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Claddagh Crosses and Claddagh Celtic Cross

are an adaption of the Celtic Cross. The Claddagh has been adorned on a simple cross or to a more elaborate Celtic Cross.

Claddagh cross with diamond and garnet heart#CC753 - 2.4gms - $245.00

14k polished Claddagh cross with hand set .01ct diamond and 6mm garnet (.75ct equivalent). Bail is built into the upper point of cross while the Claddaghs make up the side supports of the Claddagh cross. One inch tall and .75 inches across.

two tone claddagh cross #14254 - 1.5gms - $75.00

Two tone 14kt Claddagh cross. The Claddagh is done in white gold and the Celtic cross in 14kt yellow gold. 7/8" tall. Heavy enough for a charm bracelet or necklace. Small enough for a child.

#1522 - 3.1gms - $215.00

Incredible 14kt white gold Celtic Claddagh cross. The braid of Celtic knots is made up of six separate ropes. They are done in a see-through pattern. The round portion is designed in New Grange spirals. 1.25" tall

#2703 - 3.1gms - $175.00

Exceptionably detailed Celtic Claddagh cross with see-through Celtic knot rope pattern and New Grange spirals. You must click on the picture! 1.25" tall or 31mm. Will export to Ireland and UK. Highly polished

celtic cross with rose gold claddagh heart#REC018 - 1.1 gms - $55.00

14kt gold Cross with the Claddagh symbol within the Celtic circle. 3/4" tall or 22mm

claddagh cross#RECC10A - $115.00

Claddagh cross in 3D. The Claddagh is on top of the cross which gives it a very in depth appearance. 3/4" tall (20mm) 14kt yellow

infant claddagh cross#R4067 - $45.00

Tiny 14kt infant cross with the Claddagh heart in the center. 13mmx10mm (1/2" x 3/8") Can be used on a pin or with a very light chain.

14kt gold Claddagh cross made in Irealnd 073 - $395.00

14kt Claddagh Cross made in Ireland. Thick, high polish on the back side, bail has Celtic knots on both sides, 7/8" wide 23mm and 1 5/8" tall 41mm WITH bail. Knotes are raised and highly polished, the black is the reflection of the camera lense. App 5.5gms Only one remainging

14kt small Claddagh cross #REC469 - $55.00

14kt small Claddagh cross. 3/4" tall and half inch wide. Ideal for light chain, baby or wedding cross for bridal party. App 1gm

Jade Claddagh Cross #41274 - $95.00

Green quartz Claddagh cross with 14kt bail, round end caps and 14kt white gold Claddagh. 15/16" tall or 24mm; 5/8" across or 16mm; 3/16" thick or 4mm

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