This is the Seawear custom diver down 14kt gold diamond divers ring. Designed by divers and created by a wildlife sailing artist diver! This is the second edition. Much more detail to the faces, diamond bar and underneath the stone setting. It was designed to be worn. Comfortably. Listen...

The dive flag is made up of a large Carnelian stone for that deep ox blood coral look. The white banner is a separate piece of white gold that is added to the yellow gold ring, hand set with eight (8) 1.5pt diamonds, total carat weight of .12cts of SI or better. This is not cast with the diamonds in place. Each one is carefully done. The underside of the ring is open to give the stones fire and brilliance, the Carnelian stone is set from underneath and then secured in place. This also keeps the weight down, somewhat. It still comes in at approximately 27gms! Weigh your school ring! If you can find a Football Super Bowl Ring, weigh that to compare! Usually around 50gms!

diamond scuba diver ring

The top, front and back are highly polished. The white gold diamond bar is the centerpiece of the International signal for 'DIVER DOWN' and is 16mm or 5/8". The face of the ring is 16mm tall or 5/8". Yes, the same as the diagonal. The flag is 14x18mm or 9/16"x5/8". The red stone is genuine Carnelian stone hand cut to fit the ring. It is not imitation or red onyx.


thickness of gold scuba diver flag ring

The curvey lines are the body of the moray eel or sea serpent.


diver down flag with diamonds

The scuba diver down diamond ring is 6mm or nearly 1/4" tall off your finger.


moray eel dive ring

The very detailed head of the moray eel which is raised up off the ring, the background is finely textured for contrast.

The sides of the ring are 14mm wide or 1/2" and taper down to 7mm wide or 1/4". The thickness is 2mm or 1/16". The back of the ring has been left smooth and polished to allow space for any sizing changes in the future. This side has been left smooth higher on the side. Most rings tend to fall to one side, this is to make it more comfortable when it falls to this side.


sea horse on diver down ring

The other side has a raised seahorse, again on a textured background for contrast. The tip of the tail from the moray can be seen as well. The seahorse goes almost to the bottom of the ring. This is meant to be on the side that will show up when it falls to the other side. For a while, you will make sure it is 100% centered on your finger when you first wear it! When it becomes part of you, it will settle to one side!


diver down flag ring

Note the depths of the ring. You can look into the flag and see how high the gold sits up. That is how thick the diamond bar is. The stone is one piece.


high polish and craftsmanship of the diver down flag ring


underside showing carnelian stone in scuba diver ring

Note the genuine carnelian stone is one piece. Secured on the sides. The shadow of the diamond bar is visible from the other side. When light flows through the carnelian stone, it has a transparent look to it.


underside of deep red carnelian stone

When the other side of the carnelian is blocked as in when you are wearing it, it takes on a very deep red hue.


diver down flag with carnelian stone and diamonds set in white gold


14kt white gold scuba diver ring 14kt white gold scuba diver down ring


Dimensions -
Front of the ring is 18mm wide
Flag is 14mm by 18mm
The scuba ring tapers to a 7mm comfortable fit in the back
The height of the ring is 6mm from where it rests on your finger.
Weight app. 22 - 23gms
Diamond weight is .12cts
14kt yellow gold

#SDR1 - $1,795.00 for in stock size 11 white gold *

Allow 3-4 weeks. Listed sizes are in stock and can easily be sized up or down by your jeweler. Anything else allow 3-5 weeks

With gold at $1,400oz a new ring is $2,695 to be made up to size 12.0




First edition ring comments -

(Second edition is further refined. The first edition went around the world, this one is expected to go to Atlantis!)

September 24, 2003
WOW! , What a ring, it's beautiful and fits perfect, outstanding craftsmanship, if I dive with it on I don't need to wear a weight belt, I can't wait to show it off, thanks Charlie.
Jim O'Connor
November 30, 2001
Hi Charlie;
Got the ring yesterday, it was very quick. The ring is absolutely gorgeous!. I am absolutely sure, he won't have to make it bigger. And I am absolutely sure, he is gonna love it too. And all his diving friends will be jealous. But now because he qualified as Assistant Instructor, he can flaunt it.What is the sign on the inside of the ring, is it the jeweller's stamp? And what is a Carnelean stone? Never heard of it, but is looks just perfect there.Thanks again for the good and quick service.
Best regards,

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