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mako shark!

This mako shark necklace charm is done in full round (3D) finished from and back, caught in the middle of a tail slap which has the shark fins properly positioned. The bail is solid and attached at the top.

This mako shark jewelry charm is not big. It hangs over the edges of a quarter and is suitable for male or female. The top of the bail to the bottom of the tail fin is a little under 1 3/8" or 33mm. From this shark's nose to his tail is 1" or 25mm. This one weighs 8.0gms and yours could vary a few 1/10's or a gram, depending on color, carat and finish.

If you have questions or a special request, email and we'll get it done.

#MAKO256 - $955.00

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gold mako shark necklace charm

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gold mako shark necklace pendant

The black spots are the lense's reflections


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