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Celtic Saint Patrick's Cross and Saint Michael, Florian medal


gold st florians medal#FLORIAN - $40~115

St Florians medals in all gold. From the smallest 10mm 7/16" or medium 20mm 3/4" or large 25mm 15/16" across. The bottom panel is polished smooth for engraving.

st michael policemans medal#762522 - $135.00 - 5/8" tall - 2.4-2.9gms

#762523 - $195.00 - 1" tall - 4.8-5.3gms

14kt Saint Michael's medal for law enforcement, soldiers, paramedics and firefighters. This model of St Michael's is the one most often worn by police, military MP, and their family members in the shape of their badge or shield.

St Florians firefighters medal cross #7721107 - $445.00 - 6.3gms

#7721106 - $135.00 - 2.6gms

St. Florians Firefighters Medal or Cross done in 14kt yellow and white rhodium. Highly detailed, the background is a sandblasted florintine finish while the hook & ladder, fire hyrdrant, FD and white gold firefighter are all highly polished. Back side is flat and highly polished and suitable for engraving. Large one is 30mm or almost 1.25 inches and the smaller one is 20mm or 3/4 inch tall.

silver saint florians firefighters medal #STFLSIL - $45.00

Sterling silver Saint Florian's firefighter protector. With Erin Go Bragh engraved on back side with endless heavy 24" curb chain. 25mm x 25mm or 1" x 1"

silver saint michaels badge medal #STMICSIL - $45.00

Sterling silver St Michael's medal in the badge shape for law enforcement. Very detailed showing the slaying of the dragon. With Erin Go Bragh engraved on back side with heavy endless 24" curb chain. 20mm x 27mm or 3/4" x 1 1/16"

14k Saint Christopher medal #8839 - $225.00

14kt Saint Christopher's medal, the Patron Saint of travelers, depicted on a four leaf clover pattern. The reverse side has an airplane, automobile, ship and train. Both sides extremely high polish and difficult to photo. Thick and heavy at app 5gms Just over 3/4" tall and across or 20mm

St Michael Patrol Saint medal in 14kt white gold with 14kt yellow gold Celtic Cross #REL064 - $175.00

Saint Michael Patron Saint of Law Enforcement Celtic Cross in two tone 14kt gold. Cross is 14kt yellow and medal is 14kt white gold 13/16" across (just over 3/4") and 1 1/8" tall or 20x29mm all highly polished App 2.5gms

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