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That sounds fair to me. Thank you for all your help. I know it was not your fault. the gift was for our son who is a Merchant Marine Officer, fresh out of college. He was thrilled with the gift. We took a picture and wrapped it for him. Thanks again.
Hi Charlie
Thank you very much. Everything arrived, your package and the piece itself. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
Thanks again
THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN ..... FOR EVERYTHING!!! you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS too!!! and I am sure he will love it.
Charlie!....I'll be hiding it...thank you much for great service...Have a great Christmas and New year!! Eric

Hey Charlie!
Thank you so much!
The ring is amazing; I am so pleased with the prompt service and the quality of the goods.
It was worth paying the Customs Duty/ Tax.
I will certainly be using your services in the future and thank you again!

I received the order today and wanted to tell you how pleased I am with everything. All items were beyond my expectation and I could not be happier. It's a pleasure to do business with you. I will certainly purchase with you again and refer you to anyone who comments on how beautiful the jewelry is.
Have a very Merry Christmas.
Wow thank you soo much! that sounds great! Merry Christmas!
You are awesome...thanks so much.
Hi Charlie!
Just wanted to say Happy Holidays to you!
I hope you are doing well.
Thank you so much. That is very interesting, I pay an extra $8.00 a month to have my card insured and they don't inform their customers of that important information! I want to thank you for all of your help and your knowledge. If you have a supervisor that you would like for me to sing your praises to, I would be more than happy to! Normally they only hear the complaints. It's a nice change when you actually hear a compliment.
Thanks Again,
Just got the earrings...Love them.
I know my wife will go crazy over them.
Interesting that USPS did not update the confirmation...but wanted you to know that they arrived and I am very happy with them. I will be ordeing from you again.
Happy holidays and Thank You,
I was away for a week. When i went to the Alva P.O. this morn to pick up my mail. they told me there was no package for me to sign for. After your e-mail, I called them and they found it and I just went up and picked it up. I t was even more beautiful than it looked on line. My wife is a very happy camper. Thank You so much.

Thank you. It's beautiful. Husband lost his cross 6 months ago and I thought it would be impossible to find one like it. It's perfect.
A Good Man of One is Worth an Ordinary Man of Many. Thanks Charlie. Hope the gift works out.
Thank you for your prompt reply, Charlie.
I received the order today. It is just what I wanted.
Best wishes,
Hi Charlie
I want to thanks you for the great service you have provided during the process of purchasing the item for
I can appreciate a good service when I get one
I wish you a marry coming Christmas and a Happy New Year--
Thanks, Charlie.
You've just made me cry in class!
You have been great to us as well.
I was just telling my husband this morning about the time I wanted a piece from another site, and they would not ship to Canada. You ordered the piece, had it sent to you, then shipped it to me, with nothing in return.
Thank you so much for the piece for Mackenzie. I know she will love it.
It is nice when "good people" in this world connect with other "good people".
Our most heartfelt wishes to you and your family for a wonderful holiday season.
Stuart, Tara, and Mackenzie

Hi Charlie
I received the anchor yesterday, Nov 17th It is just what I wanted.
Thanks Again
Hi Charlie,
Don't know why FedEx tracking email did not show up (even in my Junk folder), but it is now a mute point. The ring arrived a few minutes ago.
The ring just lovely!!! Thank you so much for your quick shipping, quick response to my email, and courteous service.
I wish you happy holidays!
MOST EXCELLENT !!! I can't thank you enough for getting back to me so quickly and for setting up the order form link. My husband is ordering this for me as an early Christmas gift. I am THRILLED. Good customer service is greatly appreciated and you have earned a new and loyal customer. I can't wait to receive the charm and I will most definately be sharing your website with my friends and family. You have made my day !!!
Got the ring today. Perfect. Fit size and the fine turks head braid is terrific I'm thrilled and can't wait to start wearing it!
Thanks so much
You are the bomb-diggity. Thank u again so much for helping to make this right.
Michelle ;-)
Hi Charlie
Got the pendant from my dad this morning, it's absolutely perfect.
Thanks for all your time, effort and explanations of getting it here. An excellent product and an even better service.
If you want to put a review on your website please feel free to put my name on it!
Thanks again
Marc in UK
Hi Charlie:
I am happy to report that the second pendant arrived safely here in Pebble Beach!!! Thank you for your understanding as we navigated through this very unusual transaction. I love the pendant and will look forward to wearing it on our upcoming vacation to St. Croix.

Hello Charlie,
I received the earring in the mail yesterday. It's beautiful! I'm sure my friend will be very happy with it.
Charlie, just received the ring. It's awesome work and fits perfect. The wife wants to know if she can take to be engraved?
Thanks again! Great work!!
Got it today. Just what the Doctor ordered. Thank y0u very much, Don
Just picked up your package. Thank you very much for putting such effort into it. The charm is perfect and I know my daughter will be pleased.
And I appreciate the extras you gave me.
This was a truly enjoyable experience and I am sure we will do business again. I'll pass your website around to all of my friends.
Thanks again
Thanks Charlie. You guys rock! I can't wait to get home and see it.
Wow. First of all THANK YOU
Just received the Ring today! Exquisite! Love it, fits great, outstanding workmanship...even under the magnifying glass!! Suits my nautical mind and soul very well. I will definitely have a Cannoli at Scuteri's for you! Best Wishes,
Thank you very much, Al
PS ...and really if you are coming through Watkins Glen and have time for cocktail and/or a's on me & Connie !
You are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got it!!! Thank you so very much!!! It is always such a pleasure doing business with you!!!!
Thanks again,
Thanks I have always enjoyed my purchases feom Seawear!
Oh Charlie, I am now a member of your fan club. The sextant is beautiful and you are wonderful and I will be happy to refer your company to anyone looking for nautical and celtic jewelry as well to shop only with you for myself when I need those types of gifts.
Thank you so much for making this happen so seamlessly.
I just ordered a pendant through your website. I was then reading the email that came to my inbox and I began to get nervous. I just ordered with a credit card and I also just moved so I sent the pendant to a new address. Is that okay? Thanks for the clarification.

Thank you soooo much. Your perfessionalism has been very much appreciated. Hope everything is good with your dad!!!!! talk to you soon!!
Charlie, we want to tell you how much we love the rings! Thank you so much for making it a painless evolution.
Greg & Susan
Hi Mr. Bennett:
What a nice surprise to receive your email informing me that my pendant is being shipped! It was much sooner than I expected.
Thanks again,
Hi Charlie,
We got the rings, and they're better than we expected! We'll send you a pc of them together after we tie the knot.
Hello Charlie,
the mermaid has arrived Germany. I am happy. Is a very nice piece of jewelry.
Thanks for all.
Best wishes
I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for executing my purchase so quickly. I received the anchor pendant this afternoon and it is certainly better than I expected. I cannot thank you enough for making this happen on such short notice. I really was afraid it was too late to order and wouldn't make it on time, but thanks to you and your your fast order processing and shipping it made it to me with 3 days to spare! Thanks again :)
I hope my boyfriend loves it as much as I do.
I look forward to ordering from you again,
Hi charlie, got my bracelet, & I love it!!! Thankyou, Maureen
Hi Charles,
I felt compelled to let you know how absolutely THRILLED my blushing bride of 25 years was with the beautiful jewelry that I ordered from SeaWear for our anniversary.
As I mentioned when I ordered, we are avid sailors and finding appropriate jewelry is next to impossible. That was true until I found Seawear!
All the pieces were fantastic, and I can't remember my wife being as thrilled with a gift before. She wears them everyday!
Many thanks for getting everything to me in plenty of time. And congratulations once again, for such a delightful collection of nautical jewelry, and for such a well run company!
Very best regards,
Awesome. Thankyou. Your price per gram is the lowest I could find. I plan to order a Celtic bracelet in the fall. I always joke that I would go without food for jewelry. Maureen
Thanks Charlie! You are the best.
Good morning Charilie: received my ring yesterday, I'm sure you hear this alot, I'm yary happy with the craftmanship of your work the ring looks great and fits perfect everybody including my WIFE are yery impressed, Looking forward getting my wifes ring, Would recemend your work to all my freinds and family, I just wanted to tell you, WELL DONE!!! Thank You! Mike
She loved them and I told her about the Platinum set and she loves the idea as well...She said that your set is too nice to wear everyday and will only wear them on special times...Thank you for your help in the past, present and into the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are beautiful Charlie and I know that Carol will love them...I will let you know what she thinks as will give them to her this weekend...
Will look forward to ordering the Platinum bands in the Fall..
Thanks so much. Funny story about that little charm -- well, funny to me I guess, probably not to anyone else... I saw that cute little charm in the window of a closed jewelry store on Coronado Island last night as I was leaving the theater. I took time off work this morning to go over there again this morning to price the charm and perhaps buy it, even knowing that it was probably going to be at least $100. The store was supposed to open at 10, I fought for a parking place and got there right at 10, waited outside in the hot sun for an hour and they never opened. So I came back to my office and googled "gold charm detail anchor" and your site came up and I found the exact little charm at a reasonable price --and free shipping! -- and ordered it. So even though I tried to shop locally, locally didn't cooperate with me! Thank you. You have a lovely site, and I love all the Celtic stuff too. Hope to buy one of those charms at some point.
Its here! He loves it -many thanks! Looks like good quality and beautiful design!

Hi Charles,
Just to let you know, we returned from our trip last night, and my little gold manta pendant was waiting for me.
Thank you very much, I'm very happy with it.
You responded quickly to my email on shipping. I just wanted to let you know I received that very day. I LOVE it, it's just as it looked in the pic & perfect for the gift I'm preparing.
Many thanks & I'll shop again!
Hi charlie Moshe from Iseael thanks for your fast and perfect shipping you are a big big 10 i love the way you work!!!
Hi Chas,
I am writing you an email on behalf of my friend Ann Troy she is 87 years old and has never ordered anything on the internet. Over lunch she mentioned to me she had been searching for a gold anchor for a necklace since she left the navy. I asked her when she left the navy she said 1945. I said,"there is neat thing called google you can search for 100's of things in seconds. Your website was the first to come up so we clicked on it. We found one she liked and ordered it.
She was overjoyed at the possibility of finding something she had been looking for, for over 65 years. I cc'ed her on this so she will have record of her order. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing your work.
Please reference order number 2180-8406-3866
WOW!!!!!!!!! I feel like a millionaire!!!! And it's all your fault!!!
We ordered our rings and hoped for the best. Well we got better! Better customer service. Better response time. Just BETTER than all the rest! And that's just on your behalf now on to the rings. If anyone is in question on whether or not these rings are going to be cheesy and small or have thee quality of the larger chain stores then feel free to give them my e-mail address and I will set them straight. These rings are indescribable! Chain stores only dream of having quality like this. Pictures do not do them justice. The measurements that are given on the web page cannot be imagined properly unless seen in person. These rings are girthy. They make a blue collar guy such as myself look like a millionaire. Furthermore I can't even begin to thank you for the countless times that women have literally fallen over when they see My fiance's rings. The drool factor is very high amongst the ladies.
If your are on the fence to buy from the chain stores or go with custom GO WITH SEAWEAR.COM!!! You will only be upset if you don't.

You responded quickly to my email on shipping. I just wanted to let you know I received that very day. I LOVE it, it's just as it looked in the pic & perfect for the gift I'm preparing.
Many thanks & I'll shop again!
OK, Charlie. Thank you for the advice. I received the pendant today and I am well pleased and I know my wife will be to. Many of the women at our boat club have these type pendants and my wife asked for me to get her one.
But that was a few months ago so she will be surprised when I give it to her this week. Again, thank you and have an enjoyable summer.
Hi Charlie,
I went yesterday to the custom office. Everything clear, I told them, that they can count the price by the insurance. But they didn´t know this price. I only told them that it was for 145$ and they counted me the duty and VAT from this price. So everything clear, without problems.
The rings are perfect. Thank you once more for this rings. Now I have to go to the jeweller and scrape the diamond and ring together... :)
Have a nice day
Hi Charlie.
You are the greatest! Really nice to do business with.
Why can't everyone be that way?
Good Morning Charlie,
The ring is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your time and consideration.
THANK YOU! I'm Albertina Edwards,just got my earrings today,fell in love with them.Is there a way that you could sell just 1?My husband wanted 1 I wanted the other,but now decided that I'd love to have the two.You're very fast and very gracious with your offer of the Fraudfoiler.Nice gift,greatly appreciated.You have an A +++ from us.
Absolutely love it!
I will tell my friends.
You run a great company!
Thanks so much!
Just want to say I got the ring...whew! It is absolutely AMAZING quality! Wow! I took it to a local jeweler and gold dealer to have it engraved and even he said "WOW, where is you have this made, this is really good quality." I just can't wait to give it to him...I may even want one for myself one day! Thank you so much again!
Hi Charlie,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the ring as I was leaving for my cruise.... and I must say you do not disappointment .:)
The ring is beautifully crafted! Thank you for getting here early. We both love it and I think I may want one for my self now.
I would have said thank you until your ears bled lol! That's sad to hear considering just about anyone else would have pocketed the money and not said a thing! At least I know that there are a few honest merchants left in the world lol! Well, thanks again for everything, especially all the time you spent working on this project since thats more valuable than money or material! I wish you and your business the best and I'll be sure to refer you to anyone looking for Celtic/Irish jewelry in the future.
When I ordered the ring, I assume you didn't count on having to send the ring to Florida to get the work done on it and have it resized correct? If you don't mind me asking, wouldn't you have made a loss on the ring or at least lose a good portion of profit on it by doing this?
Thank you so much for supplying such a beautiful ring!

Hi Charlie, I just wanted to let you know that I received the setting and had it sent in to get the diamond mounted today. I have hand it to you, I'm very impressed with the quality of the ring. It exceeded my expectations in every way and it actually looks better in person that it looks in the pictures on your site! Thanks for taking so much time to answer all of my questions and going through all the trouble in getting it sized so that it would be perfect. I appreciate every bit of what you've done for me and I can't thank you enough! If you would like to put parts of this email up on your site for advertising purposes feel free to, you deserve it. Once again, thanks for everything.
Charlie, what can I say..... you rock!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!!
Once again, your assistance with this order was brilliant and I'm sorry if I was a pest at times.
Keep doing what you do!!!
Hi Charlie-
Thank you so much for the timely response and for allowing me to return the item. My compliments to you on your business and professionalism. I purchased an item from you last year; I enjoy it very much and have received MANY compliments on the piece. Even with that purchase I was extremely impressed with your efficiency (website, easy ordering) and how quickly the item arrived.
The resolution of this most recent question adds even more to my respect for you and your business.
I will get the package in the mail today.
A grateful returning and recommending customer,
Hey Charlie!
Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to drop a line and say hello. Spring seems to be finally sticking around, thank goodness. I think this winter made me develop a touch of post traumatic stress!
I brought my ring to get cleaned the other day and the jeweler couldn't believe how nice it was. I gave you some accolades :
I received the 14k gold sand dollar I ordered. It couldn't be more perfect. It is for my granddaughter's first communion(she already has a cross). You have a most complete website.. Everything is so clearly explained as far as size, weight of gold etc.. I had emailed you before ordering to make sure of delivery time and got a prompt response. Great service. I know I will use you again.
Thankyou so much for your help whith this
I hope she likes it im sure she will
What is the name of the company you posted the item with so i can track it, www.????????
Andy Co-Mayo Ireland
Thank you so much for your excellent customer service! Love the charm and the lightening fast shipment of it.
Darlene and Terry
I got it today, its absolutely beautiful!!
The proposal went well, and she said yes!
We have been working out the details of the wedding, and looking for a wedding in Mid Sept-Early Oct.
How much lead time do we need to give to order the wedding bands to match the "EACRA" style of engagement ring?
Both were nice but I really like the Gold thanks

Thanks for all your help! Your customer service is above and beyond the call of duty! All ordered up and we are anxiously awaiting the delivery. Again thanks for ironing out the kinks.
This is exactly the information we needed.
This is the second purchase we have made with you, I am very impressed with the quality of both your product and your customer service and will recommend you without hesitation.
In fact I already have.
Hi, Charlie.
I have been remiss in not letting you know that we LOVE our rings. We were also impressed by the packaging. We are extremely pleased with all our interactions with you and won't hesitate to recommend you. Thanks.
Marie-Jeanne (and Mike)
Hello again (:
I just wanted to tell´you, that i gave the earing to my boyfrined..
He is so happy.. So tank you so much again.. It was the perfect gift (:
- Have a nice day (:
-- Tania
Thank you so much for everything.. I am sure he is going to love it.. (:
- Tania
Hi Charlie,
Picked up the bracelet on Friday after work and it is just perfect. Thanks much for all your assistance.
I will, and have, recommended you to several people here - don't be surprised if you hear from a few more Bermudians.
If every you are planning a trip to BDA please let me know, will be more than happy to show you around.
Again, thanks

Charlie ,
Just wanted to thank you again for all your help.... I can't wait to give this ring to my Fiance' .
I love it. It's exactly what I thought….. Thank you again for all your help.
I will be back to do more business with you.
Thank you for proving to me that one can provide state of the art customer service through e-mail alone without a phone line as well….
Keep up the great job!
Thank you Charlie… I figured you didn't charge me the additional and thank you for that. That is why I will deal with you in the future for more business.
Stay well and thank you for the help.
Best Regards,
You are terrific…. I can't wait to see it… Do I need to be here to sign for it?
Thank you again for the great service….
Hi Charlie!
How's everything going? The ring is still BEAUTIFUL!
Spring seems to finally have arrived. Thank God.
Hope you are doing well!
Wolfgang received the ring today and told me it was beautiful so thank you.
Hope you had or having a good holiday ... and happy birthday.
I received your package in the mail yesterday afternoon - the ring is beautiful and I know my girlfriend is going to love it. So exciting!
That is absolutely wonderful news about the lowered price as well. I'm glad that you heard of their updated pricing in time to apply it to this sale. How long does such a refund typically take to process?
Thank you for your honesty and openness in refunding the money to my card. That in addition to your fantastic customer service and quality products have made a long time customer of me.
Speaking of which...I am thrilled that you will soon be offering the matching band again! Please keep me updated as news becomes available on that.
Thank you for such a stunning ring and a great buying experience, I look forward to buying from you again in the future.
... I'm so excited to have you make this one of a kind ring for my one of a kind groom!
Perfect fit, Charlie.
Hi Charlie,
I received my sand dollar pendant today. I just wanted to email you to let you know how pleased I am with it. Thank you for such prompt service and delivery. It is exactly as shown and what I wanted. It is really lovely.
Hi Charlie, the ring arrived today. Perfect! Many thanks Sharon
Lol. It was well worth the wait!
Charlie! Badass!!! I love it! Its so shiny I had trouble taking a picture of it! Heavy too! Thank you :)
Hello, so last weak I was talking with few jewelers and they told me, that it is no easy to find the stone for the ring and that the ring is usually made for the stone not contrariwise. They said to me that the stone has to fit with the ring in hundredths... They do not want to do it this way and because of that I can't buy only the ring with enhancer... Thank you for the offers and e-mails, but without ring I can not buy it… I can tell that you made probably the nicest claddagh rings on the world, because I haven't find similar nice and in detail rings to no other place.
Have a nice day Charlie
Yes we finally have the jewellry in hand. We only get mail twice a week out here but we made an extra trip to town on Fri and picked it up. The US does freight so well, but our Aussie customs are a lilttle slower. It sat there for five days at least. It is actually quicker to get freight to us from US then to get it from other states in Aust. All in all though it is still amazing how quickly we can get it now when it used to take months.
The jewellry is very lovely and we are thrilled with it. Thanks for the promptness. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. We will now know where to go to check out special gifts in the future.
Good on you mate!
Hi charlie. I just got your email. Thanks very much for the update. No need for apologies. I thank you for being a man of your word. I'd rather wait weeks for a good product than days for a not so good one. Who knows, hahah, maybe they messed up again and will have to redo it. No worries. I can't wait to see it. Plus, I got a good penpal (email pal) out of it :) thanks again for everything!
Again, your merchandise is exactly as described and exactly what I wanted.
I will continue to recommend Seawear for selection, quality and superb
All the Best
Yes there is nothing like the rocky New England Coast...I see now why you have so many sea themed items on your web page.
You are now closer to me in Chambersburg, just around the corner from Harrisburg. I will go back home to Cape Ann and keep the family home up and running. My great-great grandfather built it as a summer cottage for his daughter, my great grandmother and it was too much for my great grandparents to keep up living in Brookline-Boston and we moved in us kids in 1970.
I will be checking out your mariner stuff more in the future!!
Thank you for your wonderful products and great service!!

thank you so much charlie!
i received the ring and it is PERFECT!
i will refer my friends to your website. your service is incredible.
Charlie, I received the cross yesterday which was well in advance of my need, and it is exactly what I was looking for, right size and design. Thank you so much for all of your help and efforts to get the right item to us in time!
Hi there,
Just to tell you that I got this morning the (second) dive flag pendant and it is beautiful, the size is perfect.
Thanks again.
Again, as promised, when I'm back in France end of April, I will send you back the other one.
Thanks again for the trust and good service,
Daniel LL.
She sailed into port today with no issues. Smooth sailing all the way. All very happy with the quality.
I will recommend Seawear to other captains.
Charlie, just received your reminder on restocking. I have now ordered the cross with 1-3 day postal express shipping so should get in plenty of time for our daughter's birthday. Really appreciate all of your help in answering my questions and taking the initiative to arrange to get a new supply of these crosses. You went out of your way to make this happen and I sure do appreciate it! THANKS!
She LOVED the earrings. truly.
Thanks for being there.
Disney?! That's great! 13 years, that's wonderful. Congratulations! But you're good at what you do! You must enjoy it. You're creating history. Look, for the rest of my life I will look down at my finger (the badass ring) and think how you were part of the legacy! So many people contribute nothing to the world, and arw forgotten as fast as they leave the world. You blend with immortality. Because for the rest of time, this ring will exist, from child to grandchild... And you helped make it happen! Don't sell yourself short, charlie! You have created a legacy for yourself!!
Charlie, that's terrific! It's a birthday present for our daughter. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to find what I was looking for. THANKS!
Charlie, thank you. When will you be in MA? I will take you out for the best Guinness and authentic irish music!!
WOW Charlie!!
Package arrived this AM bright and early!! That's faster than Priority shipping.
Thanks again for the terrific service, nothing beats the quality of your stuff!!! Kristy will be so thrilled to have another special Celtic ring. I know she is going to love it! Now, all I have to do is hide til her Birthday. (Thanks for the cleaning cloths too)
I notice you don't have any comment/reviews for 2011 yet... so, let me be the 1st to say: "Top notch all the way!! Nobody beats Charlie!!" Fast, Friendly and Quality like no other!!
Til next time...
Always a pleasure, Capt*n Ron
And beautiful. Thanks for speedy service...
Good Morning
The pendant came out beautifully! Here are a few pictures of it. It was so hard to take a good picture of it. There so much glare from the flash and metal. The picture does it no justice. I know he will love it. Thanks again for your help.

Very many thanks for another helpful email and I am sure we will track something down.
Yes I am English, well spotted.
Very best wishes
Dear Mr. Bennett,
I got my ring enhancer today. It is beautiful! Thank you for making something unique like this available.
thanks for helping me out Charlie. your a pal!
Thank you for the prompt response Charlie. If you ever come across one like that again, I might be interested in purchasing it.
Hi Charlie,
The pendant arrived. It's beautiful. Thanks for an excellent product and great customer service.
I should have ordered a chain from you, too.
Any specials or recommendations?
Just placed the order.
We agree with you, round braid looks better.
We both want to thank you for the lesson in platinum grades and especially the level of integrity you bring to your business.
Marie-Jeanne and Mike
Mr. Bennett,
Thank you so much.
Glad that you shipped via US Postal service.
I ordered a watch for Christmas and the package arrived
with no watch in the case. Someone's head rolled at
United Parcel Service, I'm sure, but it has left me feeling much more
confident with our US Postal system than with other delivery systems!
Charlie, I got the pendant today. Tried to take a few pictures. I will email you tomorrow. We are going up to Boston to visit our son for the weekend. But I will keep in touch. Your story touched me. So many connections, I feel I have made a friend.
Sherry(curly mom) :)
It arrived yesterday!! So happy!!!
hi Charlie
After reading your explanation, I completely understand. Thank you for sending this gift out promptly and your kind wishes...
Warm regards,
Hello charles how goes it? Got the package today. I am very pleased with it. Its beautiful. I am very grateful for you and steven douglas for going so far out of your way to make this happen. Can't thank you enough. I would def buy from you again.
Just want to let you know that i received my pendant, i love it! It completely exceeded my expectations. Wish you had it in a larger size;). Thanks so much!!!!!
Angela :)
The ring arrived today and it looks beautiful. Thank you so much for
making the exchange, and for doing it so quickly.
Thank you so much Charlie! I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to get my rings! You have been an absolute pleasure to work with on the most important ring of my life.
The future Mrs. McNabb

Mr. Charles Bennett,
Thanks again for helping me keep the Smiles alive with
my Little Lady.
Very Respectfully
I was worried about ordering online and having everything fit together, so I really appreciate the personal attention. Ask all the questions you need.
And thanks again!
Hope the blizzard's not hitting you to hard.

Thanks for sending it out before you got the payment. You don't find that kind of trust very often in this world today. I really appreciate your trust and courtesey. Mailed the U.S. Postal M.O. to you this morning at the branch post office before 9:30 with pick-up at 10:00 A.M. for delivery to the main post office sorting center. You should get it by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest allowing for the weather. We're also supposed to get freezing rain starting around 7:00 P.M. so we booked a motel room near the airport tonight so we don't have to drive 25 miles on slippery roads tomorrow at 6:00A.M. to get our plane. We're keeping our fingers crossed hoping that the weather isn't too bad tomorrow so we can get out on time. We will only be a mile from the airport so at least we know we won't be late or miss our flight. Thanks again for all you have done. It makes the whole transaction an AAA+++ experience.
The ring, actually rings, are here, and they look great! Thanks again for all your help. When it comes time to get a wedding band for me, I'll remember to look you up again. Until next time!
Hi, I just wanted to say Thank-you for letting us know one of our cards was going to be used for fraudulent activity. I have closed the card down and notified our member of the attempts made on the card. You very well could have just saved us a lot of money, and I really appreciate that.
Thanks again,
3Rivers Lending
whooohooo! it arrived yesterday and is a perfect match!!! the rogue flying fish came back to the school! have them on now and do sooooo appreciate that you included the backs....never would have thought of that and they are snug against my ears as we speak! love the photo on your card too.....can't wait for it to warm up to take a billifishing trip to the stream!
fabulous! you have been just great and i do so appreciate it...will let you know when it arrives!
Charlie, I just received the bracelet, and you were correct, it is much more awesome than the px on the website.This is what I have wanting for years. Your my guy. Thanks again. Murray
Thanks for your professionalism!!
Thank you for your prompt service and returned email. I will be keeping the gold cross and not returning it. Thank you for the good customer service which is really hard to find anymore.
Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much!
I would like to thank you for your honest pricing. No I couldn't afford anything more than I paid. I want to thank you for making my christmas more affordable. And will always shop your site first for future gifts thanks again. Thom

How do you sell these so much cheaper than thhe other websites?
We have much in common.
My Mom was taken from me at age 20, and my friend was a recovering addict that I was doing everything possible to help get straight.
His reward was a job in my company once he completed a inpatient program and remain clean for 6 months afterword's.
He was so excited about his new start. He was living under my roof and I found him gone on a Sunday morning, broke my heart.
But my business has sky rocketed since his passing.
So I believe I have 2 guardian angels, My Mom and my buddy.
Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to look at my site, and keep doing what you're doing, it's working.
Your friend with cancer, what's his name? I would like to include him on my prayer list.
Take care,
(Tom, the artist that made so many of our custom pieces)cb
Received the necklace today, outstanding piece!!!!
Will be a repeat customer for sure!!

Thank you! I love your selection of products and now that I know the customer service is also excellent, I am sure we will be doing business again.
Hello Charlie,
I wanted to thank you for prompt service and an EXCELLENT website!!! My wife and I are fishing enthusiasts and I have bought her a lot of jewelry regarding that theme.
We will be watching for new items!
Thanks again,
I recently ordered a bowline pendant for a Christmas present for my wife (order # 2153-1137-1553). It was the #knot-bow large 14K pendant. Thank your for your prompt response addressing my question about Christmas availability. The item was received on time and was a hit with the recipient.
Of course, it was only about two minutes before concern was expressed that the pendant did not "match" existing chains in jewellery box. So I would like to order a rope chain necklace to go with it. I'm writing for advice on which size is best "fit" for the pendant in terms of visual match and proper hanging qualities. I am assuming the 1.25 or 1.5 MM size, but don't know which is best pairing. Can you advise??
If you have retained card information, I'm fine with you going ahead and placing order for appropriate item. If you need me to generate a ew request, please let me know by return email.
Thank you for your original service and for this additional help. I know this does not represent a huge sale for you and I appreciate the help.

Got the ring and had a blue sapphire placed in it. Proposed on Dec 2nd and she absolutely loved the ring. I placed my order for my band today. Thank you for the excellent ring. Everyone that saw it at the Shane Company loved the ring and the stone made it look that much better. Thanks again for excellent service.
She LOVED the bracelet.
Thanks as always for your service and your expertise.
Thank you for good customer service. I may be placing a new order. The first one was smaller than he wanted.
Hi Charlie,
I just wanted to let you know that the rings arrived on New Year's Eve, and I love them! Thank you so much; you've been so helpful and pleasant. Ordering things online can be scary, but you've made this a positive experience. :) We ordered a diamond for the engagement ring as soon as we got it. :D So thanks again, and happy new year!

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