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Silver Celtic Crosses

offered in sterling silver (.925)

keltic trinity knot cross sterling silver necklace jewelry#NS086 - $70.00 - silver

Sterling silver keltic knot cross and chain necklace from Ireland. 1 1/8" tall 29mm plus bail

sterlinc silver Celtic Cross of Iona#R16012 - $70~345

Sterling silver or gold Celtic Cross of Iona necklace. Taken from Ireland to the Island of Iona in the Irish Sea in the sixth century. 7/8" across and 1 3/8" tall not including bail. 23mmx33mm

800AD Duleek Cross sterling silver necklace#DUL49 - $65.00 - silver

Small sterling silver Cross of Duleek jewelry. One inch tall, back is smooth and engraved with 800AD and DULEEK You can see the Hallmark from Ireland at the top on the back side

sterling silver necklace jewelery from Ireland #SIL5400 - $55

Sterling silver .925 filigree jewelry see thru small Celtic Crosses 3/4" tall or 19mm. Each hallmarked at Ireland's Dublin Castle and comes with complimentary sterling silver curb chain Close out, limited supply, medium and large are sold out.

sterling silver Celtic cross of Muiredach#4843 - $65.00 - silver

Sterling silver cross of Muiredach necklace. Heavy cross finished on front side with 20" chain. 1 3/8" or 35mm tall. Very detailed carvings. Smooth back with Irish Hallmark

high cross of duleek sterling silver necklace #NS094 - $75.00 - silver

The High Cross of Duleek, 800 A.D. stands about 1 1/4" tall, different designs on front and back with Keltic knots running up the sides. Complete with gift box and chain. 14kt gold version Imported from Ireland



Clonmacnoise Scriptures Cross

#SCC1193 - $55.00

This is an Argentium 935 sterling silver replica of the west face of the 9th century cross in the cemetery at Clonmacnoise. Each diorama depicts an event from the New Testament. Top- Last Supper; Left arm - Virgin Mary; Right arm- John the Baptist; Center cross- Christ crucified; top bottom- Arrest of Christ; center bottom- Scourging of Christ; bottom- 2 guards at tomb approached by Mary and Martha. Back side is the same as the front. Finished front and back with the same west side image. Sides are polished. Cross is 1.5" tall and 11/16" wide, almost 3/4" Weight is approximately 4.5gms Shown on an optional 1.7mm 18" wheat chain for reference. Chain is NOT included. Chain is also argentium silver and with the cross it is an additional $30, $45 without the cross. Once the chain is a little dirty, grows some patina and tarnish it will look more like this! This image is while being polished.

Cross and chain 18" 1.7mm wheat link argentium silver

extra large heavy silver Celtic Cross necklace jewelry

#ASCCXL - $95.00

Argentium silver extra large Celtic Cross extra large and extra heavy Celtic Cross at 2" tall and 1 1/2" wide or 51x38mm and 2.5mm thick

large silver Celtic Cross necklace jewelry

#ASCCL - $85.00

Argentium silver large Celtic Cross large heavy Celtic Cross 1 1/2" tall by 1 1/8" wide or 38x27mm and 2.5mm thick.

medium silver Celtic Cross necklace

#ASCCM - $65.00

Argentium silver medium Celtic Cross mediuim pendant or could be large dangle earrings. 1 1/8" tall and 12/16" wide or 27x20mm and 2mm thick

small silver Celtic Cross necklace or earrings jewelry

#ASCCS - $45.00

Argentium silver small Celtic Cross. Can be used as small pendant or dangle earrings. 3/4" tall and 1/2" wide 19x12mm and just over 1mm thick

These last four crosses are made in the ancient lost wax casting process. They are not stamped or machined. Each starts out as a wax. each bail is cast by hand and pinned for closure.

Celtic Crosses Argentium Silver necklace jewelry

Argentium silver is a special patented silver formulation that is imported from Italy and cast at the Seawear studio. The silver content is .935 instead of the .925 required for sterling. Rather than copper an alloy called germanium is used to help prevent oxidation and patina. If you are looking for silver to oxidise, this one takes a long time. This silver will look more like white gold. There is no coating, just the silver. For more details you can visit our Argentium silver page and Made in USA page.

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