Trinity love knot engagement ring

Irish trinity love knot engagement ring. Done in 14kt white gold, with 14kt trinity love knots and 38 SI/G-I round diamonds totaling .25cts

Diamonds are SI clarity and G-I color. Twelve at .008ct and sixteen at .011cts for .25ct total diamond weight.

The engagement setting is all ready for your 1/2ct diamond or stone of your choice of approximately 5.2mm

Your jeweler can set the stone of your choice and size to your finger. The design was done for a 5.2mm stone, any difference in size will be compensated by your local jeweler/setter.

The center diamond in the above picture is 1/2 ct and is NOT INCLUDED, it is shown for reference so you may see a completed engagement ring. The ring will arrive to you as shown below.

Approximate weight will be 5.4gms

Approximate size will be USA 6.5 to 6.75. UK/Ireland size N. France size 14. Circumference 54mm .

In order to bring the best prices to you, this setting is offered to you the same way a jewelry store receives it from the manufacturer/distributor. It is unsized, the prongs and seat have not been cut, and the large center stone has NOT been set. It is for your choice. You can bring this engagement setting to your jeweler with your heirloom diamond/emerald/stone or select one from the assortment your local jeweler has on hand. Then have it sized to your finger along with your stone making it only truly yours!

prongs of trinity love knot engagement ring

Widest point is 6mm


trinity love knot in yellow gold

12 x .008ct and 16 x .011ct diamonds (.25ct TW)


diamonds frame the trinity love knot

6mm height from top of finger


5.2mm setting for round stone

Ready for 5.2mm round stone


side profile of engagement ring

2mm thick


rise of prongs on engagement ring

tapers from 4-6mm wide


rear of engagement ring and underside of prongs

3mm wide and 2mm thick


Irish love knot trinity surrounded by diamonds


The engagement ring by itself without the center stone is $795.00

Sold out on back order now until April 2014

This is the only way the ring is offered or available. There are no changes possible other than what your local jeweller is willing to do.



The rings below I have had set with a center diamond. They are ready for popping the question or picking out together. They are one of a kind and I cannot duplicate the price. Most of these are affordable choices. If you would like one done with a really really nice diamond, they are available and will add $1,500-2,000 to the price. Certified VS/EF.



#CER102 - $1,630.00 SOLD

.45ct center diamond

SI clarity with G color 5mm x 2.95mm

Sized to 9.0

All side diamonds checked and reset

Trinity knot engagement ring

Celtic diamond engagement ring


Celtic diamond engagement ring

trinity knot diamond engagement ring



#CER102 - $1,630.0 SOLD



#CER25 - $1,295.00

.52ct center diamond

Certified H color and I1 clarity

Faint blue flouescence (under black light) will show off in a club!


Celtic engagement ring with floating diamond

Celtic engagement ring with half carat diamond

Celtic engagement ring with diamonds in white gold

trinity knot engagement ring with diamonds

diamond photo taken outdoors on cloudy day

cerified half carat diamond in Celtic trinity knot ring

Any photo buffs out there know how difficult it is to capture an image of white gold and a diamond! The black that always shows up is the lense glass image reflecting. The last two images were down outside in natural light on a cloudy winter day. The background is snow. The indoor artificial lights make yellow gold look good, but white gold appears yellow and the diamonds appear dirty. This should show you what everyone else will see when you are outdoors.

This ring is ready to give and have you local jeweler size to your exact size.

The center round brilliant cut diamond is certified .52cts, H color and I one clarity. That means there is one inclusion you may be able to see with your naked eye.

Weight is 5.24gms

Size is 7 USA or N+ UK/Ireland

Total diamond weight is .77cts (3/4ct) which is .25cts side diamonds and .52cts for center diamond.

#CER25 - $1,295.00 ~ SOLD



#CER21 - $2,195.00 ~ Sold

Center diamond of .50cts of VS clarity and H color


VS to VVS1 floating diamond engagement ring

floating diamond Irish engagement ring

Celtic love knot engagement ring

1/2ct round diamond Celtic engagement ring

VS-H diamond in Celtic engagement ring

Weight is 5.49gms

Size is 7 USA or N+ UK/Ireland

Total diamond weight is .75cts (3/4ct) which is .25cts side diamonds and .52cts for center diamond.

VS clarity (Very Slight inclusion) and H color (near colorless)

I purchased this as graded VVS1/H. The only inclusion I can see is a mark on the girdle (edge). This could have been hidden by a prong, I instructed the setter to not hide it but leave it in plain sight. If you can find it, you can have your jeweler reset it and hide it when you size it. It was impossible to photograph. 105mm macro IF VR lense. It's that small!

#CER21 - $2,195.00



#CER26 - $1,195.00

Center diamond of .55cts J color and I clarity


1/2ct round diamond Celtic engagement ring

close up of I clarity J color diamond

even though it is graded at J color, it is almost colorless

diamond Celtic engagement ring

1/2 carat diamond engagement ring

This ring is mounted with a .55ct I clarity diamond of J color. With your naked eye it looks great, with a 10x loupe you will see a feather just under the girdle (side edge) and two spots on the very top. One had a speck of carbon. Again, the average person will not find these and even in the close up photos, they are difficult to see.

This diamond looks a lot nicer than the grading suggests. You could upgrade the diamond later if you wanted to invest in a higher grade.

Weight is 5.79gms

Total diamond weight is .80cts (.55cts center and .25cts side stones).

Size is USA 6.75 or N UK/Ireland

#CER26 - $1,195.00 SOLD



#CER24 - $1,395.00

Center diamond of .45cts VS2-G

.45ct of VS2 G color diamond

diamond Celtic engagement ring

near 1/2 ct center diamond Celtic engagement ring

VS2 clarity and G color diamond

diamond appears to float

Celtic engagement ring

Celtic engagement ring

This diamond is just under 1/2ct which makes it an excellent value. No matter what angle it is viewed at, it is stunning.

Weight is 5.70gms

Total diamond weight is .70cts (.45cts center and .25cts side stones).

Size is USA 7 or N+ for UK/Ireland

#CER24 - $1,395.00 SOLD



#CER35 - $855.00

Center stone GEM quality garnet tsavorite. Not Fine, not AAA, not AA, not A, not commerical quality but Gem Quality. Call any store and price the stone alone. 4.75mm equivilant to 1/2ct. Looks like an emerald but sparkles like a diamond. Natural gemstone. An emerald in this quality would be many many thousands of dollars.

Celtic engagement solitaire setting ring

emerald green gemstone Celtic engagement ring

Celtic trinity knot engagement ring

diamond trinity knot engagement ring

Weight is 5.74gms

Total diamond weight is .25cts side stones and .50cts for center garnet tsavorite

Size is USA 6.75 or N for UK/Ireland

#CER35 - $855.00 ~ SOLD






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