Southie Claddagh Ring


14k gold Southie Claddagh ring

14k Claddagh Ring affectionaly named 'Southie'.

This is the real deal, admired by many, worn by few. Carried actually, at 17.5 grams of solid 14k gold it takes attitude to carry it off.

14k gold Southie Claddagh ring

Southie does not have the typical puffed up heart, this one comes to a point. You can see it better with the shading of this image.

14k gold Southie Claddagh ring

Note the shear thickness, massive hands, heart and crown, worthy of being called Southie. All edges have been rounded so that no matter how you wear it, it will be comfortable to the fingers on either side.

14k gold Southie Claddagh ring

Thick enough to inscribe anything underneath or set a stone. Fingertips to top of crown is 16mm or 5/8" The thickness in the front is 5mm or 3/16" The band tapers to 4mm wide and 1mm thick in the very back.

14k gold Southie Claddagh ring


The weight of the ring is all forward. This is not going to break under an abrupt or sudden impact. The band tapers to the back for superior comfort to the wearer.

As cast, approximately 17.5 grams, size is 10+ or just over 10.0

If you want modifications, cast to size, thicker band, it can all be done in the wax stage and takes time. The ring as is can be sized up or down by any jeweler.

This is simple, understated, not worn to impress but to be remembered. Sound like you?

#SOUTHIE - $1,225.00 complete as shown


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