Celtic bracelets


gold Celtic knot bracelet


14kt gold Celtic bracelets. Look closely how the intricate loops are actually one piece of wire. An endless Celtic knot bracelet.


#1480 - 14.5gms - $875.00

14kt Celtic eternal knot robe braid bangle bracelet, highly polished with hidden hinge for easy opening and double locking safety clasp. Inside diameter is seven inches which would be like a 7.5" link bracelet


new grange spiral triskelle bracelet in 14kt polished gold and enamel #1476 - $290.00

14k triskelle new grange spiral bracelet. One side is highly polished gold while the other side is enamel enhanced on the triskelle. Average weight is 5.6 to 5.8gms. 7.5 inches Matching pendant available as well. Each circle is 11mm across or just under 1/2"


14k cletic weave bracelet #453 - $595.00

14kt Celtic braid as seen on the ring shanks, borders of scrolls and how they actually made rope. 7.25 inch bracelet with lobster clasp. The width is 3/16 inch or 4mm. There are actually 16 pinned and hinged links to make up this bracelet seucred with lobster claw clasp. Approximately 10gms

14kt gold Celtic knot bracelet

#CKR256 - $645.00

Inside Celtic knot weave

7.25 inches by 1/4 inch wide and 12gms

white gold Celtic knot bracelet

#CKR256w - $445.00

Inside Celtic knot weave

7.25 inches by 1/4 inch wide and 8.4gms


silver Celtic chain #SCC4018 - 22.5gms - $125.00

Very unusual Celtic knot link. As the links are interwoven, the knot is 3D (three dimensional) taking on an overall width and depth of 1/4" all the way around. On your neck it will look very much like a torq or a Celtic DNA strand! Italian made with the .925 sterling hallmark on the chain as well as the lobster clasp. 18" length. A great look for a bridal party. Average weight is 22-23gms.


#966 - app 4gms- $195.00

14kt trinity knot bracelet. 7.25 inches (185mm) with 15 knots, lobster claw clasp. Each knot is 1/4 inch corner to corner. Polished front and back. USA will export to Ireland.

#966N - 17" necklace app 7.5gms - $375.00




#967 - 6.2gms - $310.00

14kt trinity knot 7.25 inch bracelet with larger knots 10mm or 3/8 inch corner to corner. Eleven knots and lobster claw clasp.


#967N - 12.4gms - $620.00

14kt trinity knot necklace of 16.5 inches and 24 knots. Note the knots are linked end to end so the point of the knots will be facing out.


14k trinity knot and Ogham bar bracelet in white and yellow gold #TRIN2399B - $195.00

14k bracelet done with 14k white gold trinity knots, 14k satin and polished Ogham bar links with lobster claw clasp. The bar links are brushed satin finished on the top, the sides and back are high polish. There is a slight roundness to the top. Reminiscent of the characters used to make up the Ogham alphabet. Back of the trinity knots are 1/4" point to point or 6mm, solid and high polished.Bracelet is 7 3/8" long and weighs app 4gms


14k trinity knot and ogham bar necklace in white and yellow gold #TRIN2399N - $395.00

14k white gold trinity knots and 14k satin yellow gold Ogham bar links making a necklace of 17.25 inches and app 8gms. Exact match to above bracelet with seven white gold trinity knots. Secure lobster claw clasp.

Trinity knot earrings 3263 and 3264 are an exact match.


14kt white gold trinity knots and 14kt satin finished Ogham bar bracelet #TRIN2401B - $255.00

14kt white gold trinity knots and 14kt satin and polished Ogham bars to make a bracelet of 7 3/8" and app 5.1gms. These trinity knots are larger at nearly 1/2" point to point or 10mm.


Celtic double love knot bracelet #CELTIC49 - $135.00

Double Celtic love knot bangle bracelet shown in sterling silver. Two bangles hinged and secured with safety clasp and chain.


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