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With all the holiday craziness, I haven't had a chance to write. But I must say WOW!!!!! The sand dollar pendant is gorgeous - I looked at it most every day before I gave I to the wife. Even examined it under magnification - the workmanship is mind-blowing! And in good light, it just sparkles. What a beautiful piece! And the earrings are lovely, and the perfect size.

There were tears Christmas morning and, after 35 years of marriage, that's a rarity. Total surprise, which is also a rarity. My wife just flipped out. Perhaps the best part was that she's been looking for beach-themed jewelry for several years (which I did not know), but found nothing she liked. Well, she sure loves your jewelry!

The "bad" news - for me - is that this is going to get expensive. Stupid me showed her your website, and she's now handed me a list of pieces she wants in the future - her birthday, our anniversary, next Christmas, etc.

So, I'll probably be talking to you soon, Charlie. "Thank you" seems so inadequate - your quality, service, and just plain being a helluva good guy are things you don't see anymore.

(Seawear sand dollar with sparkle finish)


Thank you! You are amazing. Happy new year :)



Hey Charlie .. got the earings yesterday.. they look nice..i know she will like them ..she is a sea turtle freak.... I got a bracelet from you years ago that were sea turtles... thanks for the help...ill be back again.. Merry Christmas


Charlie -

Thought I would let you know that things got here in good order.
Beautiful piece - - and thanks for the extra care in packaging. I know that my wife will enjoy it.

Have a wonderful Christmas season...........................gkg


Charlie, you're quickly becoming my new best friend. The bracelet arrived yesterday and it's beautiful. I suspect this isn't the last time you'll hear from me!

Best wishes for the season to you and all your four legged guys - and anyone I've not been introduced to yet!



You are so wonderful - When I get back in the office on Monday - I will place the order online for the whale tail charm and begin my hunt for the perfect chain : - )


Thank you for your quick response. It is appreciated.


I love the history...i'll ask him if anybody else he knows calls it 'artford. I got it… And it's beautiful. I'm so happy with the quality. I love it and he's really going to love it too. Thank you!



Sounds like your e-mail will satisfy my needs for insurance. Also, didn't even look for 14k stamp so thanks for bringing that to my attention. Also, your comment on the earrings being worth more because of the excessive labor is note worthy for insurance purposes.

A satisfied customer,


Just got the ring. It's beautiful. Thanks Charlie :)



Hi Charlie
Just thought I'd let you know that the ring/skin issue is resolved, all I can guess is somewhere, somehow some chemical got between me and the ring, I had it professionally cleaned and put it back on to see what might happen, well nothing happened. So I have been wearing it since without issue. Again, it is a beautiful ring and I get complements on it often, thanks very much.


Hi Charlie
I have the ring, it arrived yesterday. It's fabulous, thank you so much.
Merry Christmas.

Best Regards



got the rings today, thanks so much, they do indeed look like new.



Hi Charlie,
Has arrived and looks amazing mate - can't thank you enough!
(New South Wales)


Hi Charlie, the ring is beautiful and thank you for the Horse shoe nail ring. My card was compromised so they sent me and new one. don't know if the refund went through I don't see it on my bank statement as of now.

(ring estimate was $500 higher than delivered price. Another happy one with a surprise refund)


Hi Charlie,
I meant to email you much earlier but got pretty busy and lost track. I received the ring a couple of weeks ago with no issues. The ring looks fantastic. It was exactly what my wife had envisioned. Thin and seemless. It is perfect. Thanks so much!
Jeremy (Canada)


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. As much as I wanted this to be a surprise, I know how 'particular' my wife is about jewelry - she doesn't care whether or not it's expensive, she just has very picky tastes. So I showed her your sand dollar jewelry over the weekend. Lo and behold, she likes the pendants just the way they are - no alteration needed. Go figure!

Her favorite, by far, was the 75A in yellow gold (4.9g, $295.00). And as soon as she decides which earrings she likes, I'll be ordering.

Two quick items. I looked at a lot of other sources for these items, and did not get nearly the same impression of quality and attention to detail. It seems that you're head and shoulders above the competition.
Item two. I know it's another solid hour-and-a half further up the road but, if you're doing shows in Corning, you might consider coming to Rochester. There are several pretty big events up here through the year, and a lot of money changes hands. Just a thought.

R. C. Lewis


Hi Charlie,
I got the ring today & love it! Turned out really nice. Thank you so much for everything!


Hey Charlie, had the diamond set into the setting yesterday and proposed to her last night at the beach.
She said YES!!!
thanks for all your help putting this together for me.
(pics enclosed)


Fantastic, thank you so much! Better to under promise and over deliver which you have done :)


Charlie, the diamond Claddagh rings came in and they look great, thanks again for all your help.


The ring looks great! Size is perfect, any bigger would likely be too big. Thanks again.


Thank-you so much for your great work! We both love the ring, you do such a wonderful job!! I tell everyone I can where you are and what a great experience it is working with you!

All our Best,

Trevor and Anne


Hi Charlie...

Your customer service is just as great now as it was in 2009...thanks for the info and all the tips...

It is a single gemstone ring for her dominant hand, so you probably saved me the trouble of having it resized...

Thanks for all you do...we definitely let folks know about you...and with Christmas coming, and a son's wedding next year, I hope to be doing business again with you soon...

Take care...



Hi Charlie,

I got the ring today and just wanted to tell you it is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you so much!



I pray blessings for your business, sir! It has been a privilege!


Hi Charlie,

We had the pleasure of working with you several years ago for my wedding ring and now I want to have you make a similar one for my wife of 20 years. Your work is well worth the wait Turks Head design.


I just received the snook pendant and wanted to email right away. I'm blown away, it's even more sick in person. (And heavy..!) Thanks again for all your extra time and attention. I will definitely be letting everyone know about SEAWEAR. COM.!

The pics and extra effort on your part sold me on this beautiful charm. I received the shipping notification and am super pumped to receive this amazing piece. Thanks again, I'll let you know when I get my hands on it.




it looks great, better than original! Thanks for everything! Mike

(rebuilt 20 year old ring)


Happy Thursday, Charlie!

I just received the ring and it is STUNNING! I gasped when I saw it. Not only that, but the presentation was so special. Opening the FedEx box, then the envelope (thank you for the nifty fraud cards, by the way. Very cool!). Then I opened the envelope and pulled out the incredible polishing cloth, and then the beautiful pearly box, and then the beautiful micro suede box...and then WOWWWWWWWWWWWW! Such a big, gorgeous, shiny ring. It it so big, it would probably work on my big toe. :)

It is so intricate and dazzling. I am not sure I can wait until the ceremony for Jeffy to see it. I think maybe he should get to experience the thrill of opening the envelope, box, etc. I read him your warnings about not surfing with it. He hasn't had time to surf in a while, but we do swim in the gym's pool. I'll caution him about it. I am not wealthy enough to afford ongoing replacements!

Thank you so much for making sure the ring got here quickly and safely. It is truly a special ring, and receiving it marks a special milestone. I am so happy. Thank you very much. We will indeed have a wicked awesome wedding, made that much better by your spectacular handcrafted ring!

Kind regards,



Thank you so much and I'll be sure to be back to your site.

Thanks! Mike



Thank you very much for your knowledge and patience. It is very refreshing to see a vendor who is passionate about their business and eager to assist prospective customers with more than the one sentence emails I am used to.

I fell in love with the pendant when I first saw it and have been looking for a mariners cross for a while now. I especially like the unique appearance and one piece design of the pendant as opposed to exposed flukes and thin rope moldings on all the other pieces I have seen. It will pair very well with the solid gold rope chain my mother passed on to me.

You have answered all my questions in thorough detail and I would just like to tell you that means a lot to me. You have great products at very fair prices and I will keep you in mind for future purchases. I have placed the online order and look forward to receiving the product. Thanks again.

All the best, Jeremy.


Looks like I may be ordering another item for myself. Just hit $2,000 on a scratch off ticket!!!

Sent from my iPhone


Hi Charlie. Just got the tarpon charm and all I can say is WOW!!! My only concern is that it is a light gold color whereas on the website it is a deeper yellow. Is that because of the polish?

Sent from my iPhone



The necklace has arrived and Marianna is very happy! Thank you very much for this and the quick turn-around.

Kind Regards
Luke (Australia)


Thank you we will use you forever now that we found you


Dear Charlie
Package arrived safe and sound! Thank you SO much for all your kind care and help!

Best wishes
Michael and Joanna (Australia)



Anchor on the door mat when I arrived home this evening. Great stuff, exactly what I wanted. Another satisfied customer!

Thank you all at Seawear.



My package has arrived with UK Customs. No import duty to pay, but they have nobbled me for our dreaded Value Added Tax (VAT) that us Brits have to pay on virtually everything! I've sent them the £30 ($49) so it should arrive tomorrow.

Looking forward to getting it at last.

I'll keep you updated!




Forgive me for sending one final email. Simply wanted to follow through and thank you for all your help in untangling what felt like a rather unsolvable problem. Went with the low cost choice you'd found.

And I'm excited: this solution allows me to save my pennies and keep checking back. To be honest, I am selfishly hopeful, that, at some point you'll have a set of the tulip pearl earrings with black pearls and a silver-ish metal. Truthfully the ones on display are utterly lovely. I'm sad they're sold, but thrilled to find someone who colour coordinates pearls.

Roundabout thank you note. But I am very grateful for your advice, help, and truly stellar customer service. My best for a good evening.



Hi Charlie,

We received the rings today. They are amazing!! Thank you again for the rush job and I will make sure I tell everyone where I got them because I'm sure they will ask. Kelly and I couldn't be more pleased!! I'm keeping your site and coming back for Christmas and birthdays.

Brilliant!!! Keep up the great work!

Ed (one very, very happy customer)



I have used the ultra cloth you sent with my ring. It works great, and the ring you recast is fantastic. If I wash the cloth, will it still retain its magic.

(No! Don't wash the cloth. It will just become like an old t-shirt if you do. I use mine and they are ten plus years old and pretty black)


Thank you very much. I appreciate the communication and everything throughout this order it really makes the difference. Id recommend you to anyone.



Got married Wednesday. Were lol old farts Rods 62 I'm 61. We met on Heber Springs, Ar. Greers Ferry Lake. I have a sailboat. He used to. He's quite a sailor. Now we share our passion of sailing. We also both have motorcycle. When we aren't sailing we are riding. Just a little history to go with the rings. Sent from my iPhone=


Hello Charlie: We ordered it together this morning and Gordon is truly the love of my life. I promise to wear this ring faithfully and to cherish the love and talent that you put into this ring. You must meet a lot of lucky women through your business, and of all of them I feel like the luckiest one.

Thank you.

(hope my wife doesn't read this one! Charlie)


Thank you very much Charlie it really has been very good doing business with you. She loves it.

Sent from my iPhone


Hey Charlie
we just got the rings ... very beautiful, the gal is happy, thank you sir


Cool! Thanks so much for rushing this and for showing us the process! It looks great.

Hi Charlie,
I wanted to let you know that I received my ring and I love it!
My fiancee also loves it.
We were wondering if there is any way we can get just a wedding band similar to model #1101 in white gold for him (no diamonds) to match mine?
If so, I would like to order it through PayPal again (as I live in Canada on the border and have a parcel pickup where it can be delivered and I can bring it across the border into Canada.)

Thank you very much.


Is more then I could have dreamed of. So pretty, I got three compliments and the supermarket today! And you were so right, it is pure silk on the wrist. Once again, I am in love. You have the best quality pieces. I need to leave my reviews I've just caught the cold bug , so drinking of OJ and chicken soup .
Well I'll be back next month or next week and pic some other goodies. I haven't looked at your whales but I've wanted the little whales, you know the ones that are usually in men's ties. The side view, silhouette . Its cute. Oh and I have to grab the buoy before anyone else does. Can you hold it for me and I'll order it tomorro, pls?
Take care Charlie ,
Warmest regards,


Hi Charlie,
We did receive Tom's ring last week, and it is quite lovely. He really likes it and it fits well. He especially likes the smooth inside and the quality and weight of the ring.

It's been so nice working with you.
Thanks for all your help!


Dear Charlie,

My dad received the seahorse today and he said it is even more incredible in person :-) Thank you so much for your help. You are wonderful to work with. We will definitely keep you in mind for future presents.

Thank you,


Hi Charlie
Watched Sharknado and Sharknado 2 the other night. Total cheese and we all loved it! You were right, I got compliments! I love the tooth. I can't stop playing with it, it's curves are perfect!
Thank you again!


Thank you Charlie, really looking forward to it arriving. I have been looking for a sharks tooth to wear as a pendant for a very long time so I am so happy to have discovered your amazing website. Thank you for all your assistance with this transaction.

Kind regards,


Hi Charlie
It arrived! Gorgeous, as always!!
Thank you


:-) Thank you Charlie

You are wonderful. It is perfect!



The pendant looked fantastic with the stone set in it. My mom loved it. Thank you for the super fast shipping!



I cant thank you enough for taking such good care of me.
I never expected a reply to my inquiry in under an hour!
and to have them made and shipped in 1 week....... OUTSTANDING!

You are my hero.

Hi Charlie,

I didnt get the chance to write last week when i received the wedding bands i had ordered. I just wanted to let you know how beautiful they are. The colors are an exact match and they fit perfectly. We love them and cant wait to wear them.

Your products and service are equally impressive. You now have two more loyal customers.

Thanks again,

Dear Charlie,
I received my ring on Saturday, and I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love it. It fits well and the weight is nice. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you using my own mother's ring to make this one. As our parents pass, we hang on to what we can of them, and this ring is now mine and my mother's wedding rings mixed together. How sweet is that? I may request that my kids do the same with this very ring! What a great tradition.

And, you are right, the diamond sparkles! Now I need to plan for that.

Take care, Charlie, and thanks again.
(sent in her mother's old ring. Was told it was 'nothing'. Turned out to be 18kt and the 1/2 ct diamond was at least VS/FG. Returned it nice can clean)



Just wanted to say thank you again. We had a great anniversary and the ring was the perfect gift. I really appreciate your courtesy in making sure it was right.



Ive received it! Thank you soo much! Im realy bappy with the purchase will definately suggest to friends and family.



My soon-to-be husband's ring arrived today, and it is beautiful. Thank you so much. I can't wait for him to see it.

I very much appreciated the tracking you provided -- especially seeing things going through the old Harrisburg hub. As a Mechanicsburg girl, it felt a little like going home.

Best regards,




Thank you so much for this fast and very helpful response. I wasn't able to place the order until this afternoon because of work obligations, but I should receive the pendant in plenty of time with the 2-day shipping option I added to the invoice.

Thank you again--I think this will make a wonderful gift for my mother's 70th birthday after I have my stone added!




Many thanks. The ring is to celebrate our 20th anniversary, so I really appreciate the effort you made today. Thanks again.



I received your package. The anchor is absolutely beautiful! Better than I could have expected.

Thank you!


hi charlie,
it is already on my neck.
it is gorgeous !!!!! love it !!!!!!

many thanks for great communication and wonderful work !
as soon as i want something else from your collection i will definetly get back to you.

i love ( !!!!!!) the octopus pendants....

we will see ( sea)!
all the best for you


Please let me know if you have any problems. How I meet your company. The old fashioned way. A lady I meet on the Buffalo River in AR. I'm a NYC'er.

I bought my Husband an anchor pendant when we got engaged in Aruba in 1984. He has recently lost in in the Long Island Sound, on his brother's boat.

So, I thought it appropriate, to get him a close replacement, for his 60th, as we'll be in Europe.

Hope you can get it to me in time!

Thank you,



I don't know if u are a perfectionist, a romantic, or both, but i certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Again, thank you so much for your fast service and attention to detail.


I was out of town and just got the tooth>
PS I am trying to work out the finances on my end to order the gold Mako tooth.
I'll let you know.
Great work!!

Thanks Charlie for that . you have made it very easy to shop with you Michael

Hi Charlie
My trinity knot charm has arrived. It is beautiful - exactly as described.
Thank you for your help. When I see this charm I will think of Ireland and also of where I bought it from.
Enjoy all your future travels.

Thanks Charlie! We're SO excited and we'll be ordering more from you in the future!



Picked up the rings on Saturday and these are amazing! Really appreciate the artistic efforts and the hard work. Picked up the rings on Saturday and they are every bit as nice is the photos.

We won't hesitate to refer people to you (& hopefully it won't involve matching diamonds).

Thank you so much,
Mike & Monica
ps Sounds like your wife has great taste. I'm sure her ring will be just as nice.


IT LOOKS SOOOOO PRETTY!!!! Thank you very much! I can't wait to see it in the different lights. I got the tracking details earlier today. Thank you for everything, Charlie.



You are the greatest… thank you so much!!


Hello Charlie, I know you must receive tons of emails daily, but about a week or so ago, we were emailing back and forth conversing about the details of the sand blasted sand dollar versus the white gold with the diamond fingers. I decided on the sand blasted white gold sand dollar size large. My children ordered this for me for mother's day. I love it!! It really does look like a real sand dollar! I love it!!! Thank you very much for your help.



Fits great! Thanks I love it. Keep up the great products.

Hi Charlie,

Just to let you know the package has made it :-)
It is in my bag (I'm still at work) and probably won't get opened until the weekend.
I have had to exercise a lot of self restraint not to have a little peek, can't wait to see it!
It was delivered without problem in the end as normal so sorry for worrying you. I need to remember a bit more patience for overseas items although this has actually been pretty speedy compared to some things I've bought before so thank you again for all your help.

All the best



Hi Charlie!

The rings arrived yesterday and they look better than I imagined, she will love them.. I went to a local jeweler, 35 years in business.. Lots of good reviews.. Actually, no bad ones at all. He had a bit of ego on phone.. He seemed to not like me building my ring. Wanted to sell me one. Anyway, as it turned out. The stone fit perfect! The diamond is great as are the rings.. I got the how did you know it would fit? Lecture.. Wanted GIA report.. I saw laser number before and after in microscope. He wanted $200... Didn't have to modify a thing.. I suggested $50

Long story short, he put it in and it's beautiful..

Now for the proposal planning..

I will send you ring picks, you prefer on finger or off?

Thanks again,



Hi Charlie,

I gotta admit you kinda freaked me out with the returned check! The ring is as beautiful as ever and fits much better! Thank you so much. I'm going to buy my Dad some good bottom paint and a bunch of West System. Our Ensign was taking on water just after mid season last year so we had to pull her early. We discovered the bottom of the keel had a few crack in it that we think is from the trailer we have on. Needless to say after more than a few hours of grinding I discovered multiple breaches in the glass and wound up taking off an inch or two of glass off the keel and making a few through holes to dry her out. over the next couple of weekends I'll be injecting West and laying fiberglass. I've never done either but have a great teacher... My Dads been building and fixing boats on Buzzards Bay since he's been a boy. I still have a lot to learn!

Thank you again and go get that boat!



You've been great help and a wealth of knowledge. I also enjoyed and found valuable your plain advice on the website as well as the comparisons on precious metal. All great stuff.. I will definitely send you pictures on a blank background so you may use on your page as example if you'd like.



She came today! And she is absolutely perfect! Thank you for taking the time and picking a great girl........I can see she is beatiful.

I love my other 2 pieces as well as I think they will counter balance the weight once I add a few more on each side of her (I made excellent choices).

Anyway I wanted to thank you again. I already showed it to one of my friends and he said she is definately unusual - which is just like me to own special items.

Much appreciated your communication with me on this and I will send other people your I too will continue to see if there is something else I desire in the future.

Most Sincerely, Cheryl
(collecting our mermaids of the world)



Received the ring and it's great. Thanks once again for the awesome service.

Cheers, Robin.



Just wanted to let you know we absolutely LOVE our rings! They fit perfectly and are exactly what we wanted. We can't wait to start wearing them!

Thank you so much for all of your help. We really appreciate it.



Thanks for the update. I appreciate you making the ring to size and will look for it next week. It will make a special graduation gift. She's graduating from Carnegie Mellon and the Scottish thistle design is perfect.
Happy Easter.


Hi Charlie!

I got my ring yesterday afternoon and I just wanted to let you know how much I like. It is beautiful!

Thanks again for all if your help.

Have a great trip to Ireland, and if you think about it after you return home, shoot me a line and let me know how much you liked it. Maybe even a picture or two. ;0

Best Regards,


Wonderful! Thank you very much for your help on this! We look forward to seeing it!


OMG! Thank you so much. You are awesome, Charlie! ;0


The charm came today. It is even more beautiful that I had anticipated. Thank you so much!!!

Sent from my iPad


Charlie---You are a dream---I ordered the 29.00 pair immediately from amazon---How come I couldnt find them---maybe because they said 4 leaf when it is really 3 leaf which is what I want---you rock!!! lAURENE


Hej Charlie,

Just wanted to tell you that I proposed three days ago and she said Yes! I've had the rings since december but have waited for the right moment. So a couple of days ago we took a trip to Rome for a weekend. One of the days we went to the Zoo in the morning and had planned a spectacular dinner in the evening. During the visit at the Zoo she said "This is the best day of my life", cause she loves animals and it was a great day and she was looking forward to the dinner.

And just after we were alone in somewhat of a "rain forest" and I got my nervs together and asked her. Ofcourse she was thrilled but when she saw the ring she started crying.

She has always wanted your rings but thought she would never get them.

I've attached three pictures one on both rings, one with the ring in action and another on my future wife with the ring.

Thanks again and all people thinks that the ring is really beautiful.

Only problem (not really a problem) is that I've lost 21 kg since I bought the rings so I need to shrink it.

Thanks again, will surely be back later. And refer as many as I can.

Viktor & Sofie


Really excited about the rings. Your work is very impressive.



Hi Charlie,
Chain arrived this morning all safe and sound.
I love it.
Thanks for all you've done.
Cheers mate,
New Zealand


I'm ridiculously excited about these bands. Rob wasn't sold on the tri-color until I told him the symbolism. One color for his family, one for mine, and one for the family we are creating together.

Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it!


Thank you, Charlie. You are the second really nice "merchant" I have met from online shopping! I will recommend your web site to my friends! I appreciate all of your help with this.

Sent from my Droid


Woohoo! Got it!
I will let you know how it goes. Looks great to me!

Thanks Charlie,
I'll be in touch.



Thank you Charlie! Your customer service and honesty is greatly appreciated and refteshing!
I will let you know when the ring arrives. Thanks again!


: Just beautiful and perfect. I can't wait to show my wife. Thank you again and keep in touch!



Hi Charlie! I just picked up the necklace today, I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for all your help. Now hopefully my guy will love it as much as I do, we'll see :/ it's beautiful, thank you.


Thank you Mr. Bennett. Although it didn't work out, it was a pleasure doing business with you and I hope to have an opportunity to do business with you in the future.


Picked up the ring today. AMAZING! Great job, Charlie! Overall experience 12 out of 10!!! Out of the park homerun! Couldn't ask for better service, or higher quality product. Best experience EVER shopping online. I would give my highest recommendation to ANYONE looking for jewelry. Way to go!


Good afternoon Mr. Bennett,

The merchandise with the purchase order document were placed in the mail today, fully insured and certified. Expected date of delivery is Monday, 17 March. Again, thank you for your outstanding customer service. You and your team are true professionals.





first off, that was the fastest turnaround time i have ever experienced from ordering to receiving. but more importantly, i absolutely love the charm. it's exactly what i wanted for my sister. and i will be asking for one for my birthday. it is perfect.

thanks so much.



Good morning!!!! :
This is wonderful news!!!!! You guys are the greatest!! I will be at work both Thursday and Friday.

Nails, yes; that is a good idea! No French for Eric!?! Just kidding…that wouldn't be good. :

Thank you soo much!!!

Kindest regards,



The bracelet was delivered to my office last Friday. I got it this morning. It's beautiful.

Warm Regards,



Hi Charles
Dolphin pendant arrived safe & sound today in Canada!


I took a very small flat screw driver and used it like a small shovel droping and tapping it down toward the head and then the tail until it wouldn't take anymore. It seems to be full just waiting till monday to get it soldered over. This is what I talked about with my son (one of the hardest conversations I will ever have).But he liked the idea to keep fishing with me and I know he probably was around watching and steading your hand as you made it. It will be perfect! Thanks again. Butch

(One of the most difficult pieces made to date. Put a back to a hollow fish with an opening for his sons ashes. Cancer sucks.)


Turtle arrived today. She's a beauty. Thanks so much.



Dolphin got here yesterday they look great will send you a pic of them some time this week end thanks


Hi Charlie
Just wanted to thank you for my wedding band. Both the ring and size are perfect.
Thank You so much!
Hope you have a happy birthday on March 29th.
Sincerely Erik

Thanks Charlie... I am very happy with what I went with... I will be a returning customer...


Hey Charlie, got the ring and LOVE it!! :)

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you but I'm in Investor Relations and it's our earnings week so been slammed.

Thanks again for your help and I'm pretty sure I'll have some referrals for you once others see it :)

Take care,


Hello Charlie,

I got my MKV Divers Helmet today and it look great. You really put a lot detail into this helmet. Thank you. It is something I will wear for the rest of my life.

I will probably be ordering some more gold from you before long.

Have a nice evening.



Hi Charlie.

The turtle arrived this morning and looks better than in the website picture. Very pleased and thank you. By the way, Customs Canada did not try to charge me anything.



Good morning

Just cleaning out my box and wanted to thank you Charlie. The ring is beautiful- a real work of art, and fits perfectly. It is everything I imagined when I placed the order and I'm very happy with it.

Warm regards, Tim


The package has arrived and my wife is going to love it!
Another successful Valentine's Day is assured in a couple of weeks.
Thanks very much.



Hello Charlie,

Thank you for turning this around for us quickly! As with that old Turtles song, there so happy together.
These are so much nicer than the coat hanger wire RI's Axxx and Axx are making million with.
We like switching out the charms we are collecting and most will fit her smaller diameter bracelet, but not my larger mans version. You see what I have done with the earring shackle, but it just to big. A small quarter inch one as you suggest May be just right; like what's on the Herreshoff anchor #NAC477. My next order will include Shell.bh2, but I would like to fit on the larger bracelet.




Thanks for your quick response, I have found companies that do that but the quality in detail doesn't come close to yours. I do not need to see the ashes.I was looking at possibly the redfish or maybe the snook. I'm not sure if they would be big enough or not. Let me know what you think I know the other companies pendants have a hole with a little screw cap that would seal. If it is not possible right now you guys might want to consider getting into this market your product selection is superior to anyone else. Thanks Butch


HEY CHARLIE!!!! THE RING JUST ARRIVED!! IT IS SPECTACULAR!!! WE LOVE IT!!! THANK YOU!!!! We are going to go to a jewelry store this weekend and have my ring finger measured....I am going to order the exact same ring (3 strands, etc) in my size. We'll get back to you soon! Have a great weekend. Barb


Charlie! You are just too wonderful! We are so excited to get the ring! The timing is too perfect for words.....on Saturday night we celebrated the 22nd anniversary of our first dinner together and this week is very special to us. Thank you again for all of your help with the ring. Doing business with you is an absolute pleasure!! Barb


Charles I recived my SHAKLE this after noon.I was a little worried ordering sight unsean but this is just what I wanted I will be in touch in the weeks to come to get the mother dolphin with the baby at her side. Thanks Capt.


I hope that things are finally quieting down for you after the busyness of the holiday shopping season. I also hope that this year was a great one for you.

My wife was thrilled with the beautiful pendants that I bought her for Christmas.

I wish you and yours a most happy and healthy New Year.

Best regards,

PS Thanks for making me a hero again this year with your beautiful jewelry!


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