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This Claddagh ring is fashioned exactly like the Claddagh ring that Angel gave Buffy, 14kt white gold made in the USA. With one very important change... it is designed for slayers. The heart is made up of a cultured color changing Alexandrite that has been facet cut like a diamond. This enables it to catch the faintest glimmer of light and react instantly. Alerting fellow slayers. By day, it is an innocent looking Claddagh ring that any gorgeous seventeen year old might be found wearing. By nightfall, it becomes magic to slayers as the color changes!

Depending on lighting, you will see your Buffy Claddagh Ring cultured alexandrite change from blue/green to red to purple. From sunlight to artificial lights indoors.

The alexandrite used in the Buffy Claddagh Ring is gem quality, 5-5.5mm and average .6 to .68cts. These are cultured lab grown synthetic alexandrites. NOT birthstones. For a naturally mined alexandrite from Russia or Brazil in this quality and size, you could expect to pay 2-3 thousand dollars. If you could find gem quality.

Only one available in size 6.5 14kt yellow gold

Buffy's white gold Claddagh ring

#Buffy - $195.00

Alexandrite is 8.5 on the hardness scale. (diamond is 10) Named after Czar Alexander II as the gemstone was found in Russia on his birthday in 1830. Perhaps by Angel... It is said to assist one in centering self, reinforcing self esteem and broaden ones ability to experience joy. Like magic for slayers.

Size 6 1/2 ready to ship

alexandrite Buffy Claddagh ring Back underside is finished, cut out for heart is also heart shaped. Here you can see the slayer stone changing to blue.
 Buffy's slayer Claddagh ring chaning color

Here you can see the color change happening. It happens as quickly as changing roles of high school girl to feared slayer. Note the many colors and refractions of the facets.


Note: Angel could not give a 'silver' Claddagh ring to Buffy. Silver is very harmful to the supernatural. Especially vampires. Also it oxidizes. Imagine what it would look like in 3 or 4 hundred years...

Size 6.0 and ready to go! Any jeweler can size it for you in the future. $185.00





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