Diamond Celtic Claddagh Ring


gold diamond Claddagh ring

Ladies Diamond Claddagh ring in your choice of gold or platinum. The ring is hand set with diamonds of at least SI clarity and at least G whiteness. We can also supply the raw casting and your jeweler can polish, size and set your own diamonds. The ring shown was a size 7.0 done in 14kt white gold and weighed 12.7gms! This is not a thin or lightweight ring. This is done in the USA to American likes. Which is thick, heavy and sturdy, meant to last a lifetime.

The front of the diamond Claddagh ring is 15mm tall and tapers along the open Celtic knots to 6.5mm on the back sizing bar. It can easily be sized up or down as your future needs may dictate.

Each is made to order, (allow 2-3 weeks) and is available in

14kt yellow gold
14kt white gold
14kt rose gold
18kt yellow gold
18kt white gold
18kt rose gold

The ring is shown in high polish and could be done in a satin finish. It is available complete as you see, or we can supply a rough casting or completed for your jeweler to size and set your stones. Will export worldwide.

Standard diamonds are at least SI clarity and at least G for color whiteness. Initially the ring was done with fourteen diamonds around the heart, now there are sixteen to include three in the crown, totaling 1/3ct.


CR1196 - $1,995.00 complete as shown

fifteen round diamonds in the Claddagh heart

Fifteen .03ct round diamonds of at least SI and G color


thick gold Celtic knots

Back sizing bar can be easily sized up or down. Note the overall thickness.


thick see through Celtic knots

Thick see through Celtic knots


polished hands offering of the Claddagh heart with diamonds

Polished hands offering of the Claddagh heart


low rise feminine crown adorns the diamond Claddagh heart

Low rise crown suggesting feminity


This one was done in black diamonds for a gent.

white gold Claddagh ring with open Celtic knot band and black diamonds
white gold Celtic Claddagh ring with black diamonds
white gold Claddagh ring with black diamonds
diamond Celtic Claddagh ring
diamond Claddaagh Celtic knot ring
Celtic knots and diamond Claddagh ring
This one was a size 7, weighed 14.5gms


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