Claddagh wedding ring set


This is a simple Claddagh wedding set. The Claddagh ring is designed to be worn as an engagement ring first, then the matching band added at wedding. Or you may simply choose to hold and keep forever the Claddagh ring! The completed set as shown has a 1/3ct heart shape diamond and 1/3cts of smaller diamonds. VS/GH (very slightly included and GH color) finished cost would be right at $2,495.00

We have the sets available without diamonds so that your local jeweler can size the ring(s) to your finger and set the gemstones of your choice. You can decide quality, colors, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies or whatever sets the tone for your storybook wedding!

The center heart is designed for a 4-4.5mm heart shaped stone, approximately 1/4 to 1/3 carat. There are twenty three (23) .075ct diamonds; eight (8) .01ct diamonds; and four (4) .02ct diamonds. Your jeweler may decide to go with slightly larger or slightly smaller stones. On the unmounted settings, not all the diamond spots have been drilled, merely point located. Should you decide you do not want so many gemstones or none in the band, it is merely a point of polishing them smooth. The same with the Crown of the Claddagh.

The stock ring mounts are approximately size 7 and weigh 7.5-8gms in 14kt gold. The shank portion of the rings are 2mm wide and 1.5mm thick. The Claddagh is 9mm tall. These have an inside round fit, not quite a comfort fit, although the edges can be polished to be more rounded.

The set, in 14kt gold or 14kt white gold is $595. That is without any gemstones or sizing. These were hand carved, not computer generated and are made with the lost wax casting method in the USA.

#CWS14 - $595.00


Claddagh wedding sets

Claddagh engagement ring and wedding band Note the points for gemstones or polish smooth. The three in the crown, the band has spots for four on each cuff and six under the Claddagh. The center heart has four prongs plus the V prong at the bottom.

Claddagh wedding set

Claddagh engagement ring and band

Claddagh wedding set Note the inside round of the rings

Claddagh wedding band set The inside has been kept solid and polished. The Claddagh is not scooped out to make it lighter. This will be a long lasting strong ring.

Claddagh wedding set Thick ring shanks at 1.5mm and 2mm wide



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