Celtic design rings

Ancient Celtics are credited with some of the oldest designs known to mankind. Many modern designs and other ancient patterns may be traced to Celtic origins. Notice how the Greek Key design and ocean wave ring resemble the Nu Grange Spirals. How modern day interlocked wedding ring patterns resemble the ancient Celtic interlocked rope rings. The trinity knot and magic of threes can be traced to many other uses. There is no mistaking the intricately woven knots of the Celtic as they left their marks on tombstones, battle shields, ruins and Kells.

These Celtic rings are American made and will ship worldwide. Each is made to order so allow three-four weeks. The width is 7mm the thickness is 1.7 to 2.0mm. The rings are a comfort fit so you will not feel the thickness of the edge. The prices are based on size and gold. Two tone is priced as yellow gold and white gold, separate rings joined to become one. The single color gold with black antiquing is priced as one color gold. The two tone designs are authentic two colors of gold and NOT rhodium white plated over yellow gold. These are formed by joining a white gold ring and a yellow gold ring.

The Celtic rings are available in 14kt, 18kt and platinum. There is no 8kt or 10kt available for export. The style is the same for ladies or mans ring as they are priced according to size. There are 4,600+ possible rings in each standard configuration below. No one can have them in stock! Get professionally sized or try on a 7mm wide ring for your size. The prices are for a single color ring, and a two part ring that could be one color or two. As each is made to order allow 4-6 weeks.

 Size  14kt  14kt two piece*  18kt  18kt two piece*
  4 - 7.5  $1,095   $1,195  $1,490  $1,590
 8 - 12   $1,195  $1,295  $1,590 $1,690
 12.5 - 14  $1,245   $1,345  $1,690  $1,790


The manufacturer has ceased operations

August 2011

ACR08 - Celtic love knots cut out to see between

ACR06 - Celtic barrier chain of strength

ACR09* - two piece Celitc knots in endless pattern

ACR10* - two piece Celtic love knot band yellow on yellow


ACR11* - two piece Celtic knot band

ACR12* - two piece Celtic knot band

ACR13* - two piece Celtic eternal partners knot band

ACR14* - two piece Celtic chain band

ACR30 - New Grange spirals band. white gold

ACR19* - white on white two piece Celtic knots band


ACR20* - two piece Celtic knot panel band

ACR21* - two piece Celtic intricate knot band


ACR22* - two piece Celtic union knot band. yellow on yellow


ACR23* - two piece Celtic eternal heart knot band


ACR25 - 5mm band

ACR26 - Celtic love knot

ACR27 - Irish War Dogs, Celtic Knots and Claddagh

EACRC - 5mm uniform
14kt - $1,295 / 18kt - $1,695
Will accept .75 to 1.0ct


EACRB - 5mm tapered
14kt - $1,295 / 18kt - $1,695
Will accept .75 to 1.0ct


EACRA - 5mm tapered
14kt -$1,295 /18kt - $1,695
Will accept .75 to 1.0ct Sizing bar
Matching bands to accompany the engagement settings. Hers 5mm $995 and his 7mm $1,195 <18kt adds $400-500 based on size>

Celtic engagement ring clearance sale

#EACRB14kt - $795.00

14kt white gold Celtic engagement ring with rhodium plaiting and six prong round setting for 1ct gemstone in size 6.0. Your jeweler can set your stone, adjust the prong size or change the setting. Clearance priced at $795.00 Sold Out

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