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Shark! - Class Chondrichthyes There may not be anything that conjures up visions of fear like that word. Some are dangerous, some not so much. They do possess well developed jaws however, with 5-7 pairs of gill openings. They have cartilaginous skeletons rather that bone and unless a bottom dweller, must swim continually, since they lack a swim bladder and would sink if they kept still. The largest fish of all is the whale shark which can reach some sixty feet!

Did you know... that a shark can detect one part of blood in 100 million parts of water.

Did you know that... Orcas (killer whales) kill sharks by torpedoing up into the shark's stomach from underneath, causing the shark to explode.

Did you know that... the world’s leading shark research facility is located in Sarasota, Florida and that the world’s repository of shark attack information is housed at the University of Florida as the International Shark Attack File. The staggering fact is that in 1999, more recorded shark attacks occurred in Florida than in the rest of the entire world combined!

Tiger sharks and White sharks are probably the most dangerous to humans while Hammerheads rank right up there too.

Be sure to check out the shark teeth collection too!


record catch tail roped hammer head shark #SWHD45671 - $745.00

The second largest Hammerhead shark ever caught in the world was caught in Tampa Bay at 1386 pounds and exceeded 17 feet in length! Can be tail roped or a bale put on. Three dimensional, nicely detailed eyes, the mouth is open and belly has a small opening to show that it is somewhat hollow inside. Length is 2 1/8" for the shark or 2 1/4" with the tail rope. Width is 5/8". App 12.5gms


14k gold hammerhead shark profile #PCS690 - $415.00

No, this is not an F14 doing maneuvers over Virginia Beach! This is 'Old Hitler' from the Gulf side of Florida. Laugh and scoff, but until you have seen him swim along side and under a 40' boat and look back at you and not be afraid, then you will know. Bigger than a VW bus but not as large as a Greyhound Bus (that was the sea croc in Australia that was torpedoed). This is a 14k highly polished business end of Old Hitler, the giagantasourous hammerhead shark! Mouth is slightly open as he comes up on you, choosing to bite you in half to consume you in two gulps. 1 1/8" wide and 7/8" tall (28x22mm) and this one weighed 6.9gms. Hopefully, you won't be seeing this view while diving.


14kt gold deep sea hunter shark pendant

#SHARK190 - $445.00

The reaper of the deep! Perfect shark profile done in all high polish, sapphire eye, large pinned bail. 1 5/8" across or 42mm approximately 7gms.


mako shark charm

#MAKO256 - $575.00 - 8gms

Mako shark necklace charm in full round 3D with a body twist!

tail roped great white shark

#NAC679 - $675.00 - 12.2gms

The great white in 3D tail roped! Lips pulled back in one last attempt at revenge! A little more than 2 1/4" in length.


3D great white shark pendant#NAC403 - $545.00

A 13-foot Great White was caught behind Anna Maria Island on the bayside years back and several more of that size recently on the Gulf side waters. 14kt great white with lips pulled back in preparation for dinner. Perhaps you! Totally awesome 3D highly polished solid 14kt gold. 2 1/8" across and app 10gms


14k gold half round shark pendant #SHRK17 - $295.00

Highly polished finish 14k half round 2D shark app 4.7gms and 1 3/8ths inches across. Perfectly profiled


deadly man eating thresher shark #20064 - $270.00 - 5.4gms

The pose of a deadly thresher shark hunting his territory... ready to pounce on anything in his path! 1 7/8" across and 3/4" tall.


#912 - 4gms - $200.00

14kt shark eyeballing dinner... you! 1.75" across High polish with textured under belley


14kt shark necklace pendant #914 - $140.00

14kt shark in all high polish, with bared teeth. App 2.8gms and 1+ 5/8" across


14kt gold full round 3D shark charm #SHRK1022 - $185.00

14kt shark done in high polish, full round 3D detail. Just under 1" across or 24mm. App 3gms


gold shark jewelry necklace pendant #SHRK244 - $165.00

Small shark pendant or would work for a charm bracelet. 3/4" or 20mm wide and 5/8" or 10mm tall. App 2.5gms This is the smallest one we have been able to make and still have all the teeth!


shark attack from just under the surface necklace pendant #SHRK107 - $455.00

Shark poised to attack just under the surface. Full round, 3D finished on all sides. 1 5/8" or 42mm long from nose to tail. This one is unusual in that the artist tried to make a sharkskin finish on the body while the fins are smooth. You have to catch it in the right light. We can polish it smooth as well. This is an old design from the 1970s in Naples FL. App 7.6gms


shark jewelry pendant necklace #SHRK414 - $345.00

Quick turn open mouth gotcha! 1 5/8" across app 6gms. Sharkskin texture with polished fins. Scooped out back. Bail for up to 5mm chain.

san jose fans man eating shark

#898 - $295.00 - 4.9 gms

This one's a man-eater! That sneer, the lips pulled back to expose rows and rows of razor sharp teeth! I hope you never see this except from a boat. 1 3/4" tall and 1 1/8" wide. Not for the faint of heart... only for fans of San Jose!

gold hammerhead shark pendant
#15205 - $210.00

Hammerhead shark makes a very striking pose. Eyes visible on each side of his head. About 1 1/8" across and 1" high fin to fin. App 3.5gms weight


14kt hammer head shark pendant with open jaws #9112 - $275.00

Hammer head shark with raised head, jaws open and tail poised. This guy has you in his sights!! Hollowed underside even though it is shaped like a 3D full round image. Light at app 4.5gms and looks wicked! About 1 1/8" or 28mm across and 7/8" or 22mm tall.


14kt hammer head shark necklace pendant #SHK224 - $325.00

Hand made shark pendant in high polish 14kt. Hidden bail under the tail allows up to 4mm chain or 6mm omega. Very detailed, correct and scooped out belly keeps the weight down to 5-6gms Length is 39mm or 1 9/16"; height to top of dorsal fin is 8mm or 5/16"; width of hammerhead is 12mm or just under 1/2"'; width of pectoral fins is 15mm or 9/16"

Polished like a mirror!

White gold $345 in stock 5.3gms



14kt hammerhead shark jewelry pendant #SHARK417 - $425.00

Hammerhead shark pendant in 14kt natural yellow gold. Main body has been polished smoth without the sharkskin texture. We can texture it if you prefer. 1 3/8" tall plus bail and 1 1/8" across. App 7gms


white gold hammerhead shark jewelry necklace#SHARK417wg - $450.00

Hammerhead shark done in white gold with amazing texture and detail. Main body is done in sharkskin texture while the head, gills and fins are all high polished. 1 3/8" tall plus bail, 1 1/8" across, app 7.5gms. Eye sockets are there and deep. Premium white gold without rhodium plating.

tiger shark jewelry charm

#922 - $195.00

Angry shark making a quick turn back with a snarl on his face. About 1" from his nose to tail tip app 3.3gms

small baby 14kt shark in 3D #923 - $130.00

Baby brother to the shark above! Small at 3/4" or 21mm across, 3D finished full round on all sides. Ideal for charm bracelet, small chain or someone's first shark! Ave 2.6gms


shark attaching fish pendant SHARK ATTACK!!

#SHK909 - $745.00

3D full round 14kt shark attacking my fish! Now this is a bad day of fishing! Solid gold, heavy, extra large bale will accept up to 6-7mm chain, 2 5/8" long from tip of tail to nose, 7/8" from top of bail to underside of shark belly. Requires a very strong chain. Allow 3-4 weeks made to order. This one sold.


great white shark strike attack Great White Strike!

#SHKGWS - $1,595.00

Solid 14kt great white caught in the moment of strike! Eyes rolling back, upper lip and jaw pulled back rearing to strike it's prey. Nose to tail is about 2.25"or 53mm. 1.25" or 32mm across the pectoral fins. Bail opening is 5mm. This one in stock is 26.5gms


great white shark attack Great White Attack!

#SHKGWA - $1,095

Slightly smaller great white shark attack model again in 3D full round. App 18.5gms Nose to tail is 2" or 50mm and 1 1/8" or 27mm across the pectoral fins. Bail opening is 3mm and could be enlarged more round. Again jaws caught just before the moment of impact!

jaws jewelry charm pendant

#905 - $275.00

Jaws! Any introduction needed? Very, very cool with chain loop hidden in back. Would work on omega chain as well. What Jaws looks like on a little black dress! Just over 1" high and 5/" wide. yellow gold app 4.6gms


14kt hinged Jaws shark jaw gold charm

#108 - $190.00

Jaws II! This one is on hinges so the lower jaw opens and closes! Great for the fidgety significant other sitting on the boat while you are doing a cage dive! One inch tall and app 3.8gms


san jose shark ring #NAR015 - $195.00 - 3.9 gms

14kt shark ring. Two sharks facing each other and their tails form into each other. One size fits all.


hammerhead shark charm in gold #910 - $160.00 - 3.2gms

If you go to Mexico to swim with the hammerheads... this is what it looks like looking up! Only bigger! This guy is not large at 1 1/4 inches long and would be suitable for anyone.

tail roped shark pendant

#902 - $175.00 - 2.9 gms

Tail roped mako shark that is highly polished and nicely detailed down to the gills and twisted rope. About 1 1/4" long and 1/2" wide.


guardian keeper of the trident pendant in 14kt gold #TRID - $855.00

The keeper of the trident in 14kt! Heavy at approximately 17.1gms. Trident is 2 3/16" tall or 56mm and the serpent eel is 1 1/18" wide or 27mm. The thickest point is nearly 3/8" or 9mm thick! The bail is hidden behind the center point of the trident and would accept 5mm omega or 3-5mm round chain. If you are wearing in a 5mm or larger chain you may want to have the bail enlarged. The trident is all high polished, the serpent keeper is satin, textured and polished. Even the back side is polished to a mirror finish. Teeth are bared like a guardian dragon!


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