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Saint Brigids Cross

are made and hung still today in Ireland. The feast day is February 1 which is also the start of the Celtic spring season. Saint Brigid is known as the Patroness of the Green Isle. Known for founding the Church of the Oak now called Kildare, giving to the poor, teaching art and illuminations. It is said she plaited rushes into a cross and explained Christianity to a dyeing pagan chieftain who converted and was baptized before he died. It is also said that from the name Brigid came the name brides to be used instead of patroness.
Brigid or Brigit in Celtic mythology was the truine goddess, daughter of Dagda.

saint brigids cross jewelry necklace

#STBRIGID3000 - $445.00

Large, heavy, solid St Brigid's cross necklace in 14kt gold. 1 7/16" across or 36mm. Weight is app 6gms. Cross is imported from Dublin Ireland. One only. Retired

st brigid's cross jewelry necklace

#STBRIG2000 - $295.00

Medium sized Saint Brigids cross jewelry necklace finished on all sides. 1 3/8" across or 35mm. App 3.7gms. Special order from Ireland $695.00

sanit brigid's cross jewelry earings #3775 - $50.00

14k St Brigid's Cross stud post earrings. 1/4" across or 6mm Design of straw jewelry patterns are etched into the cross

Sold Out Retired

14kt Saint Brigids cross earrings #707 - $90.00

14kt Saint Brigid cross jewelry earrings hand crafted in Ireland. These are 8mm across or 5/16". Centered post, great size for primary earring.


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