Celtic weave knot bridal set

Celtic weave bridal set

Sometimes, the simplest things make the boldest statement. Timeless Celtic knot pattern in a bridal set. You can buy the set and have your diamond mounted and the rings sized by your favorite jeweler when you are ready, or we will have it done for you. 14kt white gold head four prong setting for 3.4mm round stone (.15 or 1/6ct) this set is shown with a Charles & Colvard moissanite gemstone. (VS/I-J) Moissanite $90 - diamond, ruby, emerald at market price.

This is U.S. made by a very high end manufacturer to upscale retail jewelry stores.

These are being offered in stock size of approximately 6.25 and are to be sized by your jeweler when they set your gemstone. Having the rings sized at order will add $45 per ring, $80 for the set and add two weeks to delivery time.

#12062 - $555.00 in stock size 14kt with no gemstone or $575 in 14kt white gold. Platinum is without the prong setting

celtic know bridal set
celtic knot wedding band
2.5mm width
celtic weave engagement ring
3mm width
yellow gold celtic knot ring with white gold setting


white gold engagement ring bridal set with stone

Not every website will let you see this close and jewely stores shudder when you get this close a look with the loupe! These images were shot on a window sill with natural light under full bloom oak trees. Plenty of green light being reflected!

white gold celtic weave ring set with moissanite gemstone moissanite gemstone

That is an $90.00 moissanite gemstone that you are comparing to a $1,000 diamond... and yes, it does cut glass!

white gold bridal set

The same bridal ring set in white gold, size 7 with a 3.4mm (1/6ct) moissanite jewel. Delivered for $695.00



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 celtic weave bridal set

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