Large heavy Claddagh ring

The largest and heaviest Claddagh ring we have found. If you require a size 15 or 22 and have been settling for a stretched 12, this is the one you've been searching for.

The bottom of the heart to the top of the crown measures 3/4" or 23mm. The narrowest part of the ring in the back is 3/16" or 5mm. It is smooth and will allow for future sizing with ease. The thickness of the ring is 3mm on the face and tapers to 1.75mm thickness in the back. There is a sizing charge over 12. Or you can have your local jeweler do it. These are made by hand in Dublin Ireland, allow 4-6 weeks and 9-12 weeks for platinum.

This is not a ring you wear, but carry. You will know if you forget to put it on! The only negative thing we have found with this Claddagh ring, is that your heirs will fight over it.

large mans Claddagh ring heavy claddagh ring sides

front view of gold Claddagh ring side view of gold Claddagh ring

underside of gold Claddagh ring

Shown under natural light with refelction, white and yellow 14kt


Size 22 Claddagh ring for NFL player

When you wear a Superbowl ring on your right hand, what else could you wear on your left!


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