size chain I should buy to fit though the hole in the end. Should have thought of this at the beginning
Thanks again
Michael xxxxx
Corporate Account Executive
Hello once again Charlie,
I got the ring yesterday,and its beautiful I love the new box it is in.I just want to thank you for all the time and consideration you have given me,you always answered all my questions and where very helpful so on behalf of me and my fiancé I thank you and everyone at SeaWear.
thank you so much for getting this order to me before the 8th!!!!! It is absolutely fantastic! It is a very heavy piece and actually is so much nicer than I thought it would be. I will let everyone I know about this terrific place! Being in Florida we run acroos alot of people who would like to have a ring like this. Hopefully I can send some orders your way. thanks again. Carol xxxxxxx
I got your ring this morning. My wife absolutely loves it! She's been wanting a better wedding band forever and this does it. Thanks a bunch.
Thanks, Charlie.
Happy Valentine's Day!
I received it today. They’re beautiful ~just like the matching Triquetra Knot rings I bought from you a few years ago. It was a pleasure doing business with you again!!
Thank you again for the follow up. I actually received the package on the day that I sent you the e-mail on the status of my order. You have excellent service, I would definitely buy from you again and will make sure I let my friends and family know about the quality of your service and products!
Best Regards,
Marisol De la xxx
Hi Charlie,
Sorry I'm late in letting you know how much I liked my seahorse earrings and bracelet. I wear them all the time along with my beautiful mermaid! Thanks again!
Jill xxxxxx
I just want to say how nice the bracelet came out. I'll spread your name around and will do business with you in the future.
Thanks again,
Charlie Hi
I can't wait to get the pendant you sent me.
I want to thank you for letting me know that you got the money and that
you have sent it by shipping.
I will be in touch with you when I'll get it.
Thanks again
Yakov (Jerusalem)
Your AWESOME! The turtle got to Texas on Saturday, and my girlfriend loved it! Thanks for your speedy shipping and help.
Scott C. xxx
Designer xxxxx
Thanks, Charlie! I received my order last night, and once again, they
are beautiful. Thanks again.
Received both shark pendants today-they look great! Thank you-Crista xxx
Thanks so much for all your excellent service. I will tell others about your web site.
There aren't enough words to thank you. I got it today and I am still
very excited. Thank you very much this is the pendant I always wanted.
I will recomend Seawear to everyone here in Israel.
And I will be in touch with you for more items.
Thanks again
You are a man of golden words.
(sending cash to America is a leap of faith :-) )
Dear Seawear,
I was thrilled with the product and quality. He loved the anchor pendant.
Thank you for the great service.
I received my whale tail charm on Wednesday. I just want to personally thank you, the charm is absolutely beautiful, and crafted with as much beauty. I am wearing it with pride.
My earrings arrived today. They are perfect. Just what I wanted.
Perfect, yes its good size for sure. Thank you. Good thing you talked me out of the next bigger size, I would not be able to lift my arm. LOL. Steve
Hi Charlie!
The "little peanut" arrived last week....absolutely perfect! Just love it!
The ring did arrive at my work last Tuesday. The wedding was on Saturday at Lake Tahoe, and everything went great!
Hi Charlie,
The ring actually came in on Friday. I was able to surprise my boyfriend with it. We both love it. He says this ring is actually more comfortable than the one he lost.
Thank you so much!
I just wanted to quickly drop a note of thanks. I got home last friday
evening to find a fed-ex package wedged in my door. The person's birthday
was the next day...saturday. Please know you helped make someone's birthday
better than planned....she loved it. Thanks for all your help in ordering
and getting it shipped properly.
Kind Regards,
Dana xxxxxxxx
I just wanted to thank you guys sooooooo very much. The rings were amazing.
We are both so attached to them. You really made our day much more
magical. They were a supprise for the groom, and it gave me the chance to
sweep him off his feet.
You guys have the BEST customer service. Is there any place that I can
enter positive feedback about your company?
Thank you so much,
Michele L. xxxxxxx
Thank you for the fine ring. My girlfriend loves it. And thank you for the excellent service
The ring arrived and it's beautiful. I'm saving it as a surprise for the cruise.
Thank you for your excellent service I received my book today, that was super fast!
I really enjoyed your web site also, I was shopping for my birthday present and couldn't make up my mind there were so many interesting things.
Patricia xxxxxxx
I received my ring on Feb.28 I love it.
Thank You
Thanks, I got the ring Friday. It is much prettier than I thought it would be. Everyone that we have shown it
to has really liked it .
Hey Charlie!
(so yer the guy I named my son after, huh?)
all selections are correct...
I love the shackle earrings I
got from you, & get many
compliments... as I am sure
that I will with the ring! I am
eagerly anticipating it's arrival!
Looking Forward to doing future
business withyou;
Thanks so much for your speedy service. You will have a great recommendation from me!
Charlie, I received my order yesterday. Thank you so much for the great
service! The charm is very beautifuI, nicely detailed, and of excellent
Thanks, Doreen
Just letting you know that I have recieved the rings. They look real
great, just what I was looking for in a unique set of rings. You help has
very much appreicated through this all.
Thank You.
Cole D. xxxx
I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for the quick response I thought maybe I would end up waiting a while but luckily you had the item in stock. Fantastic whats a little ironic is that I designed a tatoo of the same theme that I sport on my arm. Thanks for having the unique item I was looking for.---------------B. xxxxxx
You have no idea how happy this makes me. I am traveling abroad alone for a
week at the end of this month and I was so hoping that the rings would
arrive before my love and I were separated.
Mr. Charlie,
I received my pendant in great time and I love it. Thanks again for the help.

Thanks Charlie it arrived the day before the wifes birthday! Next time I’ll have to try to plan ahead!
Thank you.
they are just what I wanted. thank you for your prompt service.
L xxxxx
The four-leaf clover pendant is more beautiful than I had imagined! Thank you so much for the prompt service. I'll definately be ordering from you guys again!!!!
-Lorraine xxxxx
Dear Charlie,
We just wanted you to know that we are extremely pleased with our wedding
rings and indescribably happy. Our wedding ceremony took place had bee
planned on 21 Dec.
Many thanks,
Bill & Dolores
I just wanted to let you know that the ring arrived yesterday. My husband
was thrilled with it. He was very upset that he had lost his ring in his
business travels. When I gave him the ring yesterday he was thrilled (and
speechless). Thanks for making our day! It is a beautiful ring and he likes
it better than his previous one. I will be back for more purchases. Your
help and service was tremendous.
Many thanks,
Hello - Thank you! I received my package yesterday (talk about fast service--I just ordered it on Tuesday). I love the flip-flop pendant. It is exactly what I was looking for. I'd seen a couple other versions, but they were neither realistic looking, nor made very well. This one is very pretty and looks just like a real flip-flop! I'm very happy I found it on your Web site.
Thanks again,
-- Elizabeth
Got the ring today. It was beautiful and I appreciate your prompt attention and outstanding craftmanship. Thanks again.
Very satisfied customer
Kevin. N
Thanks and it looks beautiful, just right for a bridesmaid gift!
The turks head ring I ordered arrived today. It is very nice and fits him
just right . Thank you for all your help in answering my questions regarding
the ring.
Thank You very much
Hello Charlie how are you today? just wanted you to know i got my ring in and its beautiful, Thankyou very very much. I will keep you keep you
in mind for the future, love you products and plan on purchasing other items, Thanks again

Wes xxxxxx
Hi Charlie,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the Gecko today and it is fantastic. It is just as it is displayed on your web page. I was impresed, it only took a few days to get here overseas and I also thank you for your patience at the start of our transaction, getting that credit card buisness sorted out.
Thanks again
Just wanted to say THANKYOU
I love my ring and my pendant
Thank you again for all you did to make sure everything was perfect
Attorney Jill xxxxx
xxxx & xxxx
Brickell Avenue
Miami, Florida
Hi Charlie,
I don't think there are appropriate words to tell you just how much Jason
and I *love* the ring we received today!!! Not only did it arrive much
faster than we thought it is absolutely, incredibly GORGEOUS. It
fits perfectly, too. And even the presentation is beautiful - what a lovely
box, and we really appreciate the cleaning cloths.
Both the ring and your level of customer service are beyond our highest
expectations...we will definitely be ordering from you again in the future,
AND we will be passing along your information to everyone we know.
The ring is an absolutely perfect, amazing symbol of our love for each
other...Jason can't wait to wear it every day (only 1 month and 1 day left
until the wedding). And truly great customer service is a rare commodity.
Again, thank you - we are thrilled in every way.
Angie & Jason
Dear Charlie,
Thank you for running my order through so smoothly and timely. It arrived last Friday as scheduled. The jewelry is great. I am very happy with the purchase.
Best regards,
I recently received your Lighthouse Keepers ring for my 50th birthday. It was given to me from my partner, my family and my closest friends and I wanted to thank you for such a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is a wonderful keepsake to cherish forever.
The detail is exceptional and it is more beautiful than I could have expected.
I would like to thank you too for the help and assistance you gave to my partner. It is rare these days to find reliable and dependable people, especially on the Internet, and for this I also say thanks!
I will wear the ring proudly!!!
Dale xxx
Hi Charlie - I received the dolphin ring the other day. It was such a nice surprise to have it arrive in the cute little box and with the cleaning cloth. It is just beautiful. I'll definitely order from you again.
I ordered this ring from your company and have received it, you are right it is awesome! I was just wondering though, the multi-colored diamonds, are they natural or radiated? I want to insure the ring and as you know this makes a difference in value! Also is there a particular cleaner you would recommend for the stones and ring?
Thank you,
THe ring showed up yesterday, and it looks fantastic!
I just wanted to let you know that we got the rings and they are beautiful!
We both tried them on and they are a good fit. (It's actually pretty
difficult for me to get a good fit on my ring finger with any ring, since if
it fits the bottom part of my finger it won't fit over the knuckle, but this
is as close as I can get - hopefully I won't be taking it off much!) The
spirals are incredibly detailed and the workmanship is beautiful - we are
pleased to have such unique and lovely rings.
Thanks for everything! I will definitely recommend you.
Hi Charlie,
My husband and I just returned from our honeymoon last night and I wanted to drop you an email to let you know how happy we are with the rings we purchased from you. They are beautiful.
Laura xxxxxxx
It has already arrived, safe and sound.
This guy is a really nice one. I like how he can hang different ways from the chain.
We swam with the dolphins in Holguin, Cuba in March.
The aquarium was beautiful - it was simply a huge fenced in part of the ocean.
The traineras said they could leap the fences easily if they wished, but none
ever had. Two dolphins were also on "maternity leave", one having a three month old calf,
and the other a five month old.
We swam in groups of six. Our dolphin kept gravitating to me - either she had really good taste,
or they truly can sense when people have a true love for them.
Hope all is well - I have a really excellent student teacher, so I have lots of free time
right now!
(multi multi repeat customer from Canada!)
I got it yesterday afternoon and it is just lovely. I am wearing it today and have already had many compliments on how beautiful and unique a piece it is.
Thank you so much for everything!
YAHOO----this ring is perfect. Thank you so much for all your efforts in helping make this a bit more perfect. We will certainly keep you in mind for further purchases and recommendations to our friends.
Thanks again,
Valerie & Russ
I couldn't even begin to appreciate "Your Greatness" for rushing this order...You rock!!!
We anxiously await our new rings.
Charlie -- the cross was beautiful, it arrived Monday morning -- thank you so very much for getting it out.
Big thank you for providing that unsealed transit envelope. I was busy looking around the house for something I could safely use, so you saved the day again.
I was able to use the postal service on line for priority mail label, postage and pickup so I was able to send it out the next day.
Once again, thank you so much for going the extra mile.
Esther H
Got home safely from Mexico, it was beautiful and much needed for just the two of us. We swam with the dolphins, went snorkeling, and scuba diving and never knew what time it was, just enjoyed every moment together. Thanks so much for all your help and getting things to us in time for our arrival on Sunday. My son told me when we first got home, "the rings came"!. I wasn't expecting them and it worked out because we had Easter dinner and then I gave it to him with a personal card,and it all worked out. They fit perfect and look great. It really meant alot to me for all your help. Richard's birthday is tomorrow, and our 17th anniversary is June 10th. Hope you had a wonderful Easter, and I will be headed back to PA in August to visit my parents in Wellsboro. Take care and maybe we'll cross path's again.
The rings just arrived via Fedex. They are beautiful and fit perfectly. Just in time for tomorrow's wedding ceremony. You didn't have to fear hearing from the mother of the bride as both of us are over 60.
Thanks again for pushing to get the rings here on time. Ken and Elaine
The lovely little diver has arrived and been wrapped and mailed to my niece who is graduating as an underwater archeologist. Just in case someone else happened to find and give to her an identical charm I did include the order information (without the price) in the hopes that she could exchange it for one of your other charms. Although I don't expect that to happen.
I've bookmarked your site and plan to visit often!
Good luck and thank you for you wonderful service and courtesy!
Best wishes,
Thank you very much!!!!!!! I did recieve my ring and it is perfect. There will be many more orders from myself and my wife if the near future.
Thank you,
I got it, worth every penny and then some, thanks very
First off I want to thank you for your patience in this matter. I am glad that you are the type of business owner that would take the time to wait things out and do the right thing! It could have been my card that was stolen so I appreciate everything you did. Again Hope all is well, and I will probably be talking to you soon. Thanks.
Customer for Life,
Tim xxxxxxx
Hey Charlie,
We received the rings today and they are absolutely perfect! Exactly what we wanted. Thanks so much for all your help with getting them... and a week and a half to spare! ;)
Thanks again,
Charles, I don't know how you did it, but thank you so much for getting that wedding band here in time for my anniversary. It is of course beautiful, as is everything I purchase from you. Please forgive me for putting you in the position where you had to work so hard to take care of me. I sincerely appreciate your effort. We remain very loyal customers. Thank you again!!!!
Claude xxxxx

Hi Charlie
Not a good pic but just to prove the dipshits did their job and the ring
I am so pleased it is magic and fits perfect.
Many thanks you did a great job
New Zealand
Received the rings today...We both thank you alot....You can be sure I will continue to make any jewelry purchase I make through you...If things between Tanya and I keep going as great as they have been I will in time be looking for a ring of certain substance...
Thanks for all you have done
Thanks so much! I've always enjoyed your product. You can bet I'll spread
the word and be back again.
It's always appreciated to get great customer service these days! Thanks
Sid xxxxx
Fresno, CA
My order arrived friday before noon as you said. Thank you for the follow up and most of all, you under promised and over delivered !!! I just love when that happens. This is my first piece of fine jewelry that I purchased on line from photo's, and never trying it on.
The quality exceeded my expectations. A jewelry piece that I will have forever.
Sandy xxxx
The rings have been recieved and we are very pleased with them. I just wanted to say that it really was a great pleasure doing business with you, you were very helpful and seemed truly concerned with making your customers happy with their purchases for their own sake and not just so they wouldn't gripe at you.
P.S. We were wondering what exactly the stone is? We figured it's probably a Cubic Zirconia and have absolutely NO problem with that (lol), but she just knows that someone will ask her all of the specs on the ring
- Dennis xxxxx
(yes, a high quality CZ. That ring with a real diamond would be another 5-6 thousand dollars!)
Dear Charlie,
Time has escaped me and I've meant to send you this thankyou email for some time now. I'm not sure if you remember my particular order, but I special ordered the two masted schooner (SAIL#17) in white gold to replace a silver one my girlfriend had stolen and which she loved.
I received the peice in time for Valentines Day and it was more amazing than I could ever have hoped. The craftsmanship is beautiful and I was really impressed with the finished article in the white gold format. Suffice to say she was speechless and could not believe I'd found something not only the same design as her original one, but with far better craftsmanship, detail and finish.
So thankyou for making another two people very happy. I know that even if the two of us one day go our separate ways, that one article of jewellery will be a common link which we will always remember and hold dear.
Best Wishes,
Callum xxxxx
Sydney, Australia
Dear Charlie,
Thank you so much for all your help with this order. I know you said
you had problems in the past with quality issues with this particular
ring but I have to say the one we received is exquisite. It's
absolutely perfect in every way and we couldn't be happier with it. The
whole experience was only enhanced by your wonderful customer service
and you can bet I'll be passing your cards along to friends with the
highest recommendations!
Thanks again,
Dear Charles, it is so late in the evening here, and I am struggling through
the e-mails before bed. How nice it was to receive yours with pleasant news
about the ear-rings.. I am looking forward to receiving them. Yours.
I just 30 minutes ago picked it up at the post office! I'm so excited; the
ring is beautiful! I can't wait to give it my husband; today is our
anniversary. Thank you for the rush job. I'm sure we'll be ordering again.
The pendant already arrived!! I can't thank you enough for your quick shipping and the gorgeous crab pendant. It's to be a gift and I'm POSITIVE the recepient will love it. If you have a mailing / on-line email list for new items, up-dates, sales, etc., please include me. I'm beyond thrilled with my purchase. Carol
All went fine, as the ring was waiting when we got home from graduation. Could not have worked out any better, as that's when my daughter would have received it - even if it had shown up a day earlier.
Once again, thanks very much for getting it out on such short notice. It's a beautiful ring, and my daughter couldn't be happier.
- Jeff
Dear Charlie,
We got them and they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for making Mothers Day the best ever. I’ve put together a treasure hunt for the girls and the “gold” at the end will be treasured forever. Again, thank you.
Thank you! What great folks you are. Your wonderful special touch is refreshing and again, I will refer all my friends and family to your website. Keep up the good work.
Charlie, I received the necklace today and it is gorgeous. Our daughter-in-law Erin will love it. Thank you.
Dear Charlie,
We just received the new wedding band for my husband. He really loved it and was very happy with the new ring. We can put away the old one he wore for fifteen years. Thank you so much for the service. I will tell all my friends about your great business and direct them to your web site. Thanks again for the ring.
Dear Charlie,
I received the lovely charm today. What a lovely piece. Thank you ~ I will spread the word about your services!
God Bless,
Silveria :)
Charlie, hi! Thank you for all you are doing to help us out. We appreciate the excelent customer service!!
You have been very attentive to our needs and expedient in your replies to our inquiries. You have gone above and beyond! That means so much, especially in today's world. Thanks for everything.
Sincerely, Kelley and Michael
I got the ring in time, no problem. It is just as nice as on the website,
and my new wife (I love saying that) absolutely loves it. Thank you so much.
You helped to make our wedding day that much better.
Gratefully yours,
Bill and Emily
Charlie, thank you so much for all of your excellent customer service! You have been so accomodating. Again, THANKS!!!! We really appreciate everything you have done.
Michael and Kelley
I received the sand dollar pendant and it is gorgeous
and made it here on time. Thanks a million.
I just got the ring today! It is so pretty! I referred a friend of mine who is looking for a Claddagh to your site. Thanks again!
Hello~ I received my order for the 14k manatee pendant, and just love is gorgeous. I am very impressed with the weight and size of the pendant. I enjoy your website with all the styles of sea life jewelry and I will be back for more soon...Thanks again, Denise
We just received my daughters little mermaid earrings and pendant and I don’t know who’s more excited about them, me or her!! They are even prettier in person than on the web page! We were surprised with how fast they came in the mail and we are sooooo thrilled to have them! My little girl even named all three of them. She’s so excited, it’s her first grown-up jewelry. We thank you both so much for having these beautiful things available and we can’t wait to shop with you again, I’ve taken a fancy to the mermaid wrap around ring!! Our anniversary’s coming up so I’m going to send some major hints! Thank you again for everything and for lighting up my little mermaid’s imagination!
Thank you Charlie...I have recieved it and its beautiful...Im sure she'll like it...You'll be hearing from me again..Im interested in the gold hanging shark you have....Chris xxxx
Hi Charlie,
I received my Cessna charm in the mail on Monday, June 12th. I was very impressed with the quality and with the quick turnaround from order to delivery. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends in the FAA. Thank you for offering a variety of charms in the areas that I especially like - aviation, nautical and Celtic.
Have a blessed day!
Deborah xxxx
I just received the chain and it looks great! It has a much larger presence than I imagined. The color of the gold is a little paler than I thought but still very nice. They must have used a high silver alloy as opposed to copper. Also, the chain is stamped "14kt Italy" as opposed to "585" that you previously mentioned. I also notice on your website that the 18kt marine studs are stamped "18kt" as opposed to "750". All and all, I am very satisfied and I appreciate the fast shipping. I'll have to save up for a matching bracelet in the future. It was great doing business with you and I will recommend you to anyone who
asks about the chain.
Best Regards,
Steve xxx
(regional manager for large jewelry store chain)
It is not a big deal to me how it is stamped as long as it is 58.33%
gold by weight or better. They may stamp "14k" if they know the chain
is to be exported to North America and stamp "585" for export to other
European countries. You probably got a mixture of both in order to
fill your order as they are probably made in small quantities.
ps. I cannot stop looking at this thing around my neck everytime I
pass a mirror!
Dear Charlie,
THANK YOU, thank you, thank you! The ring is beautiful. It is even prettier than on the picture. I didn't want a claddagh, everyone has one, I wanted something different. I received it yesterday but wouldn't open it until my boyfriend was here to open it with me. I asked him if he thought it was nice he said he guaged the beauty if it by the smile on my face. I love it.
Thank you again,
I received the charm...I am very pleased with the quality. I was also shocked that I received it so soon (6/18).
Thank you for all your help,
Dear Sirs:
I received my order today. I love it. It is a cutter rig just like our boat the Shamrock! Thank you.
Director of Marketing & Sales
I have to tell you that you and your company are providing me with outstanding customer service and I really appreciate it!
Thanks and regards,
Arrived yesterday and they are beautiful. Thanks especially for the speedy service. You saved the day.
Dan & Deanna
I just wanted you to know I got the ring I ordered today and absolutely LOVE it. Thank you for your quick response to my order. Please let the woman who made the ring know I appreciate all of her work. I am spreading the news about your web site and merchandise and will shop with you again in the future.
Best Regards
Hi Charlie,
Just wanted to thank you for the fine looking wife likes it too.
Still looking forward to the bracelet ... still plenty of time for that.
I really appreciate your concern with the customers needs !
Thanks, Bill
Thank You! I love it! I recieved it on Monday in time for the birthday party. Nice work!
Thanks so much!
I just received the FedEx package, thank you so much! I really appreciate the trouble you went to replacing my charm. I will be extremly careful with this one, because the next time I contact you it will be to place an order for another item. Again, a heartfelt thank you, and have a Happy 4th of July holiday!
Greetings Charlie ~
My order arrived on Saturday and what a surprise to receive it so soon. I love it and it is just as nice as I hoped. Next time I order something it will be for me!
C. xxx
Charlie -- you've got a great site and service.....I am a new and soon to be regular customer....
keep me posted on new things..not just turtles...........
many thanks.
thanks, Chas........though it was YOUR site that turned me into a $1,000 customer in one day......likely to return, again and again....
I picked up my mail today from when I was in Kwajalein and the two orders I placed with you were there.
I am extremely happy with the merchandise and the whole handling of my orders.
Thanks very much,
i will let you know how it was received! (by the nurse!) mom is in the hospital now- and all her nurses have been wonderful- but the day nurse during the week is the best! We hope she comes out soon.
thank you so much for making our gift giving a pleasure!
You're the best, Charlie!
...and for yours...and your great sense of humor in emails....makes me want to do business with you.
We received our wedding bands today. We are thrilled with them... they are absolutely beautiful! It is wonderful to have a set of wedding bands that are so unique. I was a little hesitant to order a ring that was not a comfort fit, so we were pleasantly surprised to find that these are just as comfortable.
Thank you for your speedy delivery and all of your patient assistance!
Hi Charlie,
Thank you so much for putting this order through in such a short time frame. The ring arrived yesterday and is just beautiful. It also fits! (a rather important point). In any case, your efforts have helped make our wedding day a treasured experience.
I got my order yesterday and am already wearing the pendant. I am very impressed with teh quality and will certainly do business with you again.
Thank you.
I received the chain today and it is lovely.
Thank you,
hi charlie. my pendant arrived today. i wasn't impatient for long!
I received my JAWS and Horseshoe Pendants yesterday and I am thrilled!
Unbelievable quality! I have a long list of items I want to eventually buy when I get back from my vacation!
Thanks again, and have a great day!
Just had time to get back to you. THANK YOU for arranging delivery so quickly and safely!! Both the charm and chain are as wonderful as I had hoped they would be. Together they made a very special gift. The receiver has not taken them off and doesn't intend to.
I will certainly pass your web address along to everyone I know!
Thanks again!
We have been extremely pleased with the quality of your products and your timely delivery.
Are looking forward to ordering from you again!
Charlie, I have just received the Dolphin slide and I know my wife will be absolutely elated. Given the quality of the piece and the excellent service, I'm sure you will hear from me again in the future. Regards, Bill xxxxxx
hi charlie. don't get worried, this is a GOOD email, hahaha! i didn't
even have time to be impatient... my pendant arrived today! it's
perfect. exactly what i was trying to find. it's just like the one i
lost. thankyou for all your patience.
I recieved the two pendants and I am very pleased with both. Thank you for being so helpful in trying to track them for me. Nice doing business. Celia
Hi Charlie.
We received our rings yesterday. We are beyond thrilled. They are beautiful. We were so worried about the sizing. The rings actually fit better than the rings we are currently wearing. Thank goodness we did not order a half a size bigger. Jewelers never believe that I wear a small 4. My sister wears a smaller size.
You have a perfect track record with us Charlie.
I am certain that you will be hearing from me again in the future.
Yes, super nova is fun. I am glad that guy got voted out. That first girl did a good job on the Iron lung song. We agree with your choices. Have a great day. Allegra
My fiancé just came back from a business trip to Oregon and I wanted to tell you that we are both absolutely thrilled with the ring. Thank you so much, we will have a beautiful wedding and you are helping to make it a wonderful and memorable experience for us both.
God bless you,
I received the package yesterday. It’s even nicer than I imagined! Thanks for all your help!
Another satisfied customer,
Tony xxxxx
I received the package yesterday. It’s even nicer than I imagined! Thanks for all your help!
Another satisfied customer,
Hi Charlie...this is Jason's fiancee, Sophia. I just wanted to let you know how excited I am about my incredible wedding ring!! (the trinity knot band in white gold with diamond) I just wanted to let you know that as beautiful as it appears in the picture on your site, it's a thousand times lovelier in person. It's a ring I will wear with great happiness and pleasure for the rest of my life.
Looking forward to spreading word of SEAWEAR!!!
Our best,
Jason & Sophia :)
Mr. Bennett,
My new wedding ring just came today!
My wife, Jo Ann, ordered it a short time ago and I can hardly express how
thrilled we are. My original ring was destroyed due to a medical emergency
and I knew it would just be impossible to find a ring I could ever like. Jo
Ann looked and looked and finally found your website and the plans for my
new ring.
Thanks a million, it is perfect. We do love it!
Bob xxxx
I received the shamrock charm I ordered and it's exactly what I wanted. Thanks for getting it to me on time.
We got the seal charm and think our daughter will love it! Thanks!
Package arrived last week..Thank you for prompt wonderful service. My grand daughter loves the charm.
We received them almost the very next day! They are gorgeous! Thank you so much!
The McKennas
I received the order yesterday. I really appreciate all of your help with the confusion of my credit card. I'm sure that we will be ordering again in the future.
Julia xxx
Dear Charlie,
Received my lovely little gold anchor, carefully and securely packaged, on Saturday morning. (My long-promised - and long sought for - Birthday present to myself!!)
I am thrilled with your quality and your service.
Thank you so much!
Elmsford, NY
ps. I have also forwarded you "Advice To The Guys: On Purchasing An Engagement Ring"
to my daughters, so that they might tactfully offer it to their respective sweethearts.
It is both hilarious and VERY true!!!
Hi Charlie,
Just a quick note to let you know that I received my triquetra pendant in the mail
today. Wow! That was faster than I expected. The pendant is very beautiful and
I appreciate the free jewellery cleaning cloth. Thanks a lot for everything. I will
definitely recommend your business to my friends. :)
Take care,
Hi Charlie ...
I just wanted to let you know that I received the 14kt large sharks tooth (#NAC494) today, that I ordered from you over the weekend. As always, I am very happy with the piece ... and very happy with the prompt shipping. You folks always come thru in a first class way! I am a many time return customer, and I'm sure that I'll be back again. I just wanted to say a personal "thank-you" for your excellent products, and your outstanding service!
Have a great day.
Dave xxxxx
Long Beach, CA
Thank you for the heavy beautiful well crafted crab pendant. It's a birthday present for my husband. He truly is the CRAB in our family. I know he will love it as much as I do. When he retires in a few years he wants to move to North Carolina in the Outer Banks and enjoy crabbing all year long.
Thanks again. I'm sure I'll be purchasing more marine life jewelry.
They arrived all safe and sound!! We LOVE them Charlie!!! Many thanks for all your efforts... you were fast, fast, fast!! ... and we ARE greatful and HAPPY customers who will recommend you whenever we get the chance!
Thank you again!
Jere & Chris
I received the turtle charm this morning. The piece is perfect. Thanks again for your assistance, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Charlie, Thanks so much for the gorgeous Turks Head wedding band. My husband simply loves it and everyone who has seen it thinks that it is beautiful. You have made us very happy. Take care, Valerie
Hi Charlie
The order arrived today. Great service. I'm sure my wife will love them.
Talk to you again around March for the those wedding bands.
Hi Charlie,
Just wanted you to know I rec'd my order on Saturday, and my Husband saw it , got his anchor and LOVED it!! He also got one of my shackle earrings too! Now I only have one! We will be ordering all of all jewelery from you and your wife in the future! and will be telling all of our friends about your company! Thank you again for everything! Sincerely, Mary xxxx
Got the ring back yesterday. I love it.
I don't know why it makes such a difference to me, but thank you very much.
I'll sure recommend you to my friends.
Hi Charlie,
Got the notification that the rings shipped yesterday. You are awesome! I can't wait to see them.
I saw a ton of other things on your site that I love, so I'm sure you've got a customer for life. I'll be sure and point my fiance there for all out future occasions:)

I wrote you a while back asking about this ring. I just wanted to say
that my fiance and I recently ordered it from our local jewelry store.
It came in last week and we saw it on Saturday.
It is even more beautiful in person than on the site. I can't believe
how dainty and sweet it looks. I am so pleased and I can't wait to get
the stone mounted so I can wear it. The little knots are much smaller
than in the picture, but the detail is still just as exquisite. I am
very impressed.
Thanks so much.
Christina xxxxx
I received the rings, they are absolutely beautiful!
Worth the wait! Thank you so much!
Belinda xxxxx
Hi Charlie!
Kind of a late follow up on my end, but wanted to let you know we received
the mounting and band and our customer loves them! Thanks again for your
patience and service.
xxxxxx Jewelers
And thank you for the nice conversations, especialy for your patience with the Europeans, and great service as well,
Looking forward to receive that beauty for sure,
I received the package on Tuesday a.m. It is beautiful and fits perfect! Paul is very pleased! I was a little nervous ordering such a gift on the internet, but I am pleased with the outcome. It was a pleasure working with you. Best of luck to you in the future. I will spread the word when someone asks about his band.
P.S. I'm still trying to get my teenager to take a picture of her ring. When (if) I ever get, I will send to you.
I just receive my order. Seam 78 (mermaid on an anchor and the Muirdach cross. They are beautiful. I almost bought the cross elsewhere. I found what I thought was a comparable piece for $150- $200. Fortunately I realised in time that the detail was not nearly as good. I decided I would rather pay $325 for an excellent piece than $200 for a mediocre piece and I was not disappointed. I am also very happy with the mermaid piece. The detailing on it is incredible too. It will be special to me because my husband just retired from the Nave as a Senior Chief (chiefs wear an anchor).
I also wanted to tell you I like your cat page. We recently lost my favorite cat. In spite of the fact that we still have four cats and technically he was my daughter's cat I don't think I will ever be as close to a cat again. He was very special. So I know how you feel about yours.
Jean xxxxxxx
Hello Charlie,
The pandant arived today. Fast shipping for sure !!
Thanks very much, we'll be back.
Greetings from Holland,
Dear Charlie,
Thank you so much for taking care of this in such a timely manner. I am sorry it did not work out this time, but I will definitely keep you in mind for future purchases. You have a great website and great customer service.
Lauren xxxxxxx
Hi Charlie,
Just to let you know I have received the Orca and calf pendant Orca286 -
it is beautiful and really solid.
There is no doubts I'm keeping it!
Its beautiful and I loved it - I'm pretty sure this wont be the last
order I place with you either.
Sincere thanks for your help and excellent customer service.
It was a pleasure dealing with you and hope this wont be the last time,
Many thanks
Charlie, the beautiful ring arrived yesterday morning and we love it! It fit
perfectly! Thank you so much!
I got it, I love it, she did a great job.
Thanks for the great customer service.
Thank You again! You Rock! I will have the check in the mail later
I received it already! Thank you very very much, it is beautiful and more than what I was hoping to get. It's a birthday present and he'll be so surprised.
Thanks again.
Thankyou so much for your prompt communication and your prompt shipment. I received my order yesterday, Thursday the 21st of September. I am impressed with your great service. I look forward to doing business with your company again.
Nancy xxxxxx
Hi Charlie,
I just wanted to let you know that I received the charm and it is beautiful and just what I wanted. Thanks for the fast service!
Elena Neitlich
Moms on Edge, LLC
thanks for being a great company to work with, and answering all my questions....
Alecia xxxxxx
Loved your jewerly. Shared your site with my Irish Setter Club. My charm is for the collar of my puppy. It's beautiful. Thanks
The ring arrived and we love it! I wanted it to be a surprise for the wedding, but I couldn't wait to show Kevin. Though the web-site photo is how I decided on the ring, the real ring is so much more beautiful than the picture conveys. The comfort fit was a great choice and for Kevin, a guy who does not usually wear jewelry, he said he couldn't even tell that it was on. A sure sign of true comfort! I am so glad that we chose your company; your product and service are top of the line! We will be sure to think of you in the future for our jewelry purchases and recommend you to our family and friends. Since we were tight on time when we ordered the ring, I didn't want to try and have the ring engraved but if we choose to do so after the wedding is there a specific way and or place that you would recommend? Since
you are most familiar with the design of the ring, I wanted to make sure to know any suggestions you might have. Thank you again for your wonderful service. It has been a pleasure working with you!
Emily xxxxxxxx
Dia dhuit Charlie.
Slainte (cheers).
Would like this opterunity to thank you Charlie for helping me.
Slan go foill a chara. (Bye for now my friend)
Just wanted to tell you, again, how lovely this ring is!!!!!!!!!!! Truly.
I am enjoying it very much
and admire it every day.
Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer xxxxxxxx
Hi Charlie,
My 14K shark's tooth arrived yesterday!
As usual another "Perfect Purchase!"
Thank you!
Larry C.
Hi Charlie
Order arrived yesterday. We are delighted. Many thanks.
Hi Charlie
Order arrived yesterday. We are delighted. Many thanks.
Thanks. Package arrived. Having rubies put in the eyes of the dagger and pink sapphires in the skull.
The package arrived yesterday in perfect condition.
Thank you for your prompt service!
Best Regards,
Dia dhuit Charlie.
Just sending you this e-mail to say go raibh maith agut (thank you) for the
4 leaf clover charm.
It's even more beautiful tahn the pic gives it credit for.
Have bookmarked your site for future reference, so I'm sure we'll be doing
business again.
Is mise (sincerley),
I wanted to let you know that I have just received the order (Whale Tale Stud Earrings) this afternoon in the mail. It was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Again.
The rings arrived yesterday. They are beautiful. We've been married 23 years so the wait was not a problem. If you ever get down here be sure to look us up. Thanks again for the wonderful rings!
Take care
Jim and Jan
I love the shackle. and I will send folks to you who want a sword earring and don't travel to key West too often as your website is very helpful in that regard -- and more folks ask me about than I care to remember.
Have a good day and thanks,
I received the sea turtle quilt charm today 10/18/06. Post office doing
their job. I was very pleased, I am sure the recipient will be as well.
Thank you!
Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the beautiful ring and the excellent customer service. We both love the ring and it matches my beautifully.
Thank you so much, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Charilie - the ring was received last week and it is exactly as expected. Thanks for your patience with us and hopefully we'll do business again.
Hi Charlie:
The order was shipped on Wednesday , arrived at the FEDEX depot
on Thursday morning and delivered by that afternoon. My wife is
very happy with the bracelet.
Thanks for the outstanding service.
Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a registered nurse, trauma/emergency specialty. When I have a patient I need to focus and give that patient all my attention and care. You, have done all that and more. I am trying to buy a nice gift for my wife for xmas, I'm glad I started early. So, I want to thank you for your help and continued communication, getting me through this. It will be a nice touch to our little island life out here in the Pacific.
Thanks again,
Hi Charlie,
I got your e-mail while I was at work and my order was waiting for me when I got home today. I love them!! I've already made the pendants into earrings and am wearing them as I type. I removed the bales and hung them on leverback wires. They look great with my larger matching pendant and they are even the same manufacturer. Thank you so much for your prompt and friendly service. I'll keep you in mind next time I need something and will recommend you to others without reservation.
Take care,

Charlie..THANK YOU! I can't believe you went out of your way and got the gift there so was appreciated very much! Here's mom's note back..
Have a great Day!
I am so excited with the earrings that I received today. Thank you so much. I have been looking for those for years. I can't believe you found them in Arizona after I have checked every jewelry store at every beach I have ever been to. They match my necklace perfect. They even have that little stone like my necklace. I really love them.
Thanks again.
I'm sorry about your mom Charlie! I hope sharing my mom brought you more happiness than sadness.
When I ordered online I didn't expect to get great service with a human touch..this is hard to find even shopping face to face and I wanted you to know that I appreciate it and will be shopping with you again.
hi charlie got her today thank you so much the picture on the internet does not do her justice she is absolutely beautiful once again thank you very much x
The ring arrived Tuesday ... my husband really likes it (and it's hard to find anything he really likes)!
Thank you.
I love the charms..........thank you soooo much!!
Thank-you for the hard work and outstanding craftsmanship with the ring. It was such a great looking piece that I gave it to my wife 1 week early and she loved it.
Thanks to the ring I just may have a shot at another 25 years with my lovely wife.
Thank-you again. I will definitely be buying more jewelry from you in the future.
Thanks for everything Charlie, I will let you know when I get it. I will be ordering the wedding bands in the new year. I will let you know when. Thanks again for you help with everything.

I received the gift - it is beautiful. Thanks for your help. I'm glad to have found your company. Thanks again for your help.
The ring arrived this afternoon. It is beautiful. I am so excited to be able to finally give the woman I love something as amazing as she herself is. I appreciate all you did for me and will definately ensure that anyone I know that may be interested in fine jewelry will check out Seawear.
Thanks again, and I am sure I will use this company again for years to come.
Hi Charlie/Seawear
I just wanted to drop you a note to say that your photos of the grey
whales in Baja has persuaded me to book the trip to see them! All paid
for and going next year! Thanks for your help, I bet you will see me
coming back with an order for a grey whale pendant soon!
Thanks a lot
(I didn't take the photos, another customer is working on a coffee table book and sends me previews!)
Thanks Charlie, So far you are about the most diligent person I have ever bought anything from online. I'm very impressed. Thanks for all of your help.
We got your ring the other day, and it is beautiful. My fiancee is especially pleased. Our local jeweler is currently placing a stone in it.
The BAND345 will be ordered in the new year. How long does it take? We get married in August 2007. What would be the latest date for a safe delivery?
Thanks again.
The flip flop pendant arrived this morning and it's just beautiful. Thanks for your great service and products. It was simply a matter of finding the right one and saving for it. Have tropical jewelry, will cruise!!
I received my package and I am VERY pleased. It was a pleasure doing business with you and will do so in the future.
Thanks again,
I am most pleased! Thanks so much. It has rec'd many compliments. You will be hearing from some friends soon.
Hey Charlie,
I got, and am wearing it today. I love it. I will be ordering some other things soon.
Thanks for the great service.
My order has arrived and I am very pleased. Thank you!
Charlie. The ring I ordered arrived last week, and I love it. Thanks so much. Chris
I just got it today. It looks great. Thanks for all of your help, Charlie.
Hi Charlie
Just letting you know that I received the jewelry today! Thank you so much- they are both perfect and I am really happy with them!
Thanks for your help through the process- and the personalized touch, I loved hearing your story about your honeymoon and everything!
Thanks mate!

Thank you for your prompt action on my order. The item was received today. Vernon
Charlie –
A million thanks for all of your help with the sandal pendant order. They came in today and everyone was really pleased (especially my boss!). I couldn’t be happier with how smoothly things went with this transaction and hope to do more business with you in the future.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,
The rings were delivered today! Thank you so much and they are beautiful. I appreciate your efforts to get them to me within our time frame. You can be assured that I will be recommending Seawear to all who have a need.
Thank you's beautiful...I'll be taking it to church for blessings...and hopefully by the end of the week, it will be the center of a Christmas package for my beloved. Thank you again!! (Please keep us in your prayers / intentions!!)
C ya...Rita
The ring is beautiful....great job!
Mr. Bennett,
Many thanks for your prompt service. The Anchor we ordered was well described and BEAUTIFUL. Hoping my daughter will enjoy her choice for Christmas. Thank you for a great product!
I thought it was interesting that you are located in Chambersburg, PA. My mother, Sally Diehl xxxxx was born there and still speaks fondly of it. Hope the area is still as nice. It made me feel like my daughter's choice was a good thing! Merry Christmas!
Stephanie xxxxx
Thanks, Charlie, you are my hero!
My order arrived at my workplace today, much earlier than I had ever hoped
for, so my wife will have her present for Christmas, with plenty of time to
spare. The 14ct conch omega slide w/enameling is just gorgeous, nicer than
pictured, with excellent quality. I showed it to some of my fellow
co-workers (mostly women), & they just went googlie-eyed. They commented on
how lucky my wife is to be receiving something of this quality for a
Christmas present (& I have to agree)!
Buying from you was a pleasant & unexpected pleasure. Your shipping time,
packaging, extras, (gift tags, polishing cloth, etc) sure put the 'icing' on
the cake. I will surely recommend you to my friends, & hope to do more
business with you in the future. Thanks again!
Hello!!! Got the rings on Saturday morning. They are really incredible! Mine is still a bit big in the size 5, but I know if I had gotten it any smaller, it would never have fit over my knuckle. His is so nice, I almost want to keep it for myself as well. I want them both, ha ha. It would probably fit my big toe. Anyway, have a great holiday season and a happy new year. I have your website bookmarked, as we may order more rings in the future. If not for both of us, then just for me. Thanks again, Beth
I received the charm today. It is as nice as the picture. I'm sure my
husband will be thrilled christmas morning. Thanks for getting it to me so
Happy Holidays,
I ordered the shark with the tail rope necklace. I love it..Funny thing is
my son (who I purchased this for) drew me a picture of what he wanted for
Christmas (sometime in Oct), I thought there would be no way to find it. It
took me a while but yours is EXACTLY what he drew! He will be very suprised.
He is an avid shark fisherman, he is only 15 but can outfish most anglers
around Boca Grand FL!! Thanks Again..

Hi Charlie.
I just received my order and I wanted to tell you how much I loved
it.......this is a gift for my 20 year old son who lives, breathes and
sleeps fishing. I looked around town at different jewelers and the prices
that they quoted me was way too much...not to mention I was unimpressed with
the designs. I was timid about ordering online and now I am excited about
other great finds that are out there. Your jewelry is both beautiful and
affordable. Thank you so much for making this Christmas a memorable one for
my son and me!! I will shop with you again!!
Merry Christmas!!
Thank you Charlie. As it turned out the pendant was waiting for me at the Post Office yesterday. It took no time at all to arrive. It's beautiful. I'm sure she'll love it. Your e-mails are very prompt and informative and it's been great doing business with you! Thank you again.
D. M.
I received the three Trinity Knot pendants in the mail just now. Thank you
so much for such a quick delivery! They are perfect, just what I wanted!!!
Hey, just wanted to let you know that I gave my fiance his ring last night and he was amazed! He originally had a hard time getting it on, but I explained to him that you cannot sleep all night under an electric blanket and expect your fingers not to swell. After he was up and about for an hour or so, it slipped right on. He had said he'd never wear jelery to work, but now he says it's never coming off his finger. He was really, really surprised that I got them, and was really impressed with how thick and heavy they were. I know we are going to enjoy these for a lifetime. Thanks soooo much. Beth xxxxxxxxx
Thank you so much for the special care that you have taken with my order! I have recieved my ring and am about to take it to be set with the diamond. It looks magnificent! I appreciate all the help you have given me with this product and I will definately recommend you and your site to my friends.
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Thanks again,
Dear Mr. Bennett:
I received your package in today's mail, and would like to pass along some
First, many thanks for processing the order so promptly. These items were
purchased for my wife for Christmas, and I'm sure that she will enjoy them a
great deal!
Thanks for packaging the jewelry in gift boxes. That saved me hours of time
trying to find an appropriate box.
As I'm sure you know, each box was securely wrapped in bubble-wrap, which
tells me that you took the extra time and expense to make certain the
package arrived securely, and that your company obviously cares about repeat
If you ever need a testimonial from a very satisfied customer, please feel
free to call me. There are lots of people who operate internet-based
businesses that could learn from your wisdom!
I hope that you and your family enjoys a wonderful Christmas, and a happy
and prosperous New Year!
Glen Rice
Rice & Associates
120 North Peachtree Street
Batesburg, SC 29006
Phone: 803.532.2489
Cell: 803.413.5617
Hi Charles, I got the tracking email. Thank you so much for getting the rings to us with "time to spare". We really apprciate it. I will email you when they arrive. Thanks, Debra
Hi Charlie,
I just received the rings nd I couldn't be more satisfied....they are perfect...just what I wanted.
Thank you so much for your help and attention.
Have a great one..
Hi Charlie,
The phone is a cell, and it'll take messages.
I have been in the crafts business for almost 40 years( I now run the
Kutztown Folk Festival), and I marvel at the way you run your business. It's
one of the most efficient, high end businesses I've ever seen!
The pressure this time of year has got to be unreal!
Again, Thanks very much, and when your pre-holiday insanity is past, I hope
you have a wonderful holiday season!
Charlie, you do one heck of a good job!
I know a lot of jewelers, and no one I know does as nice of work as you show
on your website, and certainly no jewelry stores offer it, either.
The website is fantastic - easy to follow, and gives the feel of solid
professionalism. As far as service goes - you made it too easy not to order!
If you ever need testimonials or a recommendation, let me know. It would be
my pleasure!
Thanks, and best wishes for 2007.
I just recieved the gold cable bracelet and it is EXACTLY what I wanted.
Thanks so much for getting here for Christmas. I'm very particular when it
comes to jewelry and I'm just blown away by how perfect it turned out. Now
I have to get something special for my wife to offset my purchase. Hope you
have a very Merry Christmas and hopefully your get some more business once
people see the bracelet on my wrist. Thanks again!
You are sooooooo wonderful!!!! If I owe you anything, please email me back. Thanks sooooo verrryy much!!!
Charlie, I received the Wyland bracelet today Thursday, December 21 and it is really a gorgeous bracelet. I know she is going to really love it. Thank you for your great service and the fast shipping. Jim
Thank you so much for the beautiful Manta pendant.
And even more for going through credit card troubles and still getting it to me in time for Christmas.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!
Thank you again. You have went above and beyond in customer service. It was a last minute idea and you are great for accommodating my whim. Yes the storm was a big one. We are not used to that around here. I used to live in the US Virgin Islands. It was like a hurricane. Only it is much easier to be without power in the tropics. The day after the storm the temps dropped below freezing. We were without power for 4 days. We were lucky, some are still without. I am looking for opportunities to get me back into a warmer climate. Thanks again. Merry Christmas, Barbara
Dear Charlie:
You may recall that you assisted me early in December with my order for a Celtic Cross Christmas present for my husband. I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that he is thrilled with the cross and is especially happy with the design, quality, weight, and, of course, the fact that it was made in Ireland. It is everything it was advertised to be on your web site, and MORE!
Thank you again for your courtesy.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year, I am
Yours sincerely,
Ellen xxxxx
Thank you for your quick response....I love companies that put their customers as such a priority! I will have it in the mail today with a copy of the original invoice.
Thanks again!
(return, no questions asked)
Dear Charlie,
I feel like a crazy person to inform you that I WON'T be returning this item. I had ordered one from some other company that is the "feminine" one. So I ordered this one. You will be pleased to know this one is the one he really likes.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Thanks again for everything!
Hi Charlie,
I just wanted to thank you for getting the package to me so quickly. What great service!! It is the perfect gift for the sailor in my life! I am book-marking your web site!!! Thank you so very much!!
: ) Pam
Thank you, the pineapple bracelet was perfect,my wife loves it
Keep in touch for other events.

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