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Irish love knots bridal wedding ring set

Irish love knots bridal set

Irish love knots bridal set. Available in 14kt white or 14kt yellow gold.

In order to bring the best prices to you, these sets are offered the same way a jewelry store receives them from the manufacturer. They are unsized, the prongs are not mounted and the main diamond has not been set. You can bring this set to your jeweler with your diamond, select the style, shape and height of prongs you want, have them sized and set to your exact specifications for your perfect wedding set.

Irish love knots wedding set

The engagement ring is designed with a double Irish love knot on each side of the space for the the main diamond or gemstone to be mounted in the engagement ring. At it's widest point it is 5mm wide. There is a gentle taper to the back where it is 2.2mm wide. The back sides of the bands are smooth and ready for sizing. The thickness of the band is 5mm in the front and 2mm in the rear.

Irish love knot engagement ring base

The opening space between the Irish love knots is is 4mm. This could be opened further by your jeweler when they mount your prongs and main stone.

irish love knot engagement ring

On the sides of the ring are four channel set graduated diamonds totaling 1/8th carat or .125ct. The diamonds are at least SI quality; G-I color and mined from conflict free sources. This engagement ring as shown without prongs or center diamond weighed approximately 5gms.

matching wedding band

The wedding band is 1.75mm wide; 2mm thick in the front and 1.5mm thick in the back.

The rings are approximately size 7 in USA size; N+ for UK; 14.5 France; and 54.5 circumference elsewhere. They are to be sized by your jeweler when he/she sets your stone, as most rings are.

These are extreme close ups to show you the detail, shape and contour. They are NOT life size.



This is what it looks like completed with a six prong mount and 1/2ct diamond. This is NOT how it comes.





The engagement ring by itself without the center stone is $495.00 in 14kt yellow gold in stock

The wedding band by itself is $145.00 for 14kt yellow gold in stock


14kt white gold is available again by special order. $695.00 for the engagement setting and and $245.00 for the band.


Ready to rock her world!

One of a kind pre-set with mounts and diamonds. None can be duplicated exactly the same again. If you prefer a GIA, EGL or EGA certified diamond we can obtain those as well. Click here for a price list updated every 15 minutes.

All center diamonds have been professionally set by a GIA Gemologist diamond setter.

Your local jeweler can size the ring to your finger. If you are paying with cash or US Postal Money Order we will have the ring sized for you at no charge. Not with a credit card purchase.

If you see one you like and it disappears or is marked sold, there will be another one! You can buy the setting and shop for your own stone and get the work done or buy one that will just need to be sized. The center diamond will vary in quality and size.

The rings shown are just a sample of what you can do with the base setting. Different prong styles and diamond shapes/sizes change the look entirely.

"I got the rings today and I am totally happy! I knew I would be, but they are just gorgeous. And the magnifying glass is a nice touch, to be able to look up close."

April 2008 purchased with a matching band



Ring as shown $1,845.00

Base 14kt white gold ring with 14kt white gold high mount six prong white gold setting and round .70ct diamond of SI3 clarity and GH color. This is nearly a 3/4ct diamond plus the 1/8th carat side diamonds. Done in size 7.0 (N+ for UK) and weighing 5.44gms

SI3 means that a trained gemologist was able to find three slight inclusions under a gem microscope or 10x loupe. A normal person with 20/20 vision from three feet away will still be wearing sunglasses to look at it!

Celtic engagement ring with nearly 3/4ct SI diamond

Celtic engagement rng with .70ct SI G diamond

Ring #CES763/333 SOLD




yellow gold Irish love knot engagement ring with 1/4ct diamond and Claddagh heart prongs

Claddagh heart shaped prongs around 1/4ct diamond

14kt yellow Irish love knots with 1/4ct diamond in white gold heart shaped prongs

close up of diamond


.23ct center diamond VVS/G with white gold four Claddagh heart prong medium height setting

Very nice stone. Size 'N' in UK or 6.75 to 7.0 in USA. Your jeweler can size up or down. 5.34 grams the way it is right now.


Ring #CES763/393



yellow gold Irish love knots engagement ring with 1/2ct yellow diamond

yellow gold Irish love knot engagement ring with yellow diamond

The next four images were done under natural sunlight

white prongs yellow diamond

yellow love knots, yellow diamond, white porngs

yellow diamond Irish love knots natuarl light

Irish engagement ring yellow diamond natural light

.48ct center diamond natural light yellow VVS with white gold six prong medium height setting. This diamond is not enhanced or heat treated for color. Vivid yellow or pink would cost about $5-10,000 more and take a while to find.

Very nice stone. Size 'N' in UK or 6.75 to 7.0 in USA. Your jeweler can size up or down. 5.34 grams the way it is right now.


Ring #CES763/391




Ring as shown $1,395.00

.53ct approximately VS/SI clarity and J color

High mount octocet (8) prong setting

Size 7 and 5.57gms

1/2ct diamond engagement ring

14kt Celtic engagement ring with 1/2 carat diamond

Ring #CES763/362 ~ $1,395.00



Ring as shown $1,395.00

.35ct VS clarity G color diamond Incredible!

Ring and prongs are 14kt white gold. Six prong high mount setting

Size 6 7/8ths (just under a 7) and total weight of 4.97gms

1/3ct VS clarity G color Celtic diamond ring

VS clarity G color .35cts 1/3ct

Ring #CES763/365 ~ $1,395.00




Ring as shown $735.00

.29ct diamond of VS clarity and H color

High mount six prong setting

Ring size 7 and total weight of 5.41gms

.29ct VS clarity H color diamond

Ring #CES763/371 ~ $735.00




Ring as shown $2,725.00

High mount six prong PLATINUM setting, 14kt white ring with diamonds, center diamond is .61cts VS (very slight inclusions) with D color. This is very good! Size 7.0 or N+ if you are in Ireland and total weight is 5.17gms

14kt white and platinum Celtic engagement ring VS - D diamond engagement ring

VS/D round diamond for engagement

.61ct round VS diamond D color

Ring #CES763/335 ~ $2,725.00




Ring as shown $1,325.00

Six prong high mount setting in 14kt white gold. Diamond is .44cts round brilliant cut, EGL-USA (European Gemological Laboratory within the USA) Certified I1-G. This means there is one inclusion that can be seen. This is a fantastic stone that you really need to see to believe. This looks better than many SI non-certified stones. They have very strict grading guidelines.

Ring and prongs are 14kt white gold. This is size 6.75 and weighs 4.91gms

1/2 carat Celtic engagement ring

white gold Irish engagement ring with EGL certified diamond

#328 Ring as shown $1,325.00



Ring as shown $1,425.00

14kt white gold ring with 14kt white gold six prong high mount setting with .46 SI clarity round diamond of F color. Incredible sparkle! Size 7 weighing 4.98gms

Irish engagement setting with 1/2 carat diamond

white gold Irish engagement setting

#327 Ring as shown $1,425.00




Ordering an engagement ring on the internet is a scary thing and we were extremely skeptical. Thank you for spending so much time answering all of our questions. Your quick and detailed responses put us at ease almost immediately.

We received the ring the day after we ordered it. Matt knew it was a keeper when he opened the box, just as you said. I did not see it until he proposed last night. It's perfect. It is exactly at described and pictured, and it is a solid piece of jewelry comparable to anything you might find at a reputable "brick and mortar" jewelry store.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Judy & Matthew"


Ring as shown $1,295.00

EGL certified .32ct diamond of SI-1 clarity and H color. Just a point and a half under being able to be legally called 1/3ct! This was done in six medium height white gold setting with heart shaped prongs. As will all the others, the pictures do nothing. This should be $2,000 in a fancy store window.

14kt white gold ring size 7.0 weighing 4.89gms

white gold Celtic engagement ring with heart shaped prongs and certified diamond

heart shaped prongs engagement ring

close up of diamond Celtic engagement ring

#324 Ring as shown $1,295




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